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Most Popular Questions

Dear MI Trainer: How does Integrated Energy Therapy vary from Reiki? And what are the differences for application/effect on a client’s energy or emotional needs? Can you do these at the same time?

From MI Trainer:

1.  Both IET and Reiki are attunement based energy therapy techniques. That is, students are attuned by a Master as part of their training. The attunement permanently expands the student’s human energy field to be a vessel for a specific energy vibration. The IET vibration uses a violet angelic energy ray that is higher in vibration than Reiki. IET practitioners heartlink to their healing angels and direct the angelic vibration through the IET techniques to support themselves and others in their healing. Whereas the gift of the Reiki ray is physical healing, the gift of the IET ray is emotional, mental, and karmic healing.

2.  Reiki is a passive energy therapy approach. Basically, you flood the cellular memory with Reiki energy and when enough energy is present, the blocks clear. As a veteran Reiki practitioner, I found that many times I would know that a client was not clear but found that the Reiki energy vibration and technique just could not reach and clear the deep blockage. IET is an active energy therapy in that after flooding the cellular memory with the energy you use the powerful IET integration energy points, your angelic heartlink energy, and the pullout release techniques to go in and clear even the deep energy blocks.

3.  The focus of IET is on clearing suppressed cellular memories and emotions (even karmic ones) from the energy anatomy and human energy field. IET is based on a unique cellular memory map in which 9 primary areas of the energy anatomy are identified as storing specific suppressed emotions and are targeted for clearing. IET hand positions are focused to clear the 9 cellular memory areas. The Reiki hand positions are designed to provide general coverage of the energy anatomy with no specific focus on clearing suppressed emotions.

4.  An attribute of IET that makes it so quick and powerful in clearing energy blockages is the 9 sets of Integration Power Points. Integration power points are accupressure-like points which when activated by the IET energy vibration trigger the quick and easy release of even the most suppressed cellular memories and emotions.

5.  In the Advanced Level of the IET training the focus is on using the IET energy not for clearing but for expansion. Through a series of gentle techniques, the Advanced Level IET energy can accelerate one’s soul’s mission. When working with clients, this can open the doors for them, among other things, to experience new areas of their creative self-expression and work, new romantic and platonic relationships, and new levels of spiritual development.

Reiki and IET are complementary. I actually combine both energies together in my work. While my focus is on offering an IET session, the Reiki energy flows through me as I am working. As such my clients get the benefit of both energy rays as part of their session. Many of my students are Reiki Masters who want to blend the power of the two vibrations together in their work. Both Reiki and IET have their true gifts. If I had to choose between IET and Reiki for healing a physical problem, I would choose Reiki. If I had to choose between IET and Reiki for healing emotional, mental (especially limiting or negative beliefs) or karmic problems, I would choose IET.

In terms of the effect on clients, the most common reaction to a Reiki client who has their first IET session (even from a Basic level IET practitioner) is WOW! Even chiropractors that take the IET training and introduce the IET energy into their sessions get a “What is that new thing you are doing? It’s wonderful” response from their clients. I have had many psychotherapists refer their “stuck” clients to me for a few sessions. The power of the IET system quickly moved them through where they were stuck.

Clients often comment on how much clearing happens in an IET session. They also comment on how gentle it is. The focus of IET is clearing the trauma without drama. Furthermore, unlike some energy therapy techniques, whatever is brought to the surface for clearing is cleared in the session. The client does not have to go home after the session and spend days processing the trauma that was brought up. In general, clients feel happy, light, and free after an IET session.

An IET session can provide wonderful diagnostic information to a client. A Basic Level IET practitioner can inform a client of the exact suppressed emotions that were cleared in a session and an Intermediate Level IET practitioner can a client what each suppressed emotion was due to (physical, emotional, mental, or karmic trauma). Clients find this very useful in understanding their healing journey.

I feel that the true measure of any energy therapy technique is not what happens in the energy therapy session but what happens in the client’s life after the session. Based on the effect IET has had on my life and on the lives of the hundreds of clients I have worked with, I can best describe the IET process as transformative.

Dear Trainer: I was wondering if I should learn Reiki first or IET first. I know they are different, however, does it matter which I do first? Does one build on the other? I am looking to master/certify in both and need some direction. Please advise

From MI Trainer: It doesn’t matter if you start with Reiki or IET. Speaking from my own experience – I am a Reiki master in both the Usui and Tibetan system and a second-degree Jikiden practitioner – I found that Reiki does work on the physical and emotional levels. IET moves beyond that and allows us to work on the mental, karmic, soul, and spiritual levels as well. After learning IET I asked my Reiki clients if they were willing to try something new and gave them IET sessions. Most of them didn’t want to go back to Reiki.

Now I find that while I always start with IET that at times the Reiki pulse comes up and I just relax and allow that part of the healing to occur before I move on with the session.  Also, there is information available for the IET practitioners to combine IET and Reiki in sessions. It works very well together.

Just feel with your heart and chose what is best for you to start with.

IET and Pregnancy

We get questions quite often surrounding IET and working with pregnant women. Here are some of the most popular questions along with our answers.

Can pregnant women receive sessions?

Yes. Offering an IET session to a pregnant woman is a very special, reverent, honoring and healing experience for mother, baby and yourself. As an IET practitioner you are a vessel for divine angelic IET energy and the woman and her baby will get exactly what they need, what they can handle, nothing more and nothing less. With that said when you work with a pregnant woman we recommend a slight modification to the IET session protocol. If the woman is in her third trimester or beyond, then when you energize, trigger, release and integrate her cellular memory area number 8 (the stomach and adrenals), we recommend that you do not place your hands directly on the woman’s body. Rather, we recommend that you hold your hands about 6 inches (15 cm) from the woman’s body and send IET energy as though you were giving an absentee treatment to this cellular memory area. This is simply a precautionary measure since the region of cellular memory area 8 can be very sensitive after the second trimester. The flowing IET energy can cause your hand pressure to feel stronger than it really is and this could cause minor discomfort to the woman in that area. If the woman is in her first or second trimester then you should be able to use the standard IET session protocol for cellular memory area 8 with no discomfort to the woman. But no matter what stage of pregnancy the woman is in, it is always best to ask for feedback from the pregnant woman as she receives the IET session and adjust your hand pressure for each cellular memory area to optimize her comfort during the session.

Can pregnant women attend IET classes and receive attunements?

Yes. Pregnant women can attend classes and receive attunements. The pregnancy should not interfere with the learning of the class material or the receiving of the angelic IET attunement. In fact, both Mom and the baby will enjoy the energy. Since IET practice sessions are part of every IET class, you should follow the modifications to the session protocol as described above when working on cellular memory area 8. If the pregnant woman is in her third trimester or later, is acting as the client during the practice session, and is receiving the energy, then we recommend that the student acting as the practitioner holds their hands about 6 inches (15 cm) from the woman’s body and sends IET energy as though they were giving an absentee treatment to this cellular memory area. But no matter what stage of pregnancy the woman is in, it is always best for the student acting as the practitioner to ask for feedback from the pregnant woman as she received the IET session and adjust their hand pressure for each cellular memory area to optimize the woman’s comfort during the session.

If I am pregnant can I still give sessions and teach IET?

Yes. IET practitioners who are pregnant can still give sessions and IET Master-Instructors who are pregnant can still teach classes. As with anything, please pay attention to your body and the signals you are receiving. Remember the baby receives what you receive, so be gentle and keep in mind the amount of energy you bring through you. If you are in your third trimester or beyond and you choose to allow your students to practice on you during the class then please have them follow the modification to the session protocols for cellular memory area 8 as described above.
Does the baby receive anything during the session or attunement?
Yes, your lucky baby will receive energy during the session and will receive the attunement during a class. Perhaps that is why the baby chose you as a Mom!

Question: What do I need to do to open a private practice using IET?
Answer: Thank you for your question and interest in IET. You would need to take at least the Basic IET class. You can find out more about the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced IET classes, where to find a class, and who is teaching in your area by visiting our website.

Question: Just a quick question can you do an IET session 4 days in a row? Is there any valid reason why you shouldn’t?
Answer: There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do an IET session 4 days in a row. In fact, you can do an IET session every single day if you wish. My personal favorite is a daily 5-minute empowerment; sometimes more than once a day! We can’t overdose on too much positive energy.

Question: can you please tell me if a person needs to go for a large number of sessions for IET to work.
Answer: The results of an IET session are guided by the focus, or the answer to this question, “If you could use the energy of this session to heal, shift, change, manifest or transform something in your life, what would you choose?” Depending on the answer, the IET session then facilitates self-healing for the highest good and healing. And we don’t always know what that is until we experience it. If, for example, the person can only release so much at a time, then another session would be likely. Or several sessions, depending on the levels of trauma imprinted. Other people can achieve their focus with one session, with grace and ease. What we have noticed in our sessions, is that three sessions is an average
amount for deeply imprinted trauma to be released. Any focus for less deeply imprinted trauma may average 1-2 sessions. Of course, we’re all different in the type of client we are attracting. Your experience may be different from ours.

Question: My question is if it is possible to do IET too often and “overload” my energy field? I’m currently taking some time off and have been doing about 4- 5 distance treatments a day, some on myself and some on others, and I really love doing it. But I wonder if I am overdoing it?
Answer: Thank you for your question about IET. I use IET with all of my therapy clients and that means that I sometimes do 6 IET sessions a day. I do not think that it is possible to “overload” your energy field from IET sessions and the fact that you are also giving yourself a session is wonderful. I am glad that you enjoy doing IET. It has certainly made a big difference in my life.

Question: Hello Karen, I hope you can help me. I’m just a little confused how to interpret energy blocks in clients as I have heard different things. For example, if I feel a lot of warmth and energy in an area does this mean that there is an energy block there and the angelic energy is flowing into it? However if I don’t feel any warmth in an area does this mean that there is a block or not? Is there a general rule or does everyone interpret it differently? Thank you for your help.
Answer: I would say that many IET practitioners ‘feel’ energy blocks in different ways. Some experience them as a difficulty when pulling out using the Intermediate technique, some may experience them as hot or cold areas, and others may experience them as a need to take a deep breath on the part of the practitioner. There are also practitioners that do not ‘feel’ the energy but see the blocks. Whatever and how ever energy blocks are perceived, we do know that IET releases them. I hope that this helps you.

Question: I am a professional writer, and I was recently contacted by an IET practitioner in Ireland. We may be working out a trade for each other’s services. My husband suffers from a chronic pain disorder and clinical depression/anxiety. His condition has been worsening even on medication. My question is: Can healing really be performed long-distance? By phone?
Answer: Thanks for your question. I am sorry to hear about your husband. In answer to your question . . . yes an IET session can be done long distance and it is completely effective. The IET practitioner will be doing a session for your husband just as if he were with her in person. As I am sure you know, there is no one quick solution for issues such as your husband presents with but having several IET sessions will be very helpful for him. I wish him the best.

Question: Hello Karen, I am an acupuncturist and will be soon relocating. I have finished my advanced IET training about 2 months ago. I have been working on many people and have a question. Is it possible for the work to be done just with the different hand movements and positions, or do I have to keep a very focused intent on what I am releasing and imprinting? I develop a lot of pressure in my forehead trying to keep the intent focused through the entire treatment. I appreciate any advice you can give me.
Answer: Thank you for your question. No, you do not have to keep a very focused intent on what you are releasing and what you are imprinting during an  IET session. Once we invite the angelic energy in through the heartlink, then the angels work with us and through us. I find that doing an IET session is a very meditative time. I am relaxed and open knowing that whatever the client needs he/she will receive.

Question: I had an IET client this past weekend and she said that during the session, she saw really pretty purples, and blues then when we got to her “trouble spots”, she saw black and white but also saw angel wings flapping throughout the whole session. Can you explain what this means? Thanks for your help.
Answer: Many people see colors during an IET session. The interpretation of the colors often has a meaning to the client if they meditate on it. In IET we are working with angelic energy from the violet ray. When you were helping your client clear her “trouble spots”, since angelic energy automatically flows where it is needed, the angelic energy intensified. Your client likely saw the intense violet ray angelic energy as pretty purples and blues. This is a great validation of your work together and the presence of the angels in your work.
Question: I have done the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced twice, I know once is all that is needed but for some reason, I did not start to work with IET until the repeat, I have seen some wonderful results and am amazed at how powerful the energy is, my dilemma is that I seem to have hit a closed door as far as new clients are concerned and have not seen a brand new client now for about two months I keep telling myself that is as it is supposed to be but bills have to be paid and I wonder too am I blocking it somehow, I would appreciate your guided wisdom on this issue
Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. There are many people who repeat the levels of IET. It is amazing how many students tell me that they feel more confident after repeating the classes. Perhaps it is because after having sessions of IET and after having the attunements, the student is in a different place. I also want to let you know that many people experience what you are going through. A few suggestions that I have for you is to do the Respectfully Demanding process and have some IET sessions yourself. Sometimes when this passes and clients begin to show up again, you will see the benefit of the break. You can do IET on yourself, of course, but I find it so much more relaxing and helpful to have someone do a session on me. The other suggestion that I would make would be for you to create a vision board and do the heartnet process around the new vision board. You may also want to put your name on the Need Angelic Support part of our website.

Question: I wonder could you tell me if it is okay to use intention on the points that is situated on the back of the body as I sometimes feel it is difficult to reach these points particularly if the person is quite large and also it feels as if I am disturbing them as energy follows intent i thought this might be okay but would value your opinion
Answer: Yes, you can use intention. I also have a suggestion for you. If you are working on a massage table, it sometimes works if you push your hand into the table as you slide your hand underneath your client.

Question: I have an inner struggle about whether or not to work with family and/or friends. I give my husband and kids  IET occasionally, a few sisters and brothers I have done, some with excellent results, and one causes so much hassle. I feel not respected by her and blamed by her husband for the actions she takes. I have another sister who hints regularly about treatments yet also I feel she does not respect the greatness of this technique. I have a brother going through a tough time who I would love to offer IET to but don’t like to make a difference in them. I feel withholding if I don’t give IET to them and entangled if I do. Have you any advice on this?
Answer: Thank you for your question. You have a dilemma that many have. It is difficult to do IET with family and friends for many reasons . . . several of which you have mentioned. I think that you have your answer. There needs to be respect and an understanding of what energy work is about. It is not about you doing an IET session on them and “Voila” all their problems are gone. All clients whether family or friends need to take responsibility for their healing. Many IET practitioners can and do work with family and friends but with a special understanding and appreciation for the work. This is the only way that it works. As I said, I think that you know the answer. I also suggest you do some work on
the area of guilt for yourself. Best wishes with this issue.

Question: I have recently completed my advanced IET course and I have a question regarding absentee healing. Is it possible to work on more than one person at a time or should each session be dedicated to one individual? Thanks
Answer: Congratulations on completing the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of IET. Yes, it is possible to do absentee healing on more than one person at a time. Heartlink to all the people that you want to be working on with the intention of sending them an IET session and then proceeding with the session.

Question: Hello; I have noticed that when I give IET treatment sometimes as I pull my hand up through to the end of the mental and the
beginning of the spiritual level that it feels like my hand is hitting cobwebs. I was wondering if you had any insight on what this could be. It doesn’t happen all the time. thanks
Answer: I do know what you mean. I have experienced a similar feeling. It is not quite what we describe in the Intermediate IET class when we describe the “air conditioner”, “molasses”, “rubber band”, or the “brick wall” effect. To me it is another way to experience a release . . . the “cobweb” effect. And as you say it does not happen all the time and I do not experience it with much resistance or a need to use the pink bubble. It just is another way to identify that a release is happening.

Question: I have just completed the Intermediate Level of IET training and found the day to be very emotionally charged. My question, however, is more practical/nuts-and-bolts in nature. I noticed in both the Basic and Intermediate manuals a note about practitioners conforming with federal and state guidelines governing the practice of IET. Are there indeed guidelines in the books regarding practicing IET and do you know what they are? At present, I am working on myself and hopefully family/friends. I may never become a full-time practitioner but would like to be aware of regulations all the same if they exist. Thank you.

Answer: Congratulations on completing the Intermediate level of IET. Yes, the Intermediate level class is a very powerful class. The statement that you are referring to is one that we have included in the training manuals so that practitioners will be aware that there may be some regulations regarding energy healers in their state. Because each state is different, and the regulations change occasionally, we can not keep up with possible guidelines in all the places where IET practitioners may work. Thus, you should check with your local Chamber of Commerce, and/or state agencies (all listed in the yellow pages of your phone book) to see what regulations may apply in your county and/or state. If you ask
what regulations apply to Reiki practitioners, they should be the same for IET. Many states do not regulate this type of energy work, but some might, and it makes sense to find out in your location.

Question: I often find that when I introduce the question regarding intent at the beginning of a session people give multiple areas and desires to “release and heal” for instance. I find even if i ask the question with what one area……. as the focus, often people still give multiple areas of intent. Do you find this to be the case, and how do you address it? Is it a problem or a drag on the process?
Answer: Yes, I find the same thing. There is no problem with multiple focuses . . . the angels can handle it just fine. What I find to be a problem sometimes is my own issue with remembering all that is asked for so . . . what I do is say “The focus of this session is on what ________ just said. It works!

Question: I was wondering if there are guidelines for giving an IET treatment to someone who has had surgery for breast cancer. She has just finished her chemotherapy and radium treatment and said she would love IET. Can I go ahead with the session?
Answer: Yes, you can go ahead with the session. I have had many IET clients with who I did IET sessions both before and after chemo treatments. The clients found that the IET sessions helped them minimize the side effects of their chemotherapy and they believe helped their bodies heal cancer. I have also had breast cancer survivor clients who came for IET sessions as a proactive way to keep cancer from returning. I am not aware of any contra-indication for using IET energy with breast cancer.

Question: It is amazing how many people need help on the angel list. I am a new IET Master, and this is my question. I try to do spiritual selfishness every evening and also incorporate a five-minute empowerment session too. When doing the heartlink before the empowerment session I am using the three symbols to bring down on my substitute patient. I find that by doing this I am getting powerful releases when doing the sessions. Either the releases are coming from me or they are a combination of everyone on the list including me. Is this OK to use the
symbols this way?
Answer: It is fine for you to continue using the IET symbols as you have been. It sounds like it is working for you very powerfully. Yes, there are many people using the Earth Angel Request line, and thank you for doing your part in sending healing IET energy to those in need.

Question: I’ve recently had a client with spina bifida. She has one leg with no feeling in it and the other leg is a stump that ends just below the hip area. Not wanting to bring embarrassment or discomfort to myself or her I placed my hands on her head to ground her and asked the angels to ground her while I channeled energy down through her head to her feet area. Is this okay or is there another procedure I should follow with her? She wants to learn IET but tells me she has a short attention span and memory lapse so have you any ideas on how I could teach her IET, would a class setting be too much for her or should I teach her on a one-to-one basis? I’ve taught her how to heartlink.
Answer: Thank you for your question. I think the way you chose to ground your client was perfect and very respectful. Probably teaching her IET one-on-one would be the best for her if she thinks that she may have trouble concentrating or staying focused for an entire class. If she was the only student, you could take breaks more often and this might work better for her. However, she may also benefit from the interactions of a small class (one or two other students). If you think it was appropriate, you could perhaps offer her either of the options. Keep up the good work!

Question: My question is about vision boards. What do you recommend folks do with the vision boards that they no longer wish to keep? I don’t recall what was recommended. Thank you!
Answer: We recommend re-using our Vision Boards, saying as the things manifest in our lives, we can either take them off the board or we can paste over them. I have kept my previous boards. When I teach the Advanced Level class, I share them with my students as my ‘success-stories with Vision Boarding’. But if you wish to release the board completely, perhaps you might have a fire ceremony on a full moon, releasing the board with gratitude to the Angels via the ceremony. Thank you for your question. I hope the answer is helpful.

Question: I took the Basic (2007)and Intermediate IET course (2009). I want to do more self-healing with IET and am not sure if I should get the WAG Box Set or the Power Steps. A newsletter years ago mentioned the “5- minute WAG Healing Process” for self-healing, hence my dilemma. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Answer: Thank you for your question. Let’s see if I can help with your dilemma. The 5-Minute WAG healing Process is available as a free downloadable file Click Here for Process in the World Angel Grid. You can download it, use it and see how that enhances your self-healing. As long as you have already experienced the first 5 Steps in our 7 Steps to Transformation program, then purchasing the Power Steps is fine, because the Power Steps CD utilizes the automatic activation processes for the first 5 steps. And while you didn’t mention this, let me ask if there is another IET practitioner in your area. Getting on the table and allowing someone else to facilitate can be invaluable to our self-healing.

Question: Do you have any more information on the 5-minute empowerment technique and how to use it?
Answer: Please click here to read more about the 5-minute empowerment. I love it, and know you will too!

Question: In Integrated Energy Therapy why is the first chakra not included in the techniques? And why are some organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys included and not others, like the brain, the bowel, intestines, or reproductive and sexual organs? As well as teaching and practicing IET I also work with other energy therapies and I notice IET is the only one that I have discovered so far that does this. I have often wondered why this is and recently realized if a student asked me in a class I have no idea why.
Answer: It may not be mentioned so obviously but the cellular memory areas do align with the chakras. Just think of the top of the head hand position, this is where the crown chakra (7th chakra) is. The forehead links to the brow chakra (6th chakra) The throat/neck to the throat chakra (5th chakra) Heart area to the heart chakra (4th chakra) The stomach and adrenals with the stomach chakra (3rd chakra) The kidneys with the second chakra (2nd chakra) And the legs and feet (in the advanced techniques) with the root chakra (1st chakra) The spiritual anatomy works towards the chakras even though the hands may seem to be on different places on the physical anatomy. Also, each chakra connects to the organs and all are treated during a session. I hope this helps you understand better that all chakras and organs are actually energetically involved during each session.

Question: I recently received the Basic IET attunement; I’m very intrigued by this therapy and hope to learn more and progress down this path. However, I also feel very wary of “buying” into something that’s not real. How do I know I’m not just kidding myself? Have you any advice please on how to get past this? Or is it simply not for me..
Answer: thank you for your email. It is rather normal to have mixed feelings about a new therapy form that you just learned. The best advice I can give you is to experiment with what you learned in the Basis level IET class. So go out and give people 5-minute empowerment every chance you get, and offer basic-level IET sessions to people complaining about physical en emotional issues in their lives. This will give you a chance to work with it and to hear from the people you give these lovely sessions about how they experience it. Also, I suggest you give yourself a daily 5-minute empowerment and a weekly basic IET session to experience it for yourself. No day is the same and if you give yourself a 5-minute empowerment every day at the same time then you will have different experiences too. This will make it clear to you what Integrated Energy Therapy does for you and others and by working with it you will either find out that it isn’t for you or of you will love it like so many other people

Question: Does IET work on pain or physical ailment?
Answer: IET has several levels and the Beginners Level is when you learn to work on the physical body and with physical ailments. The energy being used helps the person release old energies that cause dis-ease and replaces them with integrated energy that promotes healing. I have seen a lot of positive results from cases with clients with physical ailments. Also, I have had a lot of feedback from IET practitioners that they are successfully treating IET for just about everything. There has been one case only that the practitioner couldn’t make a difference with IET. She called in for advice several times and applied it. When I asked her whom she was treating it turned out to be her mother. I have found over the years that treating people who are too close to us renders us ineffective. Not because we can’t offer the session, but because the other can’t
be completely open to receiving healing and oftentimes divine guidance that the angels give through us during a session. We as a person are too close for the other to take that advice seriously and act on it. So if your question was in general then yes, when this question was for someone
you love, please send this person to a practitioner near you.

Question: I am thinking of doing the basic and then intermediary I.E.T levels on two consecutive days (Friday basic, Saturday Intermediary). It’s only in the last few months I’ve started to meditate and have also attended a few connecting with my angels workshops and I feel so happy I come across this new spiritual path that I really needed. Would doing the two levels in two days be too much for me (do you need to be type A personality) or should I leave more time (it would be a month) in between them? Many Thanks
Answer: Thank you for your question. I feel it would be fine for you to take Basic and Intermediate IET on the same weekend. These classes go very well together. I find that students are really glad that they took both these classes in one weekend. I wish you the best and look forward to having you in our IET community.

Question: I have a simple question that I cannot answer on my own. Is the violet ray used in IET the exact same thing as the violet flame? I am so used to working with the latter, and as I will soon be introducing some people to IET I was wondering what I would answer if people asked me that question…. Many angel blessings to you and everyone at the Center for Being,
Answer: Thank you for your question and for beginning to teach IET and introduce students to this very healing modality. While both are focused on healing, the violet flame is different from the violet ray that is used in IET. The violet ray is the angelic energy ray that is used in IET sessions and IET attunements. When IET sessions are being given or received or while attunements are being given, people often see the color violet. Angel Ariel is the angel associated with the violet ray. The Violet Flame® is unique to the Saint Germain society, who teaches that it is created by calling to the “Mighty I AM Presence” to produce the Violet Flame® and then visualize and feel the Flame passing through the body and around it. This is the way the individual becomes free from the limitations and inharmony of Earth and thus becomes the Ascended Master.

Question: Can you please tell me how St. Germain is connected to IET? The Violet Flame Invocation is beautiful and I have begun using it and sharing it with my students. I’d like more information about his significance to IET other than the Violet Flame.
Answer: The connection between St. Germain and IET came about when Stevan first saw the St. Germain “Mighty I AM Presence” poster. The Mighty I AM Presence poster illustrated perfectly the IET Heartlink as described to him by Angel Ariel. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, Stevan began using the Mighty I AM Presence St. Germain poster in all of our IET classes to demonstrate visually what a Heartlink looks like. As our use of the Mighty I AM Presence poster continued as a visual aid in IET, we observed that the angelic IET energy is from what Angel Ariel calls the violet ray and many students see it as a violet or deep purple color in the Human Energy Field of a person who is Heartlinking. The
column of energy around the person in the Mighty I AM Presence poster is also the color violet and is called by the St. Germain society, the Violet Flame® which is produced by something they call the “Mighty I AM Presence”. While St. Germain is not part of our IET system, and Angel Ariel and IET are not part of the St. Germain system, we believe that there is one common spiritual truth that is expressed in different terms by both systems. And while The Violet Flame Invocation is not part of our IET system, it is wonderful for you to share it with your students (but please respect the St. Germain Press copyrights and let your students know where the invocation comes from).

Question: I completed the Basic Level IET training two days ago which I enjoyed. However, I’ve been feeling a bit panicky since and a bit down, like I want to curl up on the sofa and stay there for a week! My instinct is that its part of the process but I don’t know which is not helping the panic! Has this happened to anyone else that you have met?
Answer: What you are experiencing is not unusual. The class, attunement, having an IET session and giving an IET session often brings up issues for healing. I am sorry that you are feeling that way. I would suggest that if you know anyone else who took the class you do an exchange….. she/he works on you and then you work on her/him. If you do not know anyone, I would suggest that you do a session on yourself or a 5 Minute Empowerment. Doing a 5 Minute Empowerment on yourself is a very helpful thing. I hope that learning that what you are going through is often quite normal helps you. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Take good care.

Question: Is it OK to teach anyone the Heartlink (as illustrated on page 3 of the basic level manual) even if they are not taking a class? Thank you
Answer: Yes, it is fine to teach anyone the heartlink. They can even come to the website to learn how to do one. See the heartlink page.

Question: I Have a question about teaching the basic level to just one person. I had never the intention to teach myself but someone is really interested and wants to learn it but that’s just one student. Is that also possible, do you need a  person to practice on, what can you do if you don’t have a person to practice on? Can she practice on me while I should teach her at the same time? This worries me, how do you handle it? Please give me your advice on this matter.
Answer: This is how it happens sometimes. We have no intention of teaching and then the students appear and we have an opportunity. Congratulations. There are a couple of options that you can do. One is as you suggested, you can do a session on your student and then have her/him work on you as you guide them to be in the correct energizing and integration positions, or (and usually easier) you can ask someone that you know to come in at the time when your student would be ready to do a session on someone. This other person does not have to be an IET student . . . just someone who would like to have an IET session. I am sure finding someone who wants an IET session will not be too difficult! I hope that this is helpful to you and I wish you the best.

Question: My mother and I have recently taken the Level 1 IET course. We are not diligent about doing it, I think because we are uncomfortable with the hand positions. Is there a right way or a more comfortable way to position the hands, say on top of the head? and other parts?? We have found IET easy to perform on another but would like to treat ourselves more.
Answer: Thank you for your question. Congratulations on completing the Basic IET course. I find when I work on myself that I use the absentee method and work on a teddy bear or a pillow and intend that I am working on myself. Also, a 5 Minute Empowerment is very effective on yourself if you do not have the time to do a complete IET session, and can be done on a teddy bear with the intention that you are working on yourself.

Question: I have been showing my clients how to do an Angelic Heart Link, and I am suddenly wondering if it’s OK to do this or if can they only do it if they have the ‘attunement’ ?? Some of them are finding it very helpful to send a Heart Link to someone they are trying to let go of resentment of. Is this Ok.? It is just wonderful to see people who would normally shy away from talk of Angels, now are excited to find they can call on them anytime for help, using IET is a wonderful tool to help people do this.
Answer: Yes, it is perfectly fine to teach your clients the Heartlink technique. You are so right it is a wonderfully helpful tool for people.

Question: If someone is looking for her soulmate, does IET help? Or is IET just for healing?
Answer: IET helps clear out resistance to our finding the perfect person to be in a relationship with, sometimes called a soulmate. As we know, without resistance we would be able to manifest anything or anyone that we desired. Sometimes resistance is very good at hiding. I suggest an IET session to help get rid of resistance. To find an IET practitioner in your area, you can go to and look under Directory of Instructors.

Question: I read about the tape regarding 12-strand DNA activation. By ordering and using (listening to) the tape, will I still get the benefit even in the absence of taking the courses?
Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, you will get the benefit of the 12-strand DNA activation by listening to the tape. Of course, taking the IET classes would give you the attunements and the benefits of IET sessions as well.

Question: I am an advanced practitioner of IET. My question is related to the pullout technique. This has always been something I felt a bit strange doing, and haven’t really “felt” or “intuited” much when doing, perhaps because I’m focused on the action and maybe also because I’m trying too hard to GET something! I also find the motions not comfortable on my arms (if that makes sense). My question is, is it possible to still do a pull-out but instead in the mind? Intuitively, see/feel/hear but leave out the actual arm movements?? Thanks!
Answer: In reference to your question, ‘feeling or knowing’ what is happening during the pullout technique is something that many practitioners connect with or feel more the more that they work with IET. Trying too hard as you mentioned is one of the things that sometimes get in the way of feeling and knowing. If the motion of the pullout is uncomfortable because you mean it hurts to raise your arms, you can do this with very little motion if you want. Energy follows intention. You can also intend that you are pulling out as well.

Question: I completed my advanced IET in February and I am constantly amazed by the angels. They really are quite amazing. I have been trying to ask the angels questions, how do I know the answer and if there is a yes or no answer how can I determine what the answer is? I am a bit of a psychic turnip but would love to be able to receive messages. I would be delighted to receive any advice you may have for me. Thanks a million.
Answer: Thank you for your question. You are not alone in asking this question! I have found that messages come to me the more that I do IET sessions and meditate each day. However, sometimes the answers show up in ways such as the next person that you meet, the next song that you hear on the radio, and the article that you read in the paper or magazine. I feel one of the best ways to hear the messages is to Pay Attention to all that is around you. Ask your angels to help you hear their messages. Best wishes.

Question: I did basic level IET last September, and lots of changes have occurred since. I am feeling great now but certainly felt I was on a rollercoaster for the last 5/6 months, is this normal?
Answer: IET is a very powerful healing modality, but it has been my experience that the healing that occurs is something that is needed and that people can handle. Yes, sometimes it does feel like a rollercoaster but also I have noticed that people are healing at faster rates and healing lots of issues at one time. Glad that you are feeling better . . . think of all the work that you have accomplished. Congratulations.

Question: I understand that Stevan’s attention to detail reflects his engineering background. I do not have that precision and so experience some difficulty. I want to teach IET but would be more comfortable with an approach that reflects my style of learning and teaching.Is this acceptable? I do, however, understand that the attunement process cannot be changed and must remain as taught.
Answer: You may bring your own teaching style to your IET classes, and in fact, we do encourage you to do so. We do, however, ask that you cover the material that is in each of the IET manuals. We feel that it is very important to keep the content of any IET class the same whether a student takes the class in Ireland or in Massachusetts! We often find that students will take different levels from different teachers, so the same material needs to be covered during each class so that the student doesn’t miss any of the material. Every teacher has his or her own way of teaching and that is fine. Some teachers add additional material, based on their personal experience. What may help you is if you make up index
cards or notes that convey the material, but in your own words. After you teach a few classes, I’m sure you will become comfortable with integrating your style with the material to be covered.

Question: Just taught my first 2 Basic classes and a few questions have come up. Can you do group IET, as we do in Reiki? or would it be too much releasing going on for the client? Also, if someone broke an elbow, for instance, where would we work? My last question is…does the IET attunement permanently change our vibration or is the only vibrational change when we bring down the starburst?
Answer: Yes, you can do a group IET session. Several Master-Instructors have mentioned that they have done this at their regular IET Sharing Sessions. You can have one person sitting at the top of the head and working on the areas of guilt through heartache and then have one person working on the left side working on resentment, stress, powerlessness, and fear, and one person on the right side working on anger, stress, and powerlessness, and fear, for example. If someone has a broken elbow, I would do an implant in that area. I would implant a Basic IET symbol ( a here-and-now issue) in that area and if that area or that elbow has had chronic issues, I would also implant the Intermediate IET symbol. At each level whether Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or the Master-Instructor level the IET attunement is a permanent expansion of the human energy field. The Master-Instructor attunement expands the human energy field with the full expansion of the IET energy ray and brings an even stronger level of IET energy through to the practitioner during self-treatment, absentee, and client sessions.

Question: I was teaching an Intermediate class yesterday and one of the students said she had received an IET session where the practitioner did not do both sides in the area of 7,8, and 9. Instead, she went down one side and then down the other side. She said she was taught this way and why to bother to get up and go around each time. I told her it was important to do both sides at the same time. To me, this makes sense and how I was taught. What are your thoughts?
Answer: I agree with you. It is important to do resentment on the left side and then go over to the right side and do anger, then do stress/powerlessness on the right and go over to the left side and do stress/powerlessness on the left and then do fear on the left side and go back over to the right side and finish up with fear. It creates a much more balanced feeling for the person who is having the IET session. It is also important to follow the way that it is taught in the Intermediate manual. As we stress in our Master-Instructor classes to students, we expect that
IET will be taught using the same procedures worldwide so that if you take an IET class in Massachusetts or in California the technique of the IET session will be the same. This is important to maintain the integrity of IET as well.

Question: When pulling out from a layer eg physical, does the imprint have to work its way out through the other layers, emotional, mental, and spiritual also? Sometimes I feel sensations through all of the layers while pulling out at a position and other times I feel something in one layer like emotional and then nothing in the other layers.
Answer: I have experienced the same thing when I have done the pullouts too. I feel that sometimes the issue or emotion that is being released affects all the layers of the energy field and therefore yes, it is felt throughout all the layers. I also feel that sometimes an issue is affecting one layer in a stronger manner so we feel it there more intensely or only there.

Question: I am in the middle of teaching an Intermediate Class (the group requested 2 half days). I notice a tremendous feeling of being loved by something much bigger than me and at the same time I feel a great sense of inadequacy coming up as if I could never do justice to this amazing technique that I’ve just taught. Is this a strange combination of terms? I had thought that when I taught IET it would heal these feelings of inadequacy yet they seem so overwhelming.
Answer: I believe that love and the feeling that you were feeling brings up anything unlike itself for healing. Therefore, your feelings of inadequacy are being brought up to be healed and released. When we receive an IET session, give an IET session, and even teach an IET class there are tremendous feelings of love being sent our way from the angels and it is an opportunity to let go of all things that do not come from love. Feel the love and know that you are releasing inadequacy.

Question: Is it normal to feel a “downer” after the euphoria of the weekend Master Instructor class? I had a real live connection with my anger which I know is my energy too but it’s not pleasant like the weekend was!
Answer: I will answer this question with a strong YES it is normal to feel down after such a wonderful experience such as the Master-Instructor class. This is true for many reasons . . . on a weekend experience like the one we just had where there have been so many wonderful connections, new energy techniques, powerful and many attunements which result in many openings, clearings, and awarenesses it is often common to feel a letdown. It helps to acknowledge this to yourself, take good care of yourself, and be grateful for the opportunity to connect with your anger. I
would suggest that you have some IET sessions or give them to yourself to help clear any energy that you are ready to let go of and also to help clarify any new awarenesses. I am sending you heartlinks and wishing you continued growth and expansion of your life energy and continued growth on your soul’s journey.

Question: Do you suggest, as part of the IET attunement process, any minimum amount of time between attunements at different levels? If so, how long are your recommendations? This question stems from my history with Reiki. I am currently attuned to Reiki II. During my sessions for Reiki I & II, my instructor suggested that I allow at least 21 days for a digestion/sorting process (my words, not hers) before I took the next level of Reiki attunement.
Answer: Thank you for inquiring about IET. We recommend that there be a 24-hour period of time between attunements. This is no problem because attunements are given only as a part of classes and classes cannot be taught any closer than 24 hours in time.

Question: I was wondering why it is necessary to get the attunements. Could you not just ask Divine to be prepared to do this type of work and they would prepare you? I plan on getting the intermediate and advanced level attunements but was just curious as to why dive would require this. Thank you very much…
Answer: Thank you for your question. The best way to think of an attunement and the reason for attunements is by using a metaphor. Think of yourself being like a digital radio receiver. The attunement gives you a “preset button” to pull in a specific angelic vibration. In the IET training classes, the student receives 4 preset vibrations that let him or her pull in the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master-instructor energy rays.
I hope that this helps you understand the reason why attunements are necessary.

Question: Have you ever had people asking to be re-attuned to the angel energy and if so in what situations?
Answer: For the most part the only time that I re-attune someone is in the context of the Master-Instructor class. I did have a special event for local MasterInstructors in the Massachusetts area this month and as a part of that event, I reattuned the Master-Instructors that attended that event. IET attunements are permanent and it is not necessary to be re-attuned, however, I find that students do like to be re-attuned because they enjoy being in that attunement energy.

Question: Can someone take away an attunement? Do I have to be re-attuned if it’s been removed?
Answer: The attunement is a permanent expansion of the student’s human energy field (it never wears off). Nor can it be removed by another person. An attunement is like a prayer – when you say a prayer for someone, there it is. If someone chooses not to use it, that’s fine, but it never goes away. Thus, you don’t need to be re-attuned to have it. It’s still there.

Question: Why is it that some energy systems provide remote attunements and IET does not? I am confused regarding the concept of energy work. How is it possible to do a remote session, where you are assessing the person’s system (with the aid of the angels), sending and integrating energy without compromising the quality of the system or service but reach a limitation in providing attunements remotely? I have learned that time and space are but a concept and are breached when performing distant sessions. How is this not applied to providing distant attunements? Is this an attempt to control the quality of the system by putting into place a standard format that supports the monitoring and regulation of the system? curious to know. thanks for your time.
Answer: Thank you for your question. You are right time and space are a concept in energy work for the most part but with the IET attunements we have discovered that they must be done in person. I like your explanation of the quality of the system by putting into place a standard format that supports the monitoring and regulation of the system. This is true. We are very conscious of keeping the integrity of IET solid. We value the fact that by taking an IET class anywhere … you would receive the same training and the system for doing an IET session is standard. Also, IET is not just about the attunement. It is a complete learning system. Doing IET sessions for oneself or others helps release negative emotions that keep people stuck in repeating negative patterns. The attunements are wonderful but the sessions are also the way to healing. Specifically, regarding attunements, IET attunements are done by the Healing Angels through the IET Master-Instructor. The Master-Instructor creates the
perfect energetic environment to prepare the IET student to receive the attunement through the use of hand positions, sacred geometry, and sequential techniques. Then, the Healing Angels work through the Master-Instructor, and bring the attunement through the empowerment of the Master-Instructor’s attunements, to the student. The angels use the Master-Instructor’s body to bring the attunement energy down from the Angelic vibration to the Human physical vibration where it can be transferred to the student. Thus, the attunement cannot be done absentee since the Master-Instructor offering the attunement cannot transfer the attunement through their human vibration absentee. It can only be
transferred by being physically present with the student. I hope that this is helpful and thank you again for your question.

Question: I completed the advanced class in IET in August 2003 and have infrequently used the IET Energy. However I have made a conscious decision to start a daily practice using the IET techniques and I was wondering do I need to be re-attuned because I haven’t practiced enough or is the energy something I will always be connected to regardless?
Answer: IET attunements are permanent and therefore, you do not need to be re-attuned. Just to let you know, you can review the classes usually for a minimal fee if you are interested. Some people like to review to connect back with the energy of the people who are taking IET.

Question: Do Angelic contacts just happen? I have been hearing soft whispers of my guardian Angels. They are softer than leaves rustling. While I
meditate they are there & set things right for me & my family. How do I stay tuned always???
Answer: Yes, angels do contact people, especially during meditation. How to stay tuned always?? I find that when they want to get your attention they will. And during your meditations, you can call on them. Enjoy this wonderful communication.

Question: How do I find out what my guardian angel’s name is? I’m 10 years old.
Answer: Thank you for your question. One of the ways that I tell people how to find out what their guardian angel’s name is is to sit quietly and just see if any name comes to mind. Also, pay attention to things that are happening in your life. Do you read something and does a name in the story feel special to you or do you hear a song and there is a name of a person in the song and that name feels special to you? The most important thing to know is that it is really not important to know the name of your guardian angel. She or he is there for you and will respond to your prayers. Continue to ask for his or her help. Angels are there for you even if you do not know their names.