Angelic Messages

A Call to Hearts-Anchor the vibration of love into the world.

At this moment in what you experience as time, the energy of fear has become a dominant vibration in your world. The COVID-19 virus, economic uncertainty, and population displacement resulting in humanitarian crises all contribute to this fear. There is only one antidote to this fear and it is love. Angels need you, who are able to heartlink to our vibration of angelic love to anchor more and more of the vibration of angelic love into the earth plane, to transmute the vibration of fear into the vibration of love. There is no fear so great that it cannot be transmuted by the power of love. Therefore we are issuing this “Call to Hearts” and asking you, who are able to bring our angelic vibration of love into the earth plane, to heartlink to us and transmute your own fear and all fear throughout your world.

To begin with, we ask those of you who have been attuned to the Master-Instructor Level of IET to begin by re-attuning yourself to the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced IET levels. Those who have been attuned to the Trainer IET Level can add the Master-Instructor IET level attunement.

Then we ask IET students of all levels to establish an angelic heartlink to us and bring the power of the angelic vibration of love into your own heart center. Then invite this energy of angelic love to spread throughout your body transmuting any and all vibrations of fear within you into love. Simply sit for a few moments and bask in the radiance of the vibration of angelic love. Feel the peace it brings. Feel the joy it brings.

When you feel filled to overflowing with the energy of angelic love send out human heartlinks from your heart center to all of your family and friends and invite the energy of angelic love to flow out of your heart center, out over the human heartlinks and offer it as a gift of healing to all of your family and friends. These are the people you are most heart connected to and these are the people with whom you can most easily share the energy of angelic love. We invite those who have been attuned to the Advanced Level of IET to amplify the power of this process by initiating a heartwave from your soulstar, down through your heart center, out over your human heartlinks to your family and friends, and then back to your soulstar.

Sharing the energy of angelic love with your family and friends has anchored the vibration of angelic love within you and you are now ready to send out billions of human heartlinks to all people worldwide, and to the earth itself, and allow us to work with you and through you to bring the energy of angelic love to them. Once you have established these human heartlinks simply surrender to the power of love and enjoy the increased feeling of peace and joy. When you are ready you can leave your angelic and human heartlinks in place and go on with your daily routine. But remember, once you have established these heartlinks, angels will continue to work with you and through you as long as it is needed. Repeating this process will amplify and strengthen not only your connection to the angels but will also strengthen the angelic love being sent to all mankind and the earth.

Together we can heal the world one heart at a time.

The Earths Transformational Shift 

Connect your heart to ours, and focus within your heart center on love, then you can save the world!!

Your world is in a time of rapid change in which the veils that separate the human from the angelic realms continue to grow thinner.  This thinning of the veils is bringing about an increase in Angelic vibration which is creating a polarization of energies in your world. This polarization moves people into resonance either with fear or with love. Ultimately love will prevail.

Why is this happening now? The answer is because. Because it is necessary in human evolution. Because it is necessary for the evolution of your planet. Because it can. Because you are ready.

Fear is manifesting itself with great intensity in many forms including war, genocide, terrorism, insurgency, and civil conflicts. It is also manifesting in the form of insatiable greed and great economic imbalance. The haves cannot get enough and the have-nots have so little. The problem is that no amount of having (be it land, money, power, material possessions, titles, or control) will overcome the driving force of fear. And this fear-driven madness has no concern for people or the planet. If left to its own force it would destroy your world. But it is not left to its own force.

Love is manifesting itself with equally great intensity, but not yet in equally great numbers in your world. But numbers are not yet important. Only the power of love being brought through is. For it takes only a small amount of love to transmute a large amount of fear. You who are called to resonate with love know this to be true. You have seen this in your own life. You have seen this in the lives of those you love. The fact that you have the capacity and ability to open your heart to the vibrations of this realm means that you have answered our call and are a force of love in your world.

When we speak of love we mean the powerful vibration that can move from this realm into your heart filling it with peace and joy and a power that shifts consciousness. Shifts it into alignment with light and shifts it to be a force to transmute darkness.

You will know that you have been called into this shift when you feel unrest in your being. As dissatisfaction with the ways of the fear-driven world. A dissatisfaction with having more. Dissatisfaction with the fighting. A craving for solitude and peace. A need to be in nature. An affinity for the earth and those things that are natural. A love for those in need and a love for yourself.

As the force of fear moves through the four corners of your world, you will find that rapid change will occur, leading initially to increased instability and friction. It will at times appear to you that there is no firm place for you to stand. Nothing that is rock solid for you to use as your foundation. So long as you look outward to the material world, this will be true. That is why we ask you to be conscious of what is happening “out there” in the material world, but keep your focus and your energy concentrated on your heart center and the energy of love within you. This energy of love is rock solid. It is eternal and unchangeable. It is always available. It is your foundation when things around you are in transition. It is the only safe place for you to be.

Do not think of your inward seeking for the space of eternal love within you as hiding from the world, rather see it as we do, an action leading to the saving of your world. Your world’s current transformational shift has been pioneered by a few souls. Now it is being followed by many many more souls. Each soul who is called into the shift will anchor the vibration of love into themselves and through them into the world.

This is well underway. What started with a relatively small number of souls is increasing rapidly to more and more souls. Ultimately it will not be a great leader who champions the final shift but to a collective consciousness that receives the invitation and to the spontaneous openings of heart that will shift your world, a quantum step at a time, out of fear and into love. You will see many actions of peaceful protests and peaceful actions. You will see sanity spread around the world and acts of loving kindness will become the norm rather than the exception.

We ask that you let us help you with this shift. For we can only help where invited. We ask you to remember to open your heart in prayer and invite us to help. Invite us to help you open your heart to love. Invite us to lift the burden of fear from you. Invite us to help you remember who you truly are – love incarnate in the world.

If you connect your heart to ours and focus within your heart center on love, then you can save the world – starting with your inner world – then extending outward to touch the outer world one heart at a time.

Stevan’s comments on Angel Ariel’s message: For me, Angel Ariel’s words ring so true, but lately I find that I can at times get caught up in the world’s turmoil and I resonate with the collective energy of fear. When this happens, it seems hard to return to the energy of love once again. It feels like love is so far away. When this happens to me I have found that it is best to simply return to the basics. I heartlink to Angel Ariel and all of the healing angels of the energy field. I invite them in prayer to work with me and through me, to guide me, direct me, surround me, and protect me. I ask them to open my heart to love and I ask them to heal my pain. If there is a specific emotion arising, I ask the Healing Angel associated with that IET cellular memory area for special help. Often this is enough to bring me back into resonance again. If my resonance with fear is strong and this does not pull me back into the resonance of love, then I take a few minutes and do the Basic Level 5-Minute Empowerment process or the new 5-Minute WAG Healing Process which combines the power of the World Angel Grid with the power of the 5-Minute Empowerment process. In addition, as an ongoing clearing and strengthening of your energy field, it is very useful to receive full IET sessions (either by self-treatment or through a session from an IET practitioner). You can also request the healing support of the IET Master-Instructor community via the Need Angelic Support feature of our website.

The Transformational Shift Inter-dimensional

As the energy of the transformational shift continues, those who answer our call, and are drawn by the ever-increasing vibration of love, will find themselves experiencing longer and longer periods of deep calm, peace, joy, and love, the likes of which they have never experienced before. As this happens, they may also find that they experience unexpected episodes of fear that seem to arise out of nowhere. This fear may take the form of unease, nervousness, or anxiety about the future. It may even manifest as increased levels of stress, feelings of helplessness, and even hopelessness. It may manifest as experiences of struggle in which it may seem that the events of the world, as well as the actions and inactions of others, are working against you to bring failure to that which you wish to do.

Make no mistake, the light of love has not turned against you. It is not part of the divine plan for you to struggle and fail. Suffering is not your soul’s mission. If you are having any of these experiences then rest assured that you are caught up in the fire of the shift, the fire of transformation, and the energy of the transformational shift is carrying you like a wave that will move you more and more into peace, harmony, joy, and ease. As the wave of love moves you forward, it must free you from the limiting effects of beliefs and unhealed traumatic experiences of the past, including the experiences of past lives.

The process of this healing has two purposes. First, it will teach you that you are capable of inter-dimensional travel. Then, as you travel between dimensions, it will provide you with a direct experience of what it is like for you to live in the Dimension of Fear and what it is like for you to live in the Dimension of Love. It will provide you with a direct side-by-side comparison of these two simultaneously existing parallel dimensions of human reality. It will be as though you are able to shift between two parallel universes by stepping through a gateway of consciousness. You will see, feel, and know intimately these two realities. It will teach you the power that you possess, the power to claim your destiny, and the power to choose which reality you abide by. Second, the fire of transformation will purge you of the pain, trauma, and limiting effects of your past as it opens you to all of the possibilities of the present.

Time plays a key role in this process. Time exists only in the Dimension of Fear. And while you can measure your illusion of time in many ways by many devices, you will find that as you enter the Dimension of Love, time as you have come to know it, does not really exist at all. In the Dimension of Love, all that exists is what we call “The Moment of Creation”, life ever-unfolding, ever-evolving. Angels exist only in the Dimension of Love. We live in this Moment of Creation, abiding in what you call the eternal now. Humans on the other hand are given the Divine gift, the choice of free will, to move inter-dimensionally out of the Dimension of Love and out of the eternal now into the illusion of time so that they can project their consciousness into an analysis of the past or speculation about the future. Both analyses of the past and speculation about the future are very useful and needed capacities for life within the human experience. However, they are tools for gathering data about the workings of your world, tools for taking note of where you are in your life’s journey, and tools for setting a course for where you would like to go. While the Dimension of Fear should be visited for planning your life, the Dimension of Fear is not where you were designed to live.

Living in the Dimension of Love and existing in the Moment of Creation, the eternal now can be likened to your traveling in a submerged submarine underwater in the ocean. When the submarine is submerged, the ocean is all there is. You are in unity with the ocean. There is no separation, no other frame of reference, so it becomes all there is. However, the submarine can surface periodically so that you can gather your bearings, see where you are, and plan for where you are going. It is only when the submarine surfaces and moves out of the ocean, that you can look out and see the ocean. This is because when you surface you are now separate from the ocean.

You too must surface from the Dimension of Love and move into the Dimension of Fear to see how your life’s journey has gone, assess where you are, and plan for where you think your journey is going. This is a needed and useful thing to do. But just as the submarine spends the majority of its voyage below the surface immersed in the ocean, you too are being called by the energy of the Transformational Shift to spend most of your life in the Dimension of Love, living in the Moment of Creation.

Unfortunately, most people live most of their life in the Dimension of Fear, lost in the world of illusion created by the past and future. They rarely experience the Moment of Creation. They rarely travel into the Dimension of Love. They are caught up in the business, and busyness, of the world. They are lost in thought, taking pride in or worrying about the past, or longing for or fearing the future.

Whether their projections into the past or future bring them happiness or pain, they are living in the Dimension of Fear. For the Dimension of Love can only be experienced in the Moment of Creation, the now. And the experience of the now brings you into the Dimension of Love. The two cannot be separated since they are one and the same thing. The Moment of Creation is Love. The Moment of Creation is God’s will, and God is Love.

Angels exist in the Dimension of Love, living in this Moment of Creation. We do not have free will and cannot choose to do otherwise. We can, however, observe and even (when invited) influence the inter-dimensional travel of human consciousness between the Dimensions of Fear and Love. We can in a very real sense show you the way home. For before you were born into the human experience, you too lived only in the Dimension of Love, abiding in the eternal now. You did not just witness the present moment – the Moment of Creation. You were the Moment of Creation.

The Moment of Creation is sometimes talked about by some as having taken place in the past when your universe began. Some scientists and theologians believe that they can project backward in time and identify the time period in which it happened. This is a plausible theory as viewed from the Dimension of Fear, but it misses the truth. The only Moment of Creation there ever has been, or ever will be, is now. It is not, from the human perspective of time, a one-time event. It is an eternal unfolding of God’s Divine Plan. It in truth is all there really is, and it is when you were created to abide.

It is a trick of the human self-will, or ego, to view abiding or living in the Moment of Creation as a waste of time. This is due to the simple fact that to enter the Dimension of Love and abide in the Moment of Creation, you must surrender your human self-will to that of Divine will. For in the Moment of Creation, there is only Divine will, and if self-will is present, then you cannot abide in the present. So in order to stay in control, the human self will work to keep you out of the present moment. Only when you consciously exist in the Dimension of Fear, living in the past or future, can your self-will, or ego, exist. One of the greatest lies that your ego tells you is that you are your ego, and you will die if your ego ceases to exist. From an Angelic perspective, this is exactly backward. The eternal truth is that you can only truly live when your ego does not exist.

Please understand that your ego is simply a thought that your mind keeps thinking. You think this thought for so long that it becomes a belief. And you hold this belief for so long that it becomes your truth. But it is not true at all. It is an illusion created by the ego, which keeps you locked in the Dimension of Fear and keeps you from the Dimension of Love.

Angels exist without the benefit or encumbrance of an ego. Angels exist only in the Dimension of Love. Humans who have entered the Dimension of Love have found much to their surprise and delight, and much to their ego’s consternation, that not only did they not die, but more so, they were never so alive.

When you fully enter into the Dimension of Love, you will find that everything in the world around you is perfect and complete exactly as it is. There is nothing extra and nothing lacking. This is for two reasons; first, it is because this is how God created it to be. And second, you have no ego to make it otherwise. It is the human ego that judges God’s creation as wrong. Remember, the human ego can only live if things are not perfect and complete, or if something is extra or lacking.

Ego may argue that if you simply look around you will see how bad the world is. How many people are hungry, how many people are imprisoned, how disasters have created hardships, how unfair some governments are, how troubled the world is, how fragile the environment is, how troubled economies are, how few jobs there are, how threatening disease is.

And from within the Dimension of Fear, all of this is true. For when viewed by the ego from within the Dimension of Fear, how could it be otherwise? Also, if you view your world as a cosmic sculpture shaped of earthly material by human hands with over 6 billion artists at work, and if you understand that almost all of these artists are creating from within the Dimension of Fear, then you should not be surprised that their creation is so scary. That which is born as the Dimension of Fear will be of fear, it will be of disharmony, it will instill lack, it will create conflict, and it will bring unbalance. It will result in a few having almost all, while almost all will have so little.

A misperception of the Dimension of Fear is that all it takes is more planning and hard work to solve the problem. Stated another way, all the ego needs is more attention and control and it can solve the problem it has created. But as viewed from the Angelic realm, it is like saying all that is needed to put a fire out is more gasoline to pour on it.

No amount of effort born from the Dimension of Fear can reduce the chaos of the world. No amount of fighting can win the battle. The world cannot be transformed from within the Dimension of Fear. Transformation of your world can only come from within the Dimension of Love. This has always been true and always will be true, for transformation comes from the Moment of Creation – transformation comes from God. This is not to say that humans can sit back and let God complete the transformation. The transformation will be architected by humans from the Dimension of Love and completed by humans in both the Dimensions of Love and Fear.

As the vibration of the transformation shift builds in intensity, more and more humans will move into the Dimension of Love. You who have been called to read these words are in the vanguard of those who are being called into the Dimension of Love. You are the ones who are destined to master inter-dimensional travel, moving your mind easily between the Dimensions of Fear and Love. You are also destined to help others travel inter-dimensionally out of the Dimension of Fear and into the Dimension of Love.

Joy is the foundation for this inter-dimensional travel. Connect with our angelic energy of Joy through our World Angel Grid. Experience the energy of Joy often. Let Joy become a common experience for you. For we will talk next about the process of using Joy as the launch-pad for inter-dimensional travel into the Dimension of Love.


Every human being is driven by a deep inner longing to live their life’s essential action, fulfill their soul’s mission, be who they were created to be, and enact in the world, without fear or reservation, the full, glorious, expression of their Divine Energetic Potential. They also long to trust life and live in the Divine flow where synchronicity opens door after door, supporting them in bringing their gifts into the world. This inner longing is encoded into their DNA, it is part of who they are.

When a person’s energy field vibrates with the vibration of love, they discover (Envision) their Divine Energetic Potential, claim (Embrace) it through self-will, and ultimately bring (Enact) it into the world through their life’s essential action as a wonderful expression of their soul’s mission. They are, what we call, living in the Dimension of Love. They bring their sacred gifts of creativity, wisdom, healing, and service into the world. Their actions are caring and moral. Other people are divinely guided to want, seek, and receive their gifts, and they synchronistically meet these people and enter into sacred relationship with them. As the divinely orchestrated giving and receiving cycle takes place, both the giver and the receiver enjoy increased feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose, security, and healing. They feel supported by life, and a part of something bigger. And the gifts feel sacred to both the giver and the receiver.

Through a process we call the Earth’s Transformational Shift, your world is being infused by an increase in the vibration of love that is aimed at ultimately having every human being live in the Dimension of Love, Enact their Divine Energetic Potential, and live their soul’s mission. Yet as you look around you in your world, you currently see the opposite taking place in many instances. The cause for this incongruity is the energy of fear. Every human being is given the gift of free will. Free will can either lead a person to surrender into resonance with the divinely created vibration of love, or it can cause them to struggle against it, creating the dissonant vibration of fear, and they end up living in what we call the Dimension of Fear.

Fear is a very contagious energy and currently many people in your world are living in the Dimension of Fear. When a person is infused with the vibration of fear, it is not their Divine Energetic Potential that guides their life and actions, but rather it is their Ego’s insatiable self-serving need and greed. It is their Ego’s needs that are Envisioned, Embraced, and ultimately Enacted in the world.

There is a significant difference between the fear-based actions driven by Ego’s need, and the love-based actions driven by Divine Energetic Potential. Ego’s fear-based actions cause individuals to strive for more, more, more, as though there is never enough. They strive for more money, more status, more experiences, and more “things” to enhance their self image. The more a person strives, the more time feels like it is speeding up. This leads to the belief that there is not enough time, which drives people to work more and more hours a week. All the while these individuals ignore the negative effect that their actions have on themselves, your planet, the plants and animals you share your planet with, or even the well being of other people. Furthermore, as the Ego orchestrated giving and receiving cycle takes place, both the giver and the receiver enjoy only a temporary feeling of happiness. After this feeling of happiness has passed, the Ego looks “out there” into the world to find the bigger house, the better job, the newer relationship, the newer things (car, clothes, electronics, jewelry), the more exotic travel, whatever will satisfy the Ego’s new set of needs. This fear-driven outward seeking has lead many people in your world away from their soul’s purpose and into a frenzy of Ego driven actions – grab as much as you can get – spend as much as you can spend – live for today and ignore tomorrow’s consequences. The Ego driven cycle of giving and receiving ultimately leaves the giver and the receiver feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

While many people are living in the Dimension of Fear, other people are cycling between the Dimension of Fear and the Dimension of Love. These people have followed and practiced the gifts of healing that we have taught. They are healing their pain, opening their hearts, and they are beginning to live in resonance with the ever-increasing vibration of love. This transports them into the Dimension of Love. Furthermore, from within the Dimension of Love, they have raised their vibration and received the angelic gift that you call joy. Many have even gone beyond the precious gift of joy and not only entered into states of compassion, but also they have shared their gifts of joy and compassion with others through what you call the World Angel Grid. And when the energy of fear brings them back into the Dimension of Fear, they practice the gifts of healing that we have taught and bring themselves back into the Dimension of Love once again. Each time they travel between these two dimensions, they spend a longer time in the Dimension of Love.

The energy of love is far more powerful than the energy of fear and even a small amount of love can overcome a large amount of fear. The number of people in your world who currently resonate with the vibration of love has reached a sufficient level that it is beginning to tip the scales from fear to love. As this happens, the fear-created world, like a house of cards, is beginning to collapse, and a Homecoming is beginning to take place.

When we say Homecoming, we do not literally mean a return to the dwelling of your childhood, but rather, we mean to return to the mission of your soul and the activity of bringing your sacred gifts into the world. This Homecoming will empower you to follow your heart, do what you love most, connect with your passions, reveal your creativity, and cultivate your sacred relationships. Homecoming is built upon the activity of consciously aligning yourself with the ever-increasing vibration of love and spending more and more time in the Dimension of Love. This involves periodically turning your attention away from seeking worldly treasures and towards seeking the sacred treasures within. Inward seeking requires less of the doing and thinking associated with worldly seeking, and more of being and feeling. While the thinking mind is essential in order to focus the lens of your awareness, it is feeling, and more specifically your heart’s ability to feel love, that will bring you home to your true self.

We invite you to set aside time every day to withdraw from worldly concerns, heartlink to our vibration, and follow our teachings to open the angelic vibration of joy within you. Use your joy stone to bless yourself and everyone in your life. Awaken your Heartseeds of Compassion and allow the energy of compassion to help you heal your pain and suffering. Then, send the power of your compassion, through the World Angel Grid to end the pain and suffering of all people in the world who still live in the Dimension of Fear. Send your compassion to all of the plants and animals you share the planet with. Send your compassion to the planet itself. Send your compassion to end all pain and all suffering everywhere. Then simply just be. Focus your awareness on the feelings within. Notice the energy flowing, tingling, and buzzing. Be aware of the peace, love, and joy. Enjoy your aliveness. Honor your sacredness.

As you spend time in Homecoming, your body will increase its alignment with the vibration of love. You will experience increased synchronicity in your life. You will meet people who will help you live your soul’s purpose. Some will help you Envision elements of your soul’s mission and you will be filled with excitement and possibilities in what you see. Others will help you Embrace your soul’s mission through their support, encouragement, and aid. While others will open the doors that will enable you to Enact your soul’s mission. You will see the sacredness of your relationships with these people. You will be amazed at how life invites and encourages you to express your heart’s desires and bring your dreams alive. You will find that you live increasingly in the present moment, the now, and time will seem to slow down. You will ever increasingly see the sacred in the everyday events of your life. Ironically, even your Ego will find that it is more satisfied and fulfilled with your soul directing your actions.

If at times you fall into resonance with fear, simply take a spiritual time out and practice Homecoming. The more you practice Homecoming the less you will be affected by the contagious vibration of fear and the more you will be able to live in the Dimension of Love. As you practice Homecoming you will also find that it becomes one of the most enjoyable and important parts of your life.

Homecoming is an initiation for you to help us with our mission of healing the world one heart at a time, starting with yours.

Loving Kindness

As your calendar comes to its annual close, people worldwide celebrate The Divine (which may be known to them by names that include God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Tao, and Great Spirit) through wonderful religious holidays. This worldwide celebration of The Divine has at its core honoring the presence, and power of the gift of love that The Divine has brought into your world.

When it comes to the energy of love, we observe that people are not very good vessels for storing the energy of love, but they are magnificent channels for bringing the energy of love from The Divine through them to give to others. Giving the gift of love to others during your holiday season is the perfect way to celebrate, and honor The Divine and the true spirit of your holidays. And the perfect gift for you to give others this holiday season is the gift of loving-kindness.

You can start your loving-kindness gift-giving through your loving thoughts. This can include thinking kind and loving thoughts about the people in your life. It can also take the form of avoiding thinking negative thoughts about people in your life. Both are wonderful expressions of loving-kindness. A perfect environment to do this is in the energy of Homecoming. Homecoming is at its core an act of Divine Surrender, setting aside your human self-will, and allowing your Body and Mind to align with your Spirit.

You can enter into the energy of Homecoming by following the simple steps we have offered to you. These steps start with Heartlinks to the Angels and Heartlink to the World Angel Grid. This is followed by elevating your energy to the energy of Joy and from the energy of Joy, elevating your energy to the energy of Compassion, and from the energy of Compassion, elevating your energy to the energy of Homecoming.

While in the Homecoming energy, you can bring to mind a person in your life, Heartlink to them, think of why you are grateful that they are in your life, then bless them as you send them the energy of love as a token of your gratitude. You can repeat this process for each member of your family and your friends, your neighbors and co-workers, the people you like, and the people you don’t like. As you offer your tokens of gratitude in this way, you become a radiant beacon, shining the light of loving-kindness outward to each of these people.

You can extend this process by creating a blessing bowl for all of the people you have touched with your energy of loving-kindness. Simply write on small strips of paper what your heart desires for the world to manifest for each of these people. Then put all the strips into a bowl and through the power of the blessing bowl process, you can send these people additional expressions of your loving-kindness.

You can extend your loving-kindness gift-giving activity even further. When you pass people on the street, at a shopping center, or in an office, silently Heartlink to them, bless them, and wish them much joy, peace, health, and prosperity as you send them the energy of love over your Heartlink. Open your heart and let The Divine shine through you to them. You can even extend your loving-kindness in this way to people when you talk on the phone to them, text them, email them, or communicate with them in any way.

Another way to give the gift of loving-kindness is to avoid thinking about or speaking negatively about others. We invite you to put aside your judgments and let the energy of love move you into a state of forgiveness. This will help you to stop finding fault with others, complaining about what others did or did not do, or worrying about what others may or may not do. Rather than complaining about a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance, simply give them the gift of loving-kindness. You can either avoid a negative thought or statement by offering silence, or you can offer a wonderful positive thought or word of loving-kindness.

As you practice directing the energy of loving-kindness with your thoughts and words, you can begin to extend the energy of loving-kindness into your actions. This can take the form of a kind word or deed designed to help another person. Something that you know a person would appreciate.

Life may bring you a situation in which you see a person in need of your kindness, and a small quiet voice inside of you will whisper, “You can help this person”. Rather than dismissing the idea because you are too busy or it would be too inconvenient, simply stop and ask yourself the question, “Would it be alright for me to help this person?” Then, if the answer is yes, express your loving kindness by helping this person.

You can also proactively offer your gifts of loving-kindness to others even when they are not asking for your help. To do this, you can once again enter into the energy of Homecoming. While in the Homecoming energy, you can bring to mind a person in your life, Heartlink to them, think of why you are grateful that they are in your life, then ask yourself the question “What kindness can I offer to this person?” The answer (with the help of the Angels whispering in your ear) will spring into your mind. The answer may be for you to telephone them, cook them a meal, help them with their chores, sit and really listen to them share their feelings, or it may be to do something for them that they are not even aware that you have done. The key is the doing from the energy of love and gratitude, not what is done. When you express your loving-kindness, you embody the presence of The Divine and honor The Divine with your actions.

You will soon find that loving kindness is something that everyone enjoys receiving. It is a gift to the giver as well as to the receiver. One size fits all. It is never returned or exchanged. And it can be offered not only during your holiday season but also throughout your year.

Unity in Action

Your life is a spiritual path. No matter whether it is easy or difficult, or whether it has few or many people in it, whether it is religious or secular; it is your spiritual path – designed to bring you into unity with the Divine, unity with all sentient beings, unity with all. And when a human being experiences this unity, they become filled with peace. While peace may appear passive, it is in fact a dynamically active positive force, what we call the force of “Unity in Action”. It is not a force that you are in a state of peace direct, but rather it is a force that moves through you guided by divine direction into the world.

Let us explain the power of peace. When you activate the Heartseeds of compassion and enter into the energy of homecoming, you settle deep within yourself and enter into the dimension of love. Your mind automatically moves into the present moment, and the past and future are forgotten. Your conscious awareness moves from the world around you to the world within you. Your energy resonates with the frequency of love and your energy field is filled with the power of peace.

As you settle into this divine inner peace, you will feel the power of your own life force. It can appear as a tingling or vibrating feeling that may first be felt in the hands, feet, and face. If you simply sit in awareness of this energy, without analyzing it with your mind, you will feel it more deeply and be aware that it flows everywhere within you. The key is to feel it rather than think about it. If you extend your awareness further you will become aware that the energy radiates beyond your physical limits and moves powerfully throughout your human energy field. If you go even deeper you will become wonderfully aware that the energy is not contained within your human energy field, but rather it moves beyond your idea of who you are and connects in a flowing and pulsing manner with all of life.

You can for example experience this flow between you and trees for they are the most open to the connection. Especially old trees for they possess the power to anchor this vibrant energy of life into the physical earth plane. You can also feel this energy flow from you back and forth to animals, most powerfully with animals who are not afraid of you and your motives. Animals who exist in their natural loving divine state. If you practice this, you may even feel the energy that flows to and from other humans. Although human self-will, and the powerful limiting force of the energy of fear, can severely limit this flow you may find that babies and people at the end of their lifetime are most open to feeling and exchanging this energy.

Each time you enter into homecoming, and become aware of the energy that unites all life, you find yourself quite naturally entering into a state of peace. The more you practice Homecoming, the deeper you enter into the state of inner peace. And the more time you spend in the state of peace, the easier it becomes for you to enter into this state. Peace is the treasure that all people seek but rarely find. Through Homecoming, you can find this peace.

From an angelic perspective, peace is always available to humans, but they rarely have time to find it. We see people who encounter momentary states of peace that are created by the energy and force of specific circumstances in their life. Circumstances like witnessing a beautiful scene in nature such as a sunset, or a forest covered with freshly fallen snow. These are moments when a person can momentarily “feel at one” with the scene they are witnessing. Not surprisingly people can also feel at peace during a religious or spiritual celebration in which a group of like-minded, like-hearted people are gathered together to lovingly celebrate the Divine. These are situations in which the power of nature or the force of a gathering of hearts breaks through the natural peace avoidance mechanisms at play within the person.

While it does not seem likely that a person would actually work to avoid the peace that they so crave, this is exactly what most people do for most of their lives. The culprit behind this avoidance is human self-will (something you call ego).

When you are in a state of peace, you are living from the essence of your soul. Your soul dominates your experience of life and your ego’s role is greatly diminished. Remember, as viewed from an angelic perspective, your ego’s primary role is to keep you safe and allow you to function wonderfully in the physical world. Your ego is designed to be a tool to carry out your soul’s mission in the world. Its domain is the world outside of you. It constantly gathers data about this outer world, alert to danger, and looking for opportunities for you to enact the mission of your soul and bring your soul’s gifts into the world.

Unfortunately, in many lives the ego becomes the dominant force and the influence of soul is reduced. When this happens, the person’s primary focus is on the outer world and the primary directive in their life becomes satisfying their greed and bolstering their sense of self-importance in the world, without much care or concern for the well-being of other people or the planet you live on. It becomes, as your twist of phrase says, “do unto others before they do unto you”. And all the while, a life driven by this outward defending and amassing finds it difficult at best to be at peace. For the very actions of defending your possessions, or your status, or your self-importance, while seeking to obtain more and more, are born in the energy of fear, and peace cannot be found in the dimension of fear.

When you enter into the state of Homecoming, and you resonate with the vibration of peace, you increase the vibration of peace within your world and through the power of Unity in Action; you help bring others into the state of peace. Not only is being in a state of peace good for you, but it is also good for your world.

When you passively exist in a state of peace you will be unaware of the powerful effect that the force of Unity in Action is having in your world. While you are simply “being”, you are unconsciously “doing” a great deal. You are permitting the force of life that creates and evolves your world to move lovingly through you. You are allowing your creative mind to sit in awareness of the power of life, the power of love, and the power of the Divine. The power of your creative thought is not adding more fear into the world, and you are enabling the loving force of the Divine to shift the balance of love in your world. Every heart that opens to the power of love, and every mind that stops adding more fear-based thinking into the energy of your world, makes a powerful shift in this balance.

World peace is not achieved by the ending of all war, but rather by the uniting of all hearts. When you stop conflict that is rooted in anger and fear, you simply delay the outbreak of more conflict. When you unite the hearts of people, there is no fuel to feed the fire of conflict, and there is no way to sustain war. When enough people exist in a state of peace, the scales will tip and the energy of your planet will shift people out of the dimension of fear and move them into the dimension of love. Every person who can enter into the state of peace will accelerate this tipping.

In addition, the power of peace will accelerate the journey of your soul. As you settle deeper and deeper into the experience of Homecoming, the force of Unity in Action will, through the Divine Feminine Principal, magnetize to you the things your soul needs for you to enact your life’s essential purpose and live your soul’s mission. The Divine Feminine Principal is what draws people places settings and circumstances to you. It draws members of your soul group to you via the 5th pair of your 12-Strand DNA.

The power of the Divine Feminine is best explained with an analogy. If you pass electrical current through a wire, it creates an electromagnetic field that can attract ferrous metal particles. Passing enough energy through a large coil of wire and the electromagnetic field it creates can pick up a car. Analogously, pass the energy of life through a human being in a state of peace, and the resulting dynamic human energy field attracts the people, places settings, and circumstances needed for that soul to live its destiny.

You will attract circumstances that are supportive, expansive, gentle, kind, and loving. And your life will blossom through this cultivation. You may also magnetize things that test you or challenge you, but know that you will not attract more than you are ready for and you will never attract something that you do not need. All will be in the divine right time and the divine right way.

We invite you to help us heal the world one heart at a time, and accelerate the journey of your soul, by practicing Homecoming and making inner peace a part of your daily life.

Universe Celebrates Itself 

The Transformational Shift continues and the energy of fear in your world has created wars, economic uncertainty, political struggles, natural disasters, global climate changes, and more. During this shift, it is important that you keep your Heartlink connection to the angels open, your heart filled with the energy of love, and your mind focused on seeing the light in every situation. It is important for you to know that while your media exaggerates and amplifies the fear, it is your mission to focus on the light and help the angels bring about positive change.

The very same energy of love that flows through you also flows through all things. It is up to you to focus your inner awareness on the love that is present in each situation, for love will always be present. While you should not ignore the fear that is present, you should avoid being overpowered by the fear.

A little light can dispel a great deal of darkness. And little love can dispel a great deal of fear. It is important that you connect with the angels through your Heartlink and use the techniques of Pure Joy, Heartseeds of Compassion, and Homecoming to regularly cultivate, amplify and strengthen the energy of light and love within you.

As you do this, you will understand that you are a point in time and space in which the universe celebrates itself. You will see that you are in the world to fulfill your soul’s mission and be part of the solution. You are in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, and the right opportunities. As you continue to release your doubts, fears, limiting ideas, and resistance, you will let your soul shine ever more brightly through you, and you will ever more bravely offer your life’s essential action as an important part of the solution.

The flow of life will guide you, and the Angels will open doors for you. Your 5th pair DNA will draw to you soul relationships that will allow you to share your light and bring it ever more brightly into the world. You will see that each moment, each situation, is an opportunity for you to bring the gift of your life’s essential action into it, and do what you came into this life to do.

11:11:11 The Unity Shift Portal and Ascension

There is a great deal of consciousness focused on the date of 11:11:11 on your calendar. This global consciousness attests to the fact that the energy of the Transformational Shift is being felt within the hearts and lives of people throughout your world.

From an angelic perspective on this date of 11:11:11 there will be an energy shift, something we call the Unity Shift. This shift has been likened to a portal opening that will send a wave of the angelic energy that we call “Unity” to flow throughout your world. On 11:11:11 the flow of the energy of Unity will be so strong that it will invite people to enter into alignment and experience the Unity Shift.

When a person enters into the Unity Shift, they instantaneously move out of the Dimension of Fear and into the Dimension of Love. As this happens, their consciousness automatically changes its focus from the world around them to the world within them. They become heart center focused. They enter into a state of Homecoming in which their consciousness looks within their heart and feels the eternal energy of love that flows through it. They feel this energy radiating from their heart outward to all life. They feel a unity and connectedness with all life. They feel alive and at peace. The energy of joy will be alive within their heart and often reflect on their face as a gentle smile or laugh. There is no thought of time, for the shift brings them into the eternal now. There is no thought of fear, for the feeling of safety pervades them. There is an inner knowledge that everything is all right in their world and that the loving hand of Divinity will guide them in their life.

Most people have experienced the Unity Shift for brief moments in their life. These shifts have often been triggered by something in life that touches their heart and moves their soul. It may be something like watching a magnificent sunset, or the joy of seeing a newborn baby. It may be a passage in a holy book, or receiving an act of compassion. These shift come unexpectedly and are often fleeting.

The Unity Shift we are speaking about is the opportunity to consciously align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life into the Dimension of Love. These shifts may last from minutes, to hours, to days during which you will live in the Dimension of Love. Then, if you fall back into the Dimension of Fear, you can consciously re-align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life back into the Dimension of Love. The goal being that the shift becomes your natural state and you live your life within the Dimension of Love.

A term that has been associated with this Unity Shift is the term “ascension”. It is a fitting term to describe what can take place but it requires an explanation. Please do not think that on 11:11:11 that humanity will leave the earth plane and ascend into the angelic realm. What will happen is that on 11:11:11 every human heart will be invited to ascend to the vibration of Unity and every human life will be invited to ascend into the Dimension of Love.

The Unity Shift can also bring about a feeling of lightness similar to the feeling one gets when they take off a heavy load like a back pack they have been carrying. As soon as the load is gone, there is a feeling of floating upwards. In the Unity Shift it is not a heavy backpack that is being taken off, but rather, the heavy load of fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty, and problems that are being let go of. The lightness that results can feel like ascending upwards.

The Unity Shift releases the illusion that you are separate from Divinity and embrace the truth that Divinity enlivens all life, that Divinity is within all life, and that Divinity directs and guides all life. It instills the truth that the same divinity that enlivens you, enlivens all life. The same desire to avoid pain and suffering that exists within you, exists within all people. The same desire to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled that exists within you, exists within all people.

When the energy of Unity flows through a life, that life is lived from a perspective that clearly sees the unity of all life. It clearly sees the world as a global family. It innately knows the sanctity of life and the need to care for all life. The energy of unity brings forth kindness in peoples’ lives and this kindness leads to compassionate actions.

It has been said that thought is creative and you are the thinker. The energy of Unity is designed to turn your heartfelt loving creative thoughts into reality. The energy of Unity responds more to your heart than to your mind. Your heart’s longings, wishes, hopes, and yearnings are what the energy of Unity responds best to. As it does, the energy of Unity will bring about an invitation to wonderful changes in your life. Doors will open to you and opportunities for you to step into the spotlight of your life will be extended to you. These changes may trigger fears within you that could shift you back to the Dimension of Fear. If this happens, simply re-align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life back into the Dimension of Love.

The Unity wave will flood your world for just over one of your years and will culminate on your calendar date of December 12, 2012. During this interval you will be able to repeatedly align yourself with the Unity energy, make the Unity Shift part of your daily life, and live your life in the Dimension of Love.

The most powerful way to align yourself with the Unity energy is by heartlinking first to your angels and then to the World Angel Grid. The World Angel Grid is a 10-layer fabric of angelic energy that makes angelic energy readily available to anyone who connects to it. The Unity wave will travel powerfully through the World Angel Grid. Whenever you heartlink to the World Angel Grid from 11:11:11 to 12:12:12 you will tap into the powerful flow of Unity energy. For optimal results, once you are Heartlinked to your angels and to the energy of Unity through the World Angel Grid it is best to enter into a state of Homecoming through our Homecoming process and then use your Crystal Key to unlock your Heart’s Code through our Unity in Action process. Then, simply surrender and allow yourself to enter into alignment with the energy of Unity. When you feel the peace, love, joy, equanimity, and aliveness flowing in your heart, you will know that you have made the shift.

How to Best Enjoy the Benefits of the IET® Ascension Messages

I offer you these suggestions of how to best enjoy or amplify the benefits of the Angelic Ascension Messages from the Crystal Library that I Channeled on July 1, 2011, and their uplifting, nurturing energy! Enjoy the process and be prepared for Angel Miracles!

Ascension Message Enjoyment Process

Prepare your sacred space: Take care of yourself, sitting relaxed and well-grounded in a quiet space. Be creative by putting on music that you love, lighting a candle, holding a crystal, a simple stone, or another sacred power tool. For a more intensive session, I love to surround myself with a circle of crystals, flowers, etheric oils, water and a few singing bowls (and other sound healing instruments), building a peaceful Crystalline Temple. I heartlink in gratitude to Mother Earth, my Crystals, and their Light Spirits; for me, they are the Crystal Library in itself revealing our true nature, the Divine Nature of the universe, and the Pure Love Essence of our planet.

Heartlinks: Heartlink to Angel Ariel and all the Healing Angels (1), to your special Angel, Soul guides, and Master, bringing in your prayer invitation and gratitude, creating with them a beautiful sacred space. It can look like a temple or a protective bubble of bright light. Sometimes I like to experience my sacred space being a garden, my peaceful Soul Garden, where I always feel loved and at ease.

Prayer/invitation: “Welcome dear Angels, thank you so much for your Divine Presence, protection, and guidance. Please work with me and through me. May this process support the highest good and highest healing, as well for me as for all of creation and our magnificent planet. May all ascend to the state of unconditional Divine love and joy. May Love descend on Earth!”

Create a Heart Wheel: Feel free to create a Heart Wheel by extending your heartlink (like spokes of a wheel) out to others: your family, friends, pets, and even nature if you like… Add more spokes to your Heart Wheel by sending out more 10 heartlinks (one to each of the 10 layers of the World Angel Grid). Shared Angelic love creates miracles we even can’t imagine…

Bring in an Angelic Starburst of Energy: Raise your hands and together with the Angels bring down a big starburst of the highest Consciousness, knowing this is a gift of Pure Love, Oneness and place it in your heart. While you experience and enjoy gratitude, you can hold a crystal or other pure power tool to expand, anchor, and manifest more and more the state this starburst is bringing in. You have created a sacred space, an energetic temple, which is a multidimensional one – beyond time and space – anchored into this here–and–now–earth plane by your body and all the sacred nature elements.

Note: If you have experienced Transformational Step 12 – The Crystal Key Process you can do the automatic Re-activation to help you go deeper into this unity in action-aspect, imprinting your crystal tools with the energy of the Crystal Library. The Divine Presence will guide you gently through this process, supported by the IET Angels, to open you for deeper levels of love and crystalline purity; Ascension is the Divine descending on Earth!

Spin the Heart Wheel: A Golden Heart Wheel of Divine Creation, supported also by the angels, connects your heart with the heart of all the Healing Angels, surrounding you in a circle of Delight. You realize that, while the Angels are those Universal Beings, they also reflect and are the aspects of your own magnificent Divinity. On another level, the Heart wheel is reflecting your daily life. Let’s play. The Angelic Heart wheel is spinning in a clockwise direction, clearing and healing issues on the DNA levels. The IET Angels empower your Divine blueprint more and more, supporting you in getting insights and revealing beauty with the Ascension messages. Spontaneously you will experience shifts of Oneness in this process because the Angels do all the work, activating it through perfect synchronicity.

Read an Ascension Message: You may read out loud one message, slowly. The sound of your voice supports your creative power to express your Love and unique gifts. The Heart Wheel stops spinning; be aware of you and the Angel bowing to each other, merging into Oneness. Experience silently how the words actually are touching you. Feel free to also activate the IET integration points of the area that this Angel heals and empowers. Be aware of your feelings and body sensations and enjoy the play. Express Angelic gratitude. The Heart Wheel is spinning again…after a while, read another message and experience this Angel, that is one with you, talking in you, revealing the awareness of who you are. Pay attention… Feel the energy that comes through the words and sounds. No need to study with your mind… put your inner child on your lap and explore; take your time opening up to the process which naturally will unfold; every message is a doorway to paradise as a state of being universal Love, Peace, perfect knowing. Finally, the Heart wheel is pulsating sweetly and stops spinning slowly. Show gratitude when your intuition tells you this aspect of the process has been completed for now.

Grounding: Always add final balance, in deep respect/ gratitude; add a grounding, touching your feet.

Possibilities to practice: It’s nice to use the Ascension Messages integrated with all other techniques, which you already developed with IET. You can follow the sequence of how the messages are ordered in the text, walking through a few of them each day. Otherwise, you pick them intuitively
Another nice possibility is to work through a nine-week program. You travel through the process of the 9 Healing Angels one by one. For a whole week, you will empower one level in the body supported by one specific Angel, adding the Loving Ascension Messages transmitted through the Angel.

Angelic Ascension Messages from the Crystal Library

A pure source is dwelling in the core of your Being, crystal clear. Drink it and you will experience fulfillment and peace. Angel Celestina

A silent lake of nourishing awareness embraces each lotus flower of your daily unfolding, in total acceptance. Angel Cassiel

Open your hands and look at the pearls of possibilities that life is offering you to enlighten your playground and inspire your journey. Angel Gabriel

All the beauty that you see around you is an expression of who you are! Let’s celebrate in gratitude! Angel Faith

It’s love that makes the difference between dreams and reality; love is creative abundance, making your dreams unconditionally real! Angel Ariel

The breath of your body is a sacred dance honoring the Divine Presence in total surrender. Angel Raphael

Unity is the nature and source of all life because all of creation is God’s blissful Body; nothing can fall apart! Angel Ariel

Relax, because your ascension is a natural process similar to the transmutation from the caterpillar to a dancing butterfly. Angel Sarah

Your wisdom is pure like the morning dew on a rose flower. It appears naturally because you are Divine. Angel Gabriel

Human hearts always carry a deep hidden smile… It’s a deep knowing that everything is just perfect as it is! Angel Daniel

Do you notice the glow of the Star that you are!? You are the heaven on earth, precious Human Jewel! Angel Ariel

You are the power of the Waterfall, never ending… You are the irresistible life force that no one can stop! Enjoy! Angel Michael

In every experience God’s presence is there as a child that asks you: let’s play, don’t run away… please stay; no other reason than: be home and play! Angel Daniel

Did you recognize the flame of Pure love of the other’s eyes looking to you, embracing your Being in an infinite moment?! Angel Celestina

A hummingbird, attracted, smells the nectar of truth… So, don’t search but let your heartwings carry you to your inner treasure! Angel Gabriel

Your lightbody is crystalline fluid nature, that listens to the geometric patterns of your visions; what you believe will happen and repeat itself naturally. Angel Ariel

Touch your Crystalline Heart and sing a word of power, which expresses the Highest value that you want to embody and it will be revealed with ease and joy! Angel Celestina

The most precious Crystal jewel you carry with you is compassion. His transparent nature illuminates your world with tenderness. Angel Cassiel

The lotus of wisdom reveals a golden heart of love; love is the doorway: it shows exactly what is right for you and the truth you have to share! Angel Celestina

When you compassionately embrace your fears like a little baby, they will reveal their message and bring you home in true safety! Angel Michael

A brilliant yellow crystal will unlock the positive Past Life experiences and knowledge that will support your awakening process. Angel Rafael

We empower your Crystal Key to help you see with the eyes of an Angel: Adore the clear truth of your magical, loving and lovable nature! Angel Gabriel

We carry you on the wings of ascension beyond the walls of your uncertainty to the Divine mirror that shows the beauty of who you are! Angel Gabriel

We bless and empower your heart’s desire because it expresses a clear sign and message from your soul to be manifested for the good of all! Angel Ariel

Do you see the crystalline spark that kindly dwells in all living beings? Do you hear the Divine Joy of birds and trees touching your Essence? Angel Daniel

We don’t judge your anger. We support you to transform it to an amazing firework of new creativity and wonderful change! Angel Daniel

Your heart space is the most delicious garden where you feel at home and at ease to enjoy the deepest never ending romance with your loving Soul! Angel Cassiel

We empower a clear rose quartz in the form of a heart that will help you travel from human-craving love to unconditional Divine Love. Angel Cassiel

A green Mother Earth crystal can restore your inner peace and guide you through the doorway to a new lifestyle that offers body balance and vitality. Angel Sarah 

A Crystal Angel is playing with your inner child. Innocence is the key to discover your own wings and be free! Angel Faith

We activate a very precious red crystal in your heart to support your courage to be a pioneer, bringing new ideas into the world! Angel Michael

There is nothing to achieve; you are already home! There is nothing to avoid; live brings you what you need. Angel Faith

Your Heart is the most magnificent and powerful Divine Instrument. You can really manifest great Miracles, especially when you gather as one big Family! Angel Michael

We offer a blue star crystal to many people in this period to help them download all the new information from their Star families! Angel Ariel

Joy takes away the veil between your world and ours. Joy celebrates our oneness, our unified creative destiny! Angel Celestina

A rainbow crystal unlocks the doorway to a new adventure with outbursts of laughter and pleasure: you are a part of Divine Play! Angel Sarah

When you surrender to the river of your soul’s passion you will enjoy delightful landscapes and finally, dissolve in a sea of Stillness. Angel Raphael

The smallest seed becomes a tree: allow Divine Mystery to reveal the bliss and greatness that you are, the fruits you never saw before. Angel Sarah

Being best friends with yourself is a solid foundation if you want to build a safe society of brotherhood, love, and respect. Angel Michael

When your heart flowers, you experience the whole world as your home, the whole universe as the garden of your soul. Angel Cassiel

Let’s dive into the depths of your unconscious feelings and explore to unfold the treasures of your innocent child that is totally free. Angel Faith

Loving attention is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to a living being to make it reveal its Divine Essence of consciousness. Angel Raphael

You are reborn to the radiating state of your Angelic Beauty; Welcome in Paradise on Earth where service means Being. Angel Faith

Bring your awareness from thought to body… and experience: Every cell of your wonderful temple expresses Divine Glory! Angel Raphael

If you embrace what makes you feel happy, the ascension will just simply happen; take it easy; you are already there! Angel Sarah

Gratitude – Preparing Your Life For Ascension

Angels are sending forth an invitation for you to make the Unity Shift out of the Dimension of Fear and Ascend into the Dimension of Love.

The Unity Shift Portal (described in the November 2011 Journal of Energy Therapy) opened on your calendar date of 11:11:11 and a wave of the energy of Unity traveled throughout our World Angel Grid energetically inviting people worldwide to shift from the Dimension of Fear into the Dimension of Love, something we call Ascension. Our energetic invitation is most commonly experienced as a heartfelt hunger or longing for peace, balanced connectedness with others, fulfillment in service to others, loving relationships with others, and inner joy. Our energetic invitation may also be experienced as frustration with relationships that are out of balance, with leaders that are self-serving, with using fighting to end fighting, with a few having more than the many, and with feeling helpless to change things. Irrespective of which reaction to our invitation you have experienced, if you have experienced either or both of these reactions, then you are well on your way to Ascension.

Ascension is not a physical process in which you rise up out of the Earth Plane and float up into the heavenly realms, but rather, it is an inner process in which you shift your inner state of being from the vibration of fear to the vibration of love. Yet while we say that ascension is not a physical process, when you shift your inner state of being, your entire physical world will change. We do not mean that simply your outlook about your world will be enhanced, like your expression of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but you will enter what could best be described as a simultaneously existing parallel or alternate reality. A reality in which you align with and radiate the vibration of love. A reality in which you exist in balanced and harmonious relationships with others who also align with and radiate the vibration of love.

A key to aligning with this Unity wave is having an open heart center and the best way to open your heart center is through gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart center and increases its capacity to both give and receive the energy of love. It is an essential part of our Heartlink process and it is an essential part of Ascension. Cultivating and expanding your state of gratitude requires that you focus your conscious awareness on gratitude every day. It helps to bring to mind every day the people and the things in your life that you are most grateful for. Once you begin to cultivate the energy of gratitude, you will find that the energy of gratitude is like a magnet and attracts more and more gratitude. As this happens, you will find yourself becoming aware of more and more people and things in your life that you are grateful for. Writing your gratitude down in a journal is a great way to focus your consciousness on gratitude and create a powerful energetic focus of your gratitude. As you write more and more in your gratitude journal, your heart center will open further and further. And as this happens, you will align more and more with the Unity wave.

If you wish to further accelerate your alignment with the Unity wave, you can begin to express your gratitude to the people in your life. This can take the form of simply saying thank you for acts of kindness that you receive from others or acknowledging things that others have done. It can also take the form of writing gratitude letters to the people in your life who have made a positive and powerful impact on your life’s journey. Writing a gratitude letter is very powerful. You can write a gratitude letter to people in your current life as well as people from your past. You can even write a gratitude letter to people whom you don’t know how to get in touch with or even people who are no longer on your Earth Plane. Writing the letter will significantly open your heart center and, if you dare to do it, actually giving the letter to the person will open your heart center even wider. While you are at it, be sure to write a gratitude letter to yourself.

What you may not see, but what is so clearly visible from the angelic realm, is that the energy of gratitude that you cultivate will not only serve you but will also serve all people. This is because as your heart center opens and aligns with the Unity wave, the energy of gratitude you create will be carried out on the World Angel Grid and will touch the hearts and lives of others. The gratitude you cultivate will cause other people to open to their own gratitude and this will cause others to open to their gratitude, and so on and so forth.

It has been said, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. Cultivating gratitude in your life will increase not only the power of love in your life but also the power of love in your world. When enough people respond to our energetic invitation to ascend, then your world will know peace.

The Angels’ Views on Wealth and Abundance 

“All is well. Sometimes what appears as a problem is actually what needs to be happening at this time. This is a time of change where the old is being dismantled to make way for the new. Ask for the transition to be smooth and harmonious. This is a time of transforming relationships into mutually beneficial and spiritually supportive exchanges.

On a national level, you live in a prosperous nation and most of you no longer need to worry about survival. The ego mind has taken a microscope to your life and picks out details that would distract you from growing and expanding in abundance by using jealousy as a focus instead of gratitude. You have forgotten how to say thank you for what you have and now focus on what you don’t have by pointing a finger at those who are more abundant than you.

Your lesson is to move to a more impersonal and authentic means of assessing: using your own spiritual, wise, mind perspective rather than from the part of you that has been wounded or feels a sense of lack. When relationships are built around mutual wounds, then this relationship needs to be shifted to one that involves mutual abundance and personal power. Create awareness in yourself so you begin to notice whenever you see someone with more than you have and you begin to criticize (which doesn’t create a level playing field, only lack in you). Put your attention on your own world and give thanks for what you do have currently in your life. This will build the energy of abundance and create more of what you want. Lack cannot exist when you are abundant and heart-centered.

Vulnerability is the natural state of open acceptance and self-responsibility. You can recognize this natural state by how open and non-judgmental you are when looking at a situation, person, or place.

Explore your own relationship with money. Notice how you hand money to someone or how you feel when you spend money. Heal and love what has lack and rigidity in you and then move this practice into the world through service work, prayer, or meditation groups. You are only responsible for your own change and then your ability to SUPPORT the change in something else. You can SUPPORT the change in the world by working on yourself and then with a larger group.”

Channeled by Maria Peterson (Legions of Angels)
Why is there a disparity in wealth, and what can we do to change it? Can we change it ourselves, or do we have to join groups to influence change? Yes, there are forces within us and bigger consciousnesses that don’t want change. This is natural, especially where there is a perception that ‘change is going to take something away’ and create a situation of ‘less than I had before’.

Ascension has two layers to it. The first is very personal. Each person has their own journey to make, based on past and present choices. A second layer is a group of souls at the same level joining together to assist one another and strengthen the ascension process. That is why so many of us are becoming members of spiritual communities, like IET, joining a church or cultivating a practice like meditation or yoga.

We join groups to connect with other people who are like-minded. The energy of these like-minded people joins together to form a greater consciousness that acts like an umbrella. Individuals in the group sit under this umbrella and are influenced by the group’s decisions and move with the group. Make your decisions carefully about which groups you join because you will be included in that consciousness. Angels believe in Joy, Happiness, Love, and Nurturing. So use ways to change that involve these methods and you will create the life you want and the world you want.

One more thing … patience is key. Keep your eye on your goal and stay with it. We have a big world and it would be too chaotic to change overnight. One of my clients told me about a goal that she and her husband had for their farm. They bought a huge, bulk, milk tank for their dairy operation. Their goal was to be able to have a herd that would fill this tank to overflow in one milking. It took them 13 years to make this goal. They just did it this year. She said there were times that they thought they would never do it, but they stayed focused and kept it in their sights. As a result, they made their goal.

So you can indeed join a group to focus on reducing the disparity, and your group could pick one money disparity issue and meditate on it every day, week, or month. Set a date that you would like to see it changed by (be realistic) and then see what happens in your life and in the world.

How will you have to grow to make this change happen? What shifts does the greater world have to make?

Sit, think and feel. Lack is a product of the mind. Abundance is a product of the heart.

Breaking Through The Illusion of Separation

This illusion of separation can result in your feeling alone and unsafe in the world. The ego empowers itself by creating an illusion of being separate from the Divine and thus separate from all Life. And this illusion of separation can result in your feeling alone and unsafe in the world. When you perceive yourself as being separate, life can become a struggle. You can feel that you have to defend yourself from the evils of the world. Time can appear to work against you. Health can appear to work against you. Other people can appear to work against you. Even nature can appear to work against you. This results in your feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Even when you are surrounded by people, you can feel isolated and alone. You may derive some degree of comfort from the love you receive from pets, and temporarily from romantic love encounters, but a feeling of aloneness can remain deep within.

The illusion of separation cannot be broken by the intellect alone. Simply believing intellectually that you are not separate will not break through the illusion. The only way to break through the illusion is for you to experience for yourself the eternal truth that you cannot ever be separate from Life, that you are one with all Life, that you are in unity with all Life. Now is the perfect time for humanity to experience this truth and break through this illusion individually and collectively. Thus, we have sent forth a wave of angelic energy in your world, called the “Unity Wave”, which will support each and every human being in having this unity experience and breaking the illusion of separation. We invite you to align with this unity wave and experience for yourself that you are Life and Life exists in every part of your world. You share a kinship with all things. You live each moment of each and every day in unity with all things. You are not simply living in the world, you are an integral part of the living world.

The unifying force of all Life is love. You live in a universe fabricated from and enlivened by the vibration of love. Everything from the smallest atomic element to the largest mountain is made up of love. All plants and animals are fabricated from love. The air you breathe is fabricated from love. All human beings are fabricated of love. You are fabricated of love. You are love incarnate. Love is the force that enlivens you and all things. Love is the force that unites and unifies all things. In some of your religions, this unifying force is called God. And is it is said that God is Love, but it is also true that Love is God.

The force of love that enlivens all Life also directs all Life. Love directs Life through the flow we call “Unity”. The Unity that flows between all life can be likened to a river, and each living has the ability to align with the flow of Unity and thus align with love, align with God’s will. The energy of Unity supports each life form in discovering and revealing its truth and living its potential. When you align with the flow of Unity you find that there is a divine purpose behind all of the events of your life. You find that life brings you opportunities to share your gifts with others. It brings you opportunities to heal your life and help others do the same. You do not have to know what tomorrow will bring, you only need faith that Life via the flow of Unity will bring you exactly what you need to reveal your truth and let your gifts shine forth.

You can align with the Unity Wave by directing your self-will to shift control of your conscious awareness away from your mind, thinking, and the outer world, and shift it towards your heart, feeling, and inner world. When you do this you automatically move the lens of your awareness into the present moment of time and you automatically shift away from your ego’s illusion of separation. Since you cannot both think and feel at the same moment of time, every moment you focus your conscious awareness on the feelings within you, your mind’s activity of thinking will diminish and ultimately stop. This creates the perfect setting in which you can experience the truth of your unity with all Life and break your illusion of separation.

When your thinking stops and your mind’s focus is consumed by feeling, the ego is no longer present and you will experience that you are and have always been one with Life, one with love. You will in essence “become love”. Once you experience being love, your illusion of separation will be forever broken. You will feel a kinship with all Life and your life will flow with the current of Unity. You will attract to you loving and supportive situations in your life. You will feel a part of the whole. Loved and loving. Your light will shine brightly and a loving being from your realm and ours will be drawn to you. Your life will be transformed.

The best way to align with the unity wave is to sit in a quiet, comfortable setting (especially in nature). Begin by heartlinking to your angels and in prayer invite them to help you align with the Unity Wave. Then focus your mind’s awareness on your breathing. Let your mind follow each breath in and each breath out. This will begin to draw your mind’s awareness from the world around you to the world within you. Then, as your awareness becomes focused on the world within you, simply enjoy the sensations of whatever you are feeling. You might feel a slight tingling in your fingers or around your heart. You might feel the heat in a part of your body. You might even feel a subtle joy within you. Please do not think about these feelings, rather simply feel them without judgment. If a thought arises then simply let it go and continue to enjoy feeling alive. While your ego may judge this as a waste of time, your soul will know that this is the most important thing you can be doing. Every moment you spend in a state of inner awareness focused on feeling will bring you into further alignment with the Unity Wave and provide you with the opportunity to experience your unity with Life, the opportunity to be love. Every person who experiences their unity, and becomes love, will add to the power of the Unity Wave and make it easier for others to do the same. Small numbers of people are already having the unity experience and more will follow. We invite and encourage you to be a spiritual pioneer and experience unity and become love.

If you follow our guidance and focus on the feelings in the world within you, and you are not sure whether or not you have had a unity experience, then you have not. Once you have had a unity experience you will have no doubt.

Ariel’s Message about Competition 

You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution. We are delighted for you to ask a question about the competition at this time. You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution. Are you ready beloved angels? For that is what you are. Pure angels in the human body, serving the Divine in raising consciousness.

You are ALL on a Unified Mission and remember the purity of purpose and your promise and surrender ever deeper into that which you know is the truth than ever before.

The revelation of truth is upon you evermore. You are all one. There is no one or mine or I. There is only the “WE” and when you work together as a team supporting each other as a unified entity of servers, the other does not matter. Let go of controlling all remaining lack. Let the soul and heart speak and lead you in wholeness and oneness evermore.

Revolution. A great revolution is coming. Not just on the external. It is occurring, more importantly, internally as all rotten outdated fear-based ways of looking at life, beliefs, fears, and judgments must dissolve, for they cannot survive in a pure vibration of love that you are lifting into being. As you said YES to walking in the light, all the structures must break down and dissolve to make space for the light, love, crystalline structure that is you. You are being asked to choose. Which do you choose? The path of least resistance or the path of struggle and fighting for what you believe is right? Remember you cannot be right and happy at peace at the same time. It does not matter what you choose. We love you always either way. How do you wish to serve sweet angels? Remember soul always remains standing at the end of the day with a smile, no matter how hard the ego attempts to force its way to what it believes is the right of it. You are in the fight of your lives and gifted choices…. choices…. choices… many choices….!!

Resolution….. Allow the Resolve to birth forth from the heart of love on what is for the greater good of the whole instead of what is good for the self. Gift yourselves and look at it from 10,000 feet elevation and see the bigger picture than the one in front of your narrow nearsighted vision.

I choose love instead of judgment!
I choose oneness instead of separation!
I choose love instead of fear!

There is much fear and lack of consciousness in the mass consciousness at this time as the planes of both love and fear are expanding. We invite you to unplug from the mass consciousness as YOU are the New Earth Teachers and guides. You are creating the new microcosm of New Earth Stewardship. As
you are able to step up into Being it with ALL parts of your being, the doing will take care of itself. Whatever you focus on expands. Keep your eyes peeled on the Divine at all times. Let NO thing or person derail your beloved Spirit and purpose. We are with you constantly. Always at your side and beck and call. NO situation or task is too small to ask for guidance with. Ask yourselves to move through this period of time with greater ease and grace.

We invite you into deeper introspection for these questions so you may become clear and BE the love BE the light evermore.

What am I afraid of? What is the last hold the ego has on me? Then ask yourselves; what is wanted? What is my purpose? What do I stand to gain? We love you. We are always here and have never and will never leave your side.

Let Unity Move You Through Adversity

“While adversity in life is never a pleasant experience, there is always a spiritual gift contained within it. Please know that you will never encounter an adverse situation in your life unless you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to move through it and grow spiritually from it.

About the World Angel Grid

It is with great joy and gratitude that we speak with you today. The gift that you have given to us through your participation in the creation of The World Angel Grid is beyond measure. Because of your generosity and support, we have been able to give a gift to the world to those who will accept it. The gift is love. From the angelic realm, this gift of love looks like a shimmering liquid flowing constantly around your world through the World Angel Grid and touching the heart of every person.

As with all things angelic, it is our joy and duty to obey the human free will and the World Angel Grid that you have allowed us to create follows this same angelic principle. It will not force anyone to be open to the love, healing, and transformation that is being offered. Rather, it beckons, invites, and calls to all people. It calls them to open their hearts to the power of love.

Love is something that all people crave. They need love to live. They need love to love. Yet many people fear to love, and will not embrace it when it is present. Love is the most powerful healing force in your world. And once embraced love, will always heal what needs to be healed.

We see within your world a cosmic dance taking place. Some people in this dance are embracing the angelic energy of the World Angel Grid and are opening their hearts immediately. These people are feeling empowered and alive. They are also feeling as if they have been awakened from a dream. Awakened to the reality of your world. Awakened to the need for change. Awakened to the ways of change. It is as though some inner guidance, that once lay dormant and unknown, has awakened and is now known. It is now clear to them what has not been working. It is now clear to them what needs to be done. Once they embrace love, they can see the truth and they are willing to share the wisdom of that truth with others. They act with strength that is guided by wisdom to bring acts of loving kindness and compassion into the world.

The other part of the dance involves people who are not yet able to embrace the love that surrounds them. These are the people who possess a strong self-will that is primarily driven by fear. These people strive in your world to achieve personal fame, glory, recognition, power, and prestige. They also strive to maximize their personal wealth and fortune. What is more, they do this at the expense of others. They do not act compassionately in the world and they do not use their position or their wealth to help others. What these people often find is that no amount of fame or fortune can heal the underlying fear that drives them. No matter how famous or how wealthy they become, they do not find peace. Only the power of love can heal their fear and help them find peace. And while they may initially fear and resist the love that is present, ultimately they will accept our invitation to open to and embrace the love that we offer.

The World Angel Grid has increased the energy of love in your world and this energy of love creates a division. People will either be open to love and they will embrace the energy of love, or they will be closed to the energy of love and they will remain in the energy of fear. The stronger the love, the bigger the division. The love that you have allowed us to instill into your world is so strong that in the near term, the division will widen. But please don’t be alarmed by the near-term effect that this division may have on the cosmic dance in your world. For as you will see, the division itself will ultimately become the path to healing and reconciliation. Please let us explain.

On one side of the division, you will see those who are open to love, in resonance with love, who embrace love, and who act from love. These individuals will be inspired to bring to the world the most wonderful acts of healing and kindness, as well as the most wonderful solutions to your world’s problems. We see this happening already on the smallest as well as the grandest levels. We see people being kinder to their family and friends. We see wonderful spontaneous acts of loving kindness being offered. We see old anger and grudges being forgiven. We see love deepening within relationships of all kinds. We especially see children responding to the increased energy of love with increased harmony, creativity, joy, and playfulness. And we see older people experiencing higher levels of peace and contentment. We see leaders at all levels, from business to politics, championing activities that benefit the many, not just a few. We see old wrongs being investigated, and the course of justice is set to make them right. But above all, we see these as acts of love, filled with forgiveness, whose goal is to unify. These acts are not done out of a desire to manipulate, control or punish, but rather, they are done to bring the giver and receiver of these acts more peace, more joy, and more love.

On the other side of the division, you will see those who are not currently open to the energy of love acting out of their fear in even grander ways. You will see their anger intensify and their acts of desperation increase. Please do not judge them negatively or hate them. These souls want exactly what everyone wants. They want love. They want safety. They want peace. They want to feel fulfilled. They want a family. They want friends. They want dignity. But they believe that the current circumstances of your world are preventing them from having these most precious things. As their fears and anger become even stronger it may seem to them that violence is the only expression of power they have available to them. But violence will never bring peace. Violence will only bring more violence. Only love will bring peace.

As the level of love increases, those who are stuck in fear can become so afraid that their fear will ultimately become their salvation. For it is the human self-will that blocks the energy of love and it is the human self-will that is driven by fear to act violently in the world. Yet, it is this same human self-will which, when the fear has become large enough, will see the situation as hopeless and will figuratively fall down on its knees and surrender. An internal surrender. Surrender to the soul. And at this moment of internal surrender, all of the emotional armament that has blocked their heart from receiving the love that is available to them will crumble. As their armament crumbles, the love from the World Angel Grid will flood into their heart, and they will be transformed. They will move in the cosmic dance and shift to the love side of the division, and they will act compassionately in the world inspired by the energy of love.

In the short time since the World Angel Grid has been operating in your world, we have already begun to see this shift take place. This shift will continue to take place, one heart, and one life, at a time. If you pay attention, you will see yourself, and the people in your life around you, having a sudden change of heart and acting in more loving ways for the greater good. You will see businesses refocus to do what is right for the workers who make their business possible, rather than just what is right for their profits. You will see governments transform and serve their people, and not simply their bureaucracy. You will see businesses and governments alike taking better care of your planet and its environment. And you will see women taking a more key role in leadership at all levels, for women are naturally more open to having the energy of love channel through them into actions that bring about harmony, fairness, equanimity, and peace.

The rate at which your world changes is unpredictable. Human free will is a powerful force, and fear can dominate life for an entire lifetime. But it takes only a small amount of love to illuminate and transform a large amount of fear, and every person who moves from fear into love will further intensify the energy of love in your world and accelerate the rate of change.

We would ask you not to focus so much of your energy on what you see that is wrong in your world, but rather focus your energy on making your personal world right. Start by bringing more and more peace into yourself and your life. Use the energy of the World Angel Grid to forgive yourself, stop judging yourself, support yourself, and love yourself. Channel the energy of the World Angel Grid through you to others as you stop judging them and start forgiving them. Then channel this energy into actions of loving kindness that support them. And finally, simply love them. You will see that this will not only transform your life, but as more and more hearts join in and do the same, it will continue to transform your world as well.

Through the Eyes of an Angel 

Your world is filled with hearts that want your love. Your world is filled with people who need your creative talents. Your world is filled with wounded souls who need your gifts of healing. Your world has an abundance of food for all. Your world has ample prosperity for all. Your world can be at peace. It is up to you. Start with your personal world and make this true. Then expand your world to the bigger world around you. You play no small part in the Divine plan (unless you choose to). It is up to you. Angels will help you if you invite them. Everyone and everything matters

A New Year’s Message

The Angels invite. The human heart responds. A teacher is found. Wounds are healed. Those once lost find direction. Those who were blind see with their hearts. Gifts are discovered. Soulbuddies meet and soul relationships are formed. Pain is replaced with joy. Trust that you are guided. Trust that you have a purpose. Know that you are loved. Please love each other. Know that we are proud of you. Please be proud of yourself. You have entered heaven. Heaven has entered you.

Thank You, Angels, For IET

Thank you Angels for IET. Without this gift where would we be? We try to practice limitless thinking But we often feel like we are sinking. With a life filled with so much stress, It is our innermost fears we must address. We hang on tight sometimes it seems, For we are learning that IET can manifest our dreams. The Universe is spinning very fast. A higher vibration of energy is here at last. Although we claim we are ready to let go, the changes often happen rather slowly. The Angels guide us and take our hand but still, our fear is where will we land. This journey is all about finding trust. We owe it to ourselves, so trust we must. The first step is so very scary and filled with doubt. But we must remember the Angels are here to help us out. So with Gratitude, we say, “Thank you Angels for IET.” Without this gift where would we be?