Angelic Messages

A Call to Hearts  A message from Angel Ariel  Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer March 16, 2020

Your world is in a time of rapid change in which the veils that separate the human

As the energy of the transformational shift continues, those who answer our call

Every human being is driven by a deep inner longing to live their life’s essential action

Elk mens wordt gedreven door een diep verlangen om het essentiële doel van hun leven te leven

As your calendar comes to its annual close, people worldwide celebrate The Divine

Your life is a spiritual path. Not matter whether it is easy or difficult

You are a point in time and space in which the universe celebrates itself

There is a great deal of consciousness focused on the date of 11:11:11

I offer you these suggestions of how to best enjoy or amplify the benefits

A pure source is dwelling in the core of your Being, crystal clear.

Angels are sending forth an invitation for you to make the Unity Shift

What the angels said about the disparity in the United States between the wealthy and the poor.

This illusion of separation can result in your feeling alone and unsafe in the world.

You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution.

I asked Angel Ariel to share her wisdom with us to help guide us through these adverse life situations.

A Message From Angel Ariel About the World Angel Grid Channeled by Stevan Thayer