Let the true colors of your Soul’s Mission shine!

By Stevan Thayer November 2016 As I write this article the fall foliage here in Woodstock, NY is shining brilliantly. You can see from the photo I just took, the trees in the Catskill Mountains are ablaze with color. As I look at this panorama of color I realize that we can each learn a lot from trees about shining the divine light of our Soul’s Mission brightly in the world.

Trees naturally display their fall colors. They don’t fear shining brightly, nor do they say “this year I am going to outshine that tree over there.” They are not ashamed if their colors are not brilliant and they are not proud if their colors are brilliant. They simply are what they are. Their brilliant color is the natural byproduct of sunlight reflecting off of the true nature of their leaves. Each tree reveals what they are, without holding back. And in being what they are, when the time is right, their true colors can shine forth whether or not anyone notices or appreciates them.

We are metaphorically like the trees. When we are ready, the light of divinity reflects off of our Heart Star and we begin to envision and understand our Soul’s Mission.

According to Angel Ariel: “Each soul incarnates with a very specific mission. Each soul works with their angels, teachers, guides, and ancestors to design the perfect agenda for this lifetime. This agenda includes the type of early childhood setting and training that best provides the opportunity to live the soul’s true mission. Each Soul’s Mission is not only important for the evolution of that individual soul, but is also important for the unfolding of the Divine Plan. As each fulfills its mission, that soul plays an important role in a higher plan that affects all souls.”

The energetic potential for our Soul’s Mission is encoded in our Soul Star (our 8th chakra) and our 12-Strand DNA is perfectly suited to support our envisioning, embracing and enacting our Soul’s Mission. Everything we need to enact our Soul’s Mission is already within us. All we have to do is envision it, embrace it and finally enact it. Enacting our Soul’s Mission may take almost any form like creating works of art, writing, managing a business, offering acts of kindness, parenting, teaching, cooking, ministering, making music, or any form which expresses our heart’s desires and our soul’s truth.

The real question is, when we envision our Soul’s Mission, can we embrace it? And once we embrace it, can we enact it and let the light of our piece of the Divine Plan shine brilliantly into the world?

As we can readily see every autumn here in the Catskill Mountains, the trees don’t resist letting their true colors shine into the world. Unfortunately sometimes we do.

We may think that the reason that we hold ourselves back from envisioning, embracing and enacting a piece of our Soul’s Mission is because we fear that we will fail. While we may indeed have this fear, according to Angel Ariel, what we fear even more is that we will be magnificent beyond our wildest dreams. Even though we may believe that our Soul’s Mission will have a positive impact on the world, we can fear that once we let the true colors of our Soul’s Mission shine brilliantly in the world, we cannot control how the world will react to it.

I have experienced this fear. Channeling Angel Ariel’s wisdom is a major part of my Soul’s Mission. I love channeling Angel Ariel’s wisdom and I loved working with my co-author Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson to channel Angel Ariel’s wisdom in response to Linda’s questions for the book Interview with an Angel. However, as the book was about to be sent to the publisher and would soon appear on bookshelves around the country, my level of fear was so high that I felt I could not allow the book to be published with my name on it. I feared what people would do if they knew that I received messages from an angel. Would I be ostracized? Would I be attacked? Would I be killed? These fears and more flooded through me. I even had a repeated nightmare in which I was killed while doing an Interview with an Angel book signing.

With the energy of fear dominating my life, I asked one of my IET students if I could schedule an IET session with them. As they were doing an Advanced Level IET Soul Star Clearing on me, I had a sudden flashback to a previous lifetime in which I literally had to make the choice, deny my spiritual truth or be killed. In that lifetime I denied my spiritual truth and I lived a long but regret-filled life. This flashback not only gave me valuable insight into my fear but it triggered a large release of fear from my 9th IET cellular memory area (kidneys).

I clearly saw that I had brought into this lifetime the subconscious belief that expressing my spiritual truth into the world would cause me to be killed. I also knew that I had come into this lifetime in order to try to master and overcome this belief. Between the suppressed energy of fear I released during the IET session, and the insight I gained about my fear, I was able to leave my name on the book. As it turns out it was one of the most important and best decisions of my life. It also turns out that this expression of my Soul’s Mission has been lovingly received around the world.

According to Angel Ariel our soul speaks to us through our heart’s desires, longings and passions.

We each know in our heart of hearts what we are passionate about. It is something we love to do. It is an expression of love. It moves our soul. We are enlivened by it. It is a positive gift to the world. We also know when it is time to enact our Soul’s Mission and let the brilliance of our Soul’s Mission shine.

IET offers several techniques that can empower you to envision, embrace and enact your Soul’s Mission.

Soul Star Clearing: The Advanced Level IET Soul Star Clearing technique is a wonderful way to envision and embrace your Soul’s Mission as you clear your resistance to enacting it. Advanced level IET students can easily do the Soul Star Clearing technique on themselves. It is something I like to do on a regular basis as part of my IET self-care routine. Others can receive IET Soul Star Clearings during IET sessions offered by Advanced Level (or above) IET Practitioners.

Karma Clearing: The IET Karma Clearing Process (Steps to Transformation -Step 3) is an ideal way to clear any karmic fear that could limit your ability to envision, embrace and enact your Soul’s Mission. You can either participate in an Step 3 Event facilitated by an IET Master-Instructor, or you can listen to the “Clearing your Karma” audio program offered by The Center of Being on www.LearnIET.com.

Vision Board: Building an IET Vision Board (as described on page 6 of the IET Advanced Level Guide) is a great way to let your soul speak to you enabling you to clarify your heart’s desires and envision your Soul’s Mission.