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Let the true colors of your Soul’s Mission shine!

As I write this article the fall foliage here in Woodstock, NY is shining brilliantly. The trees in the Catskill Mountains are ablaze with color. As I look at this panorama of color I realize that we can each learn a lot from trees about shining the divine light of our Soul’s Mission brightly in the world.

Trees naturally display their fall colors. They don’t fear shining brightly, nor do they say “this year I am going to outshine that tree over there.” They are not ashamed if their colors are not brilliant and they are not proud if their colors are brilliant. They simply are what they are. Their brilliant color is the natural byproduct of sunlight reflecting off of the true nature of their leaves. Each tree reveals what they are, without holding back. And in being what they are, when the time is right, their true colors can shine forth whether or not anyone notices or appreciates them.

We are metaphorically like the trees. When we are ready, the light of divinity reflects off of our Heart Star and we begin to envision and understand our Soul’s Mission.

According to Angel Ariel: “Each soul incarnates with a very specific mission. Each soul works with their angels, teachers, guides, and ancestors to design the perfect agenda for this lifetime. This agenda includes the type of early childhood setting and training that best provides the opportunity to live the soul’s true mission. Each Soul’s Mission is not only important for the evolution of that individual soul but is also important for the unfolding of the Divine Plan. As each fulfills its mission, that soul plays an important role in a higher plan that affects all souls.”

The energetic potential for our Soul’s Mission is encoded in our Soul Star (our 8th chakra) and our 12-Strand DNA is perfectly suited to support our envisioning, embracing, and enacting our Soul’s Mission. Everything we need to enact our Soul’s Mission is already within us. All we have to do is envision it, embrace it and finally enact it. Enacting our Soul’s Mission may take almost any form like creating works of art, writing, managing a business, offering acts of kindness, parenting, teaching, cooking, ministering, making music, or any form which expresses our heart’s desires and our soul’s truth.

The real question is when we envision our Soul’s Mission, can we embrace it? And once we embrace it, can we enact it and let the light of our piece of the Divine Plan shine brilliantly into the world?

As we can readily see every autumn here in the Catskill Mountains, the trees don’t resist letting their true colors shine into the world. Unfortunately, sometimes we do.

We may think that the reason that we hold ourselves back from envisioning, embracing, and enacting a piece of our Soul’s Mission is that we fear that we will fail. While we may indeed have this fear, according to Angel Ariel, what we fear even more is that we will be magnificent beyond our wildest dreams. Even though we may believe that our Soul’s Mission will have a positive impact on the world, we can fear that once we let the true colors of our Soul’s Mission shine brilliantly in the world, we cannot control how the world will react to it.

I have experienced this fear. Channeling Angel Ariel’s wisdom is a major part of my Soul’s Mission. I love channeling Angel Ariel’s wisdom and I loved working with my co-author Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson to channel Angel Ariel’s wisdom in response to Linda’s questions for the book Interview with an Angel. However, as the book was about to be sent to the publisher and would soon appear on bookshelves around the country, my level of fear was so high that I felt I could not allow the book to be published with my name on it. I feared what people would do if they knew that I received messages from an angel. Would I be ostracized? Would I be attacked? Would I be killed? These fears and more flooded through me. I even had a repeated nightmare in which I was killed while doing an Interview with an Angel book signing.

With the energy of fear dominating my life, I asked one of my IET students if I could schedule an IET session with them. As they were doing an Advanced Level IET Soul Star Clearing on me, I had a sudden flashback to a previous lifetime in which I literally had to make the choice, deny my spiritual truth or be killed. In that lifetime I denied my spiritual truth and I lived a long but regret-filled life. This flashback not only gave me valuable insight into my fear but it triggered a large release of fear from my 9th IET cellular memory area (kidneys).

I clearly saw that I had brought into this lifetime the subconscious belief that expressing my spiritual truth into the world would cause me to be killed. I also knew that I had come into this lifetime in order to try to master and overcome this belief. Between the suppressed energy of fear I released during the IET session, and the insight I gained about my fear, I was able to leave my name on the book. As it turns out it was one of the most important and best decisions of my life. It also turns out that this expression of my Soul’s Mission has been lovingly received around the world.

According to Angel Ariel, our soul speaks to us through our heart’s desires, longings, and passions.

We each know in our hearts of hearts what we are passionate about. It is something we love to do. It is an expression of love. It moves our souls. We are enlivened by it. It is a positive gift to the world. We also know when it is time to enact our Soul’s Mission and let the brilliance of our Soul’s Mission shine.

IET offers several techniques that can empower you to envision, embrace and enact your Soul’s Mission.

Soul Star Clearing: The Advanced Level IET Soul Star Clearing technique is a wonderful way to envision and embrace your Soul’s Mission as you clear your resistance to enacting it. Advanced-level IET students can easily do the Soul Star Clearing technique on themselves. It is something I like to do on a regular basis as part of my IET self-care routine. Others can receive IET Soul Star Clearings during IET sessions offered by Advanced Level (or above) IET Practitioners.

Karma Clearing: The IET Karma Clearing Process (Steps to Transformation -Step 3) is an ideal way to clear any karmic fear that could limit your ability to envision, embrace and enact your Soul’s Mission. You can either participate in a Step 3 Event facilitated by an IET Master-Instructor, or you can listen to the “Clearing your Karma” audio program offered by The Center of Being.

Vision Board: Building an IET Vision Board (as described on page 6 of the IET Advanced Level Guide) is a great way to let your soul speak to you enabling you to clarify your heart’s desires and envision your Soul’s Mission.

Optimizing your 12-Strand DNA

Optimizing your 12-Strand DNA can make your dreams come true that may unfold in your life when you are in need of them and spiritually ready for them. These aspects can be at any level from the 1st DNA pair (physical) to the 6th DNA pair (unity with the Divine) and will unfold at the divine right time and in the divine right way to support you in living your soul’s mission and manifesting your reach.

IET Master-Instructor Practitioners have the ability to optimize their own, and their client’s, 12-Strand DNA by focusing angelic energy rays using special IET sacred geometric symbols. Having your 12-Strand DNA optimized can facilitate this unfolding process by creating the optimal energetic environment helping the aspects of your DNA blueprint unfold that are perfect for the current point of your spiritual evolution.

A simple analogy might help to better understand this. Imagine a hiker taking a journey through the woods. The hiker starts out with a map and has a path plotted. They bring the equipment they need to easily make the journey along the planned path. Then somewhere along the journey, the hiker deviates from the path they had originally planned. They end up having to climb a mountain in order to continue their journey. If we were to optimize their journey at this point we would give them an updated map based on where they were at the time and provide them with some additional equipment to help them climb the mountain. Then later in their journey, we might find they were unexpectedly at a river that they need to cross in order to continue their journey. If we optimize their journey at this point we could provide them with an updated map and a raft.

Since you already have encoded within your 12-Strand DNA everything you need for your life’s journey, when your 12-Strand DNA is optimized by Master-Instructor level angelic IET energy, aspects of yourselves that will help you on your life’s spiritual journey can blossom in your life. When this happens, you can discover abilities like writing or teaching that you never knew you had. You can also discover new interests and causes that you become passionate about. You can draw to you people, places, settings, and circumstances that will guide and help you. You can meet soul mates and soul buddies. And you can overcome fears that have been blocking you as you discover strengths and abilities that you never knew you had.

12-Strand DNA optimization is an ongoing spiritual process. Like the hiker in the woods, as you progress through your life’s journey and encounter new and different situations, having your 12-Strand DNA optimized in each situation creates the ideal energetic environment to support the needed aspects of yourself to blossom.

Simply put, having your 12-Strand DNA optimized by the special IET Master-Instructor-only techniques can open the doorways to your divine destiny in this lifetime and help make your dreams come true.

IET – Your Journey to Joy

When I first channeled this IET treatment sequence from Angel Ariel I was skeptical that this sequence could actually make me feel joy. You see, at that time my life, I was anything but joy-filled. In fact, I had suppressed so many emotions that I had become an emotional flatliner. I seriously doubted that I was capable of feeling joy. Drawn by the hope that Angel Ariel was right, I attuned a few close energy worker friends and shared the IET treatment sequence with them. Then we gave each other IET sessions to see what would happen.

I discovered that each time I received an IET session, I felt the heat from the IET practitioner’s hands, I felt tingling within my body and I released emotions that I didn’t even know that I had suppressed within me. After the session, I felt better, lighter, calmer, and a bit more hopeful, but I didn’t seem to be experiencing the joy that I was expecting.

As I received more and more IET sessions (both as self-treatments as well as treatments I received from IET practitioners), I continued to feel better, lighter, calmer, and more hopeful and my life began to improve. I also began to feel a new sensation in my heart-center that was hard to describe. The feeling was subtle and quite enjoyable. It created a stillness and a sense of well-being in my heart-center. A sort of soft smile in my heart.

Even though when I went back into the world this feeling in my heart-center disappeared, I knew I was hooked on IET. I really liked the way that my life was improving after I received IET sessions as a client, or gave IET sessions as a practitioner, and I was drawn to re-experiencing this new feeling in my heart-center, even if at the time it appeared only temporary.

I did not know then that this wonderful subtle feeling in my heart-center was the joy that Angel Ariel was talking about. You see I was expecting to be overwhelmed with a feeling of joy so powerful that I could not contain it and it would make me laugh uncontrollably with joy. So I did not recognize this subtle feeling as joy.

I have come to understand that joy is always inside of you. The IET treatment sequence does not cause joy, rather, it opens up your ability to feel the joy that was always there and will always be there. The more that IET opens you to experience this joy within, the more that this joy will be part of your daily life.

Much to my delight I discovered another way that IET lets me experience Angel Ariel’s promise of joy. It happens when I teach IET classes. Specifically, during the IET attunement process. When I am channeling the angelic IET attunement energy down my Angelic Heartlink through my heart-center, down my arms, and into my student, the joy in my heart-center is so strong that I can’t restrain it and I often laugh out loud with joy (which is a bit embarrassing so I warn my students ahead of time that this may happen).

My “IET Journey to Joy” continued when I received the Higher Steps to Transformation from Angel Ariel. I learned that the Cherubs were the angels of Pure Joy. In Transformational Step 9: Pure Joy, I learned how to work with the Cherubs to help them weave an energetic layer of Pure Joy into the World Angel Grid and use the power of “blessing” to raise the vibration of my heart-center to the vibration of Pure Joy. Building on my previous experiences with joy through giving/receiving IET sessions and attuning IET students, the Step 9: Pure Joy Process brought me to the most incredible experience of joy yet. Each time I use my “Joy Stone” to re-activate the Step 9: Pure Joy Process my heart-center fills with joy, and my face involuntarily smiles, as I chuckle with laughter. This is the joy that I was hoping for.

After traveling along my Journey to Joy for the past 20 years, I am happy to report that joy is now part of my daily life. Every day I re-activate Step 9 by touching my joy stone and focusing my mind on my heart-center. I am filled with joy, my face automatically smiles, my mind grows quiet and I am filled with peace. I then sit in this state and moment by moment focus my mind on the feeling of joy. As I inhale I feel joy. As a exhale I feel joy. Soon I am not aware of inhaling or exhaling, only the feeling of joy. When I finish, the world around me feels softer, more gentle, and more loving. This feeling lasts longer and longer as I engage in the activities of my daily life.

My current IET Reach (a Master-Instructor technique) is to open so fully to the energy of Pure Joy that none of the outer circumstances of my life will diminish my experience of joy. I am not there yet, but I know that with IET I am on my way. I know that with IET you are too!

If you too would like to work with the Cherubs and learn how to experience Pure Joy, the Center of Being has made Step 9: Pure Joy Processes available to the IET community via audio recordings in which I guide you step by step through the Pure Joy Process. In addition, all IET Master-Instructors are empowered to teach our official Step 9: Pure Joy Process as a special event or as part of a two-day Higher Steps (Steps 8 to 14) Workshop.

IET Soulbuddies

One of the greatest gifts I have received along my life’s self-healing spiritual journey has been from the love and support of my soul buddies.

According to Angel Ariel, a soul buddy is a soul who supports you in living your soul’s mission as you simultaneously support them in living theirs. A soul buddy relationship is a platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual relationship. Because soul buddies have a strong 5th DNA Pair connection, when you first connect with a soul buddy, you may both feel as though you have known each other for a long time. You can quickly develop a deep level of trust. A soul buddy relationship can start in the most unlikely settings through what you think is a chance happening. Once a soul buddy relationship is formed, they often last a lifetime.

An IET soul buddy is another IET practitioner (at any level of IET study) with whom you exchange IET sessions. You use your IET practitioner techniques to help your soul buddy live their soul’s mission as your soul buddy uses their IET practitioner techniques to help you live yours.

I have found that what worked best for me was an ongoing weekly IET session with my soul buddy. In this way, I would give my soul buddy an IET session one week and they would give me an IET session the following week. With IET, whenever I gave my soul buddy an IET session as a practitioner, I also simultaneously received an IET session. And whenever my soul buddy gave me an IET session, they simultaneously received an IET session. This way my soul buddy and I received an IET session each time we worked together.

One of the best ways to meet an IET soul buddy is during an IET class, IET share, or IET Healing Circle. Oftentimes, the person who was my practice partner during a class or workshop became one of my IET soul buddies. It may seem that the person who works with you as a practice partner in class was randomly selected, but the angels are always working behind the scenes to bring soul buddies together through these seemingly random pairings. If you are looking to establish new IET soul buddy relationships, I recommend that you contact the people who were your practice partners in your IET classes, IET shares, or IET Healing Circles.

Geography does not have to be an impediment with soul buddies. While I prefer in-person IET sessions with my soul buddies, sometimes geography gets in the way and my soul buddy and I cannot physically be together for the sessions. When this happens, I have found absentee IET sessions with a soul buddy to be quite powerful, especially when Skype is available so that we can see and talk with each other during the session.

Please don’t underestimate the transformative potential that having an IET soul buddy can have on your life. Even if both of you are still learning your IET techniques and you each feel insecure in being able to offer each other IET sessions, remember that the angels will be working with you and through you during each session. The angels know exactly what you and your soul buddy need and they know exactly how to bring the perfect angelic energy gifts through you. They will guide, direct, surround and protect you and your soul buddy during the IET sessions. All you have to do is dare to enter into a soul buddy relationship and you will be amazed at the gift you give to yourself and your soul buddy. Some of the most profoundly transformative experiences have been during my IET sessions with soul buddies.

Why not invite an IET soul buddy into your life and ease and expand your life’s self-healing spiritual journey?

IET Practitioners are Gardeners of the Heart

Orchids are fun to grow and a delight to behold when they bloom. I find that orchids are the perfect metaphor for our spiritual growth and the expression of our soul’s mission through IET.

Each orchid has dormant within it the potential to bring forth the most amazing flower blooms. If an orchid is lovingly cared for and provided with fresh water, the proper temperature and humidity, the right amount of sun and nutrition, annual repotting and pruning, and even heartlinks of IET energy, then its potential will bloom forth. If an orchid is not given the proper growing environment then its potential may lie dormant and the orchid will not bloom.

We are very much like the orchids. We each have dormant within us the potential for our soul’s mission to bloom brightly in our life. But like the orchid, we require the proper growing environment. To me, an important part of this proper growing environment is angelic IET energy.

Whenever we as IET practitioners use our angelic IET energy and techniques for self-care, or to support others, we are like a spiritual gardener of the heart. We can use a 5-Minute Empowerment Session on a regular basis to maintain our ideal growing environment. We can use full IET sessions to clear suppressed cellular memories that hold us back. We can clear our Soul Star to bring our vision board to life. And we can optimize our 12-Strand Spiritual DNA to support us in living our reach. IET Master-Instructor Karen (Fairman) Simpson has written a poem entitled “Gardeners of the Heart” that expresses this beautifully and she has given us permission to reprint her poem and share it with you.

Gardeners of the Heart – by IET Master-Instructor Trainer Karen (Fairman) Simpson

At the center of our being, awakes a tiny spark. A seed of love and inspiration, nurtured by gardeners of the heart. Reaching deep within the darkness, they guide each soul to the light. To grow and remember who we are, beauty is never far from sight. They pull weeds of sadness, anger, fear, and despair. Using the tools of angels, tending each soul with care. Into the river of life, they blend the flow of tears. Watering our souls so gently, peeling back the years. When storms of growth threaten, to bend or break our hearts. They remind us our strength is love, And nourish us with support. We’ve grown within their tender care, and roots have settled down. To support our beauty, joy, and hope, Reaching for light and ground. As each heart flower opens, Memories blossom from before. Of joy and happiness and beauty, God’s love forevermore. In gratitude and love, we see, as one we are never apart. From the essence of their hearts and souls, our gardeners of the heart. (c) 2000 Karen (Fairman) Simpson,

We all have a 12-Strand DNA which is a spiritual blueprint for our soul’s mission, the life experiences and situations that our soul wishes us to have, and all of the creative gifts that we will need in our lifetime.


Master-Instructor Level IET focuses on modifying your 12-Strand DNA. It allows you to optimize your life and live your life’s dream within the larger divine plan. It accelerates the effectiveness of the Basic, E   Intermediate, and Advanced levels and lets you clear the energy of trauma not completely cleared by them.


As you grow, your 12-Strand DNA creates imprints in your human energy field (Aura) that can attract the life experiences and situations that will allow you to express your creativity, experience empowerment, and fulfill your soul’s mission. This will include experiences filled with ease and joy as well as ones that are difficult and painful.

Advanced Level IET focuses on your soul’s mission by helping you to understand your soul’s mission, clearing your resistance to fulfill your soul’s mission, and empowering you to live your soul’s mission.

Some situations that your soul attracts overwhelm you and the energy of the situation is suppressed as trauma into your human energy field. These traumatic imprints can attract repetitions of the situation. They can also limit your ability to express your creativity, become empowered, and fulfill your soul’s mission in life.

Intermediate Level IET focuses on the Human Energy Field and supports your self-healing by clearing the physical, emotional, mental, and karmic imprints from your human energy field. This not only expands your empowerment in life but also reduces the chance of attracting the same type of situation again.

The energy of some of this trauma is also suppressed as physical and emotional imprints into the cellular memory of your physical body. This suppressed energy can limit your enjoyment of life as well as impair your physical and emotional state of well-being.

Basic Level IET focuses on cellular memory and supports your self-healing by clearing the physical and emotional imprints from the cellular memory as well as by replacing the trauma with a positive empowerment imprint.

Healing The Wounded Warrior Syndrome

There is a story that the Native American Indians tell of how birds obtained the gift of song. Here is my telling of that story. Originally, birds did not have the gift of song and in order to get the gift of song, all it would take is for one bird to fly so high that it touched the heart of the Great Spirit and once they did, all birds would have the gift of song. Bird after bird flew as high as they could, but none was strong enough to fly high enough to receive the gift of song. Many birds said it just could not be done, but the eagle knew there must be a way. One day an eagle and a sparrow formed a plan. The sparrow rode on the eagle’s back as the eagle flew higher and higher. It was higher than the sparrow had ever been and still, the eagle flew upward. When, in a state of exhaustion, the eagle flew as high as he could, the sparrow took flight and flew upward with great determination. Well, as you know, the sparrow reached his goal and the birds of the world are blessed with song.

The eagle is what I call a spiritual warrior. The eagle fought against the doubts and even objections of the birds that said it was impossible. The eagle even faced his own fears of failure. The eagle used all his strength and skill to bring the sparrow to a place from which the sparrow could fly even higher. The eagle did it not only for the spiritually selfish reason of getting the gift of song for himself but more importantly, to get the gift of song for all birds.

In human form, the spiritual warrior is the person who soars above the limiting dynamics of their family of origin. They often soar beyond what they read in books or learn from teachers. They do this not only for thyself but also to help others do the same. These are the souls who in every lifetime they have ever lived are never quite satisfied to just be a follower of what others teach. They find themselves following what others teach for a while, and then they are drawn, by some inner drive, to venture into new and often uncharted areas. The desire is always to find new ways to be of service to others, to find new ways to help others heal, new ways to help others grow, and new ways to help others develop spiritually.

As such, these souls embody the pioneer archetype. They blaze new trails and like Star Trek, they boldly go where no one has gone before. Like pioneers of the American Wild West, they often get arrows shot at them. Unlike the American pioneers who got actual arrows shot at them, the spiritual pioneer may on the mild end of the spectrum receive insults, criticism, denouncement, condemnation, and verbal threats, and on the severe end of the spectrum receive imprisonment, torture, ex-communication, and even death. The problem is that these souls were ahead of their time and incarnated in a world that was not ready for their gifts, and rather than receive praise and glory, they received attack and defeat. It is possible for these souls to carry the karmic potential to bring the unhealed trauma of these trials and tribulations into future lifetimes for healing. I call these souls “wounded warriors”.

Many souls who are attracted to the angelic energy and techniques of IET carry the archetypal imprint of the wounded warrior. These are souls who have in their 5th DNA pair the pioneer pattern as well as the spiritual warrior pattern. These souls have a strong energetic potential in their soulstar to bring wonderful gifts of service into the world. They also have an energy body that is up to the task of transforming the energetic potential into a powerful service-oriented enactment in life. It is not unusual for such a soul to be driven to express their ideas through writing, painting, dancing, singing, or lecturing. It is not unusual for these souls to teach and for them to attract a following of students.

Unfortunately, if the karmic wound is not healed, the soul will likely attract people into their life who will metaphorically shoot arrows at them and their creations. This may take the form of people who are over-critical of their self-expression. It may also take the form of people who are very supportive at first but who turn against them and possibly betray them. And since it is a karmic pattern, these arrows may continue until the warrior’s karmic wounds are healed. Once the karmic wounds are healed, the same pioneer expression of creativity that once received arrows and betrayal will receive praise and support. But until that time, the unhealed wounds can continue to invite attack.

When attacked, the wounded warrior may quit the spiritual battle, withdraw from the world, and seek the safety of isolation. This may take the form of a teacher, who stops teaching, or a writer who stops writing, or a singer who stops singing. It is not that the warrior has no desire to express their creativity in service to the world, it is just that the karmic memory of the dangers of past expressions of creativity gets projected on the current life situation and instinctive self-preservation begins to kick in. Withdrawal can provide the wounded warrior with a space for deep self-examination and healing. It is always easier to heal what life has triggered and if the arrows have triggered the karmic wound, that karmic wound will be easier to heal than if it were deeply suppressed.

It is important to note that while withdrawal is a perfectly valid temporary mechanism for the warrior to regroup and heal, it is not a viable long-term hiding place. For in time, the warrior’s creative energy and drive for service will push against the karmic defense mechanism which had urged hiding as a means of self-preservation. This creates an inner power struggle within the warrior. Since the energy of power is focused in IET cellular memory area 8 (the stomach area), you can think of this energetically as the energy of power moving down to IET cellular memory area 9 (kidneys – fear) or up, through IET cellular memory area 7 to IET cellular memory area 6 (heart – love). If the energy moves down, the warrior stays in hiding. If the energy moves up, the warrior brings the next wave of spiritual service into the world.

Receiving a full IET session from an IET practitioner is a wonderful overall healing tool for the wounded warrior. While energy areas 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the primary areas affected by the karmic wounds, other areas may well be affected in a secondary way. Thus, an overall IET session can provide wonderful support.

In addition to an overall IET session, I recommend the following three-step-healing plan for the wounded warrior.

1) Let the wound talk: All too often when a wound, especially a karmic wound, gets triggered by life, the tendency is to quiet the wound and stop the associated bad feelings. Please understand that the wound is like a warning bell trying to lovingly ensure safety. The unhealed wound is operating from the perspective of past lives, and from that perspective of time and context, what is being done in this lifetime seems to be dangerous. The unhealed wound operates from the principle that it would rather have the warrior be safe than happy, and if the pursuit of happiness triggers the wound, it will try to pull the warrior back and keep them safe. Ignoring the wound is like ignoring the alarm. While the alarm may be false, it is trying to keep you safe.

What the wound does not realize is that the time and context of the current lifetime is very different than the lifetimes in which the wounds were created, and self-expression that was dangerous back then are likely to be safe now. Until your life experience proves to the karmic wound that it is now safe to express your spiritual truth into the world, it will continue to view the world through the eyes of the past as an unsafe place for your self-expression. Listening to the warning message of the wound is essential to quieting the alarm, for as the wound expresses its warning, the alarm will lessen. Here is a simple way to learn the wound’s message.

If you would like to listen to the messages of your wound, I recommend that you sit quietly with a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Heartlink to Angel Ariel, the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, and your own personal angels. Ask that they guide, direct, surround, and protect you in this process. Focus your energy on your 8th IET cellular memory area (the stomach and adrenals). Drop your mind’s awareness to this area and listen to what it has to say. Let this area of cellular memory begin to speak, and as it does, write down whatever it has to say. Do not think too much about what you are writing and do not argue with it or try to reason with it. Just record it. What you will receive may be something like “You must watch out…. they will get you… it is not safe…. you will be punished…. they will turn against you… they will attach you…. It is too dangerous… don’t trust them… it is too much… you are going too far.. etc.”

Once you start recording the message of your wound, you will likely find the messages flow timidly at first, then flood out as fast as you can write them, then they will taper off and stop. After you have written down your wound’s warning, it is best to review the messages with a discerning eye. Some of the messages may be legitimate in your life and you can benefit from them. Most of the messages will not be legitimate and you can see them clearly as a false alarms triggered by the memory of past lifetimes. You can in essence keep the best and forget the rest.

2) Clear your Karma: While it is not possible to eliminate your karmic past, it is possible to significantly reduce the intensity of your karmic energy from a barrier that will stop you to a speed bump that will simply slow you down. The IET Karma Clearing Process is perfect for this. The Karma Clearing Process uses the energy of the IET Intermediate Ray, accelerated by the IET vortex process, along with special Karma integration points, and the energy of Angel Gabriel. The Karma Clearing process is described in detail in the IET Master-Instructor Manual. It is also available through an Audio CD Recording available through our website and you can clear your karma simply by listing to our audio recording of this process. It is best to repeat the karma clearing process periodically until the repeat karmic pattern stops.

3) The Empowered Heart: Once you have listened to the message of your wound and cleared the associated karmic energy, it is now time to train your power to rise to your heart rather than fall to your fear. Using sacred geometry and the energy of angels, the Empowered Heart process provides you with the tools needed to keep the energy of your power flowing out into the world through your heart center. This will enable you to express your spiritual warrior truth in the world with such power that it will polarize the world around you. The stronger the polarization, the more people who are in alignment with your message and truth will flock loving towards you, and the more that people who are in opposition to your message and truth will ignore you. Those who would once have shot verbal arrows at you will simply turn away in futility and ignore you. All the while, those who are in alignment with you will see the brightness of your light and flock to you for the service you offer.

Linear vs. cyclic healing: It is hopeful that one pass through these three steps will heal your warrior wounds. It is also possible depending on the intensity of the karmic wounds and the degree to which you feel comfortable with change that you may need to repeat steps 1 to 3 more than once. You will know when you are done with the healing when you are out in the world living your truth and expressing your soul’s mission.

Excitement vs. Fear: One pitfall to the wounded warrior’s healing journey is the fine line between the energy of excitement and the energy of fear. When a person has come from lifetimes of fear around the issue of expressing their spiritual truth in the world, the energy of excitement can at first feel like the energy of fear. This is another opportunity for discernment and listening to the warning message and then as discernment permits, feel the fear and do it anyway.

When the warriors wounds are healed and the warriors spiritual gifts are brought out into the world, the warrior becomes like the eagle, supporting family, friends, clients, and students in every upward journey to heal their lives, touch the very heart of God and bring their gifts into the world.

Heal Your Heart – Empower Your Life

The attention that Valentine’s day focuses on love, creates a perfect energetic environment for each of us to align with the vibration of love and heal our suppressed cellular memories, especially those resulting from betrayal, rejection, loneliness, or loss. Having an open radiant heart center is essential to living an empowered life and this is a perfect time for us to clear the energy of suppressed cellular memories from our heart center and open our heart center to its fullest potential.

According to Angel Ariel, the purpose of life is love. She says that we live in a universe fabricated from the vibration of love. Every atom resonates with the vibration of love. Everything is built from the vibration of love. Every life form is enlivened by the vibration of love. The most important thing we can do as human beings are to love others and be loved by others in return.

Angel Ariel points out that love is divine in origin. Humans are not able to create the vibration of love. They do however have an incredible capacity to channel the divine vibration of love into their hearts and let it flow through their hearts to exchange it with others. She describes the unrestricted open love exchange between two people as “God-loving God through two people”.

So why are so many people living in a world created from love, surrounded by love, with the life’s purpose to love, and yet not experiencing love? The answer lies in the heart’s self-protection defense mechanism. You see, our heart learns to love and be loved in the womb where we exist in unity with the world around us. In the womb our heart center is open and we unrestrictedly both take in love and give out love. This is why newborn babies can light up a room with the radiance of love and unrestrictedly exchange love with the people around them.

As we journey through our life we may encounter people who reject or betray our love. They love us and then they stop loving us even though we still love them. And when this happens our heart center experiences heartache and pain. If the pain is more than we can safely experience at the time, our heart center’s natural self-defense mechanism kicks in and our heart closes metaphorically like a turtle tucking itself into its shell. Unfortunately for us when this defense mechanism kicks in and our heart closes, all of the heartache and pain that we successfully avoided feeling is suppressed into the heart’s cellular memory. This pain does not simply go away with time. Fortunately for us, love is the perfect cure to heal our wounded hearts. Unfortunately for us, our heart center must be open to receive this cure. This creates a difficult catch-22 healing situation. Our hearts must be open to receive the cure. Yet our hearts will not open because love always brings anything unlike itself up for healing. So as our heart opens and takes in the love, the suppressed heartache and pain we have stored in our cellular memory is reactivated and brought up for healing. And when we re-experience the suppressed pain, our heart’s self-defense mechanism kicks in and we re-suppress the pain before love can heal it.

I know from personal experience that this is true. I experienced a great deal of heartache early in my life’s journey and my heart’s self-defense mechanism worked perfectly, locking the pain into the cellular memory of my heart center. It was easy for me to offer acts of loving kindness to others. But I would instinctively deflect compliments and praise that they would offer back to me by saying things like “it was nothing” or “don’t be silly.” Whenever I was in a room filled with people I would feel isolated and alone as if I were in an invisible bubble that cut me off from others. I even believed that I was unlovable. I once attended a workshop where we had to describe the most painful situation for us that we could imagine. For me that was easy. I wrote, “Put me in a room with a dozen or so people who would love me unconditionally and would not stop and it would be so painful that I would die.” I found out later that it was not the love being given to me that was the problem, but rather, it was my re-experiencing the pain that I had suppressed into the cellular memory of my heart center that was the problem. And since my original heartache and pain had been caused by people, my heart center did not trust receiving love from people.

Ironically, if I had changed the image to being put in a room surrounded by dozens of cute puppies who would love me unconditionally and not stop, I would have felt just the opposite. My heart center would open and I would feel filled with love and joy. That’s because the pain locked into my heart center was not caused by cute puppies but rather by people. I believe that many people have similar experiences. This is why many people feel that they get more love from their pets than from people. It’s not that pets can offer more love than people, but rather, a wounded heart may feel safer and more open to receiving love from pets than from people.

In healing our wounded heart, we need to give our heart love in a way that our heart feels safe and in control opening up. Love does not trigger our natural self-defense mechanism. Fortunately for us, Angel Ariel has given us the perfect way to do this. The IET Heartlink. The Heartlink creates a safe and effective healing environment that will allow us to open our hearts, take in love, and release the energy of heartache and pain from our heart center’s cellular memory.

A technique that I have used to clear my heart’s cellular memory is simple yet powerful and brings together the IET Heartlink, the angelic healing gifts of Angel Cassiel, the power of soul gazing, the effectiveness of telling yourself the love-filled messages that you want to hear and the IET treatment sequence for Cellular Memory Area 6 – the heart center. Here is my technique. (Note: You will need a small hand mirror to use in this technique).

The IET Technique to Heal Your Wounded Heart and Empower Your Life

  1. Heartlink: Heartlink to Angel Cassiel and in prayer invite Angel Cassiel to work with you and through you; to guide, direct, surround and protect you; and ask that this be for your highest good and highest healing.
  2. Starburst: Receive an angelic starburst of energy from Angel Cassiel and slowly lower it down (using a zig-zag motion) until it floats in front of your heart center. Then embrace the angelic starburst and pull it into your heart center.
  3. Energize: Use the energize hand position for cellular memory area 6 – the heart center (see page 18 of the IET Basic Level Guide) and energize your heart center for about a minute.
  4. Integrate/Trigger: Place two fingers of your right hand simultaneously on the right and left Integration Points for cellular memory area 6 while you proceed to step 5.
    a. if you have not taken the Intermediate IET training then this step will integrate cellular memory area 6 – the heart center.
    b. if you have taken the Intermediate IET training then this step will Trigger a Release from cellular memory area 6.
  5. Soul Gaze: Hold the small mirror with your left hand so that you can gaze deeply into your own eyes (technically you can only look into one eye at a time so pick one eye and stare into it). The eyes are the gateway to the soul so you will, in essence, be gazing into your own soul.
  6. Your Love List: When you speak it will be your ego talking to your soul. So say to your soul all of the loving things that you would like to hear. You can for example simply say “I love you” or “I will always love you and never leave you” or “You deserve love” or “You are so lovable” or “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I treasure you.”
  7. Release: After you have conveyed your list heart to heart from your ego to your soul,
    a. if you have not taken the Intermediate IET training then skip to step 10.
    b. if you have taken the Intermediate IET training you can use your right hand to pull the energy of the suppressed cellular memories from cellular memory area 6 up and out through the four layers of your human energy field (see page 18 of the IET Intermediate Level Guide).
  8. Integrate: After you have released the suppressed energy from cellular memory area 6, you can Integrate cellular memory area 6 by once again placing two fingers of your right hand simultaneously on the right and left Integration Points for cellular memory area 6 (see page 18 of the IET Intermediate Level Guide).
  9. Powerburst: If you have taken the IET Master-Instructor training then you can create an angelic powerburst and place it into your heart center.
  10. Grounding: Complete the technique by placing your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on your right knee to offer yourself some grounding.

You can continue to open and expand your heart center by heartlinking to people in your life and offering them expressions of loving-kindness. Then when they return the love to you simply say or think “thank you” and let the love in. You can go even further by heartlinking to those closest to you and telling them how much you treasure and love them. You can even soul gaze into their eyes as you do. Then, if they tell you about what you mean to them and how much they love you, simply keep your heart open and let the love in.

Don’t worry if at first, it seems that you are giving out more love than you are getting back. Remember, the world is made from the love that is ready to return to you, but your heart center has to be healed enough for you to let it in. Give it time, and just keep giving to others what you really want them to give to you. When your heart center is healed, you will receive the love you have been giving out and more.


The countless political, economic, and religious battles taking place around the planet are fueling the energy of judgment worldwide. The first line of Angel Ariel’s IET Vision channeled as the twin towers burned on September 11, 2001, are as true today as they were then. The first line reads “In this moment, I will love rather than judge.” The question I have been asking myself lately is, “In this moment am I sending the energy of love into the world or sending the energy of judgment.” With the energy of judgment so strong in the world these days, all too often I have been finding that the answer for me is that I am sending the energy of judgment.

According to Angel Ariel, it is not possible for human beings to love and judge at the same time. She also says that in every moment of time, we will be in either the energy of love or the energy of judgment.

When we judge, we are operating from our brain, energetically separating ourselves from others, and working to enhance our self-image or increase our perceived level of safety by making ourselves right and others wrong. Angel Ariel asks the question, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” If your answer is that you would rather be happy then you must shift from the energy of judgment to the energy of love.

When we love, we are operating from our heart, energetically unifying ourselves with others, and working to build rather than destroy; to see possibilities rather than difficulties; to serve others rather than serve ourselves; and to realize our power rather than blame others for their actions or in actions. Happiness, peace, and joy are natural byproducts when we love. We can all give the precious gift of happiness, peace, and joy this holiday season by raising our vibration to the vibration of love. And gratitude is a powerful way to do this.

According to Angel Ariel, gratitude opens your heart center and increases your capacity to both give and receive the energy of love. In cultivating and expanding gratitude it is best to focus your conscious awareness on gratitude every day. It helps to bring to mind every day the people and the things in your life that you are most grateful for. Once you begin to cultivate the energy of gratitude, you will find that the energy of gratitude is like a magnet and attracts more and more gratitude. As this happens, you will find yourself becoming aware of more and more people and things in your life that you are grateful for.

The IET Gratitude Process

Here is the simple gratitude process that I use on a regular basis to enter into gratitude and raise my vibration to the vibration of love.

  1. Angelic Heartlinks: Heartlink to Angel Ariel, all of the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, and your own personal angels. Ask that the angels guide, direct, surround, and protect you. And ask that this gratitude process is for the highest good and highest healing.
  2. Human Heartlinks of Gratitude: Bring to mind a person or group of people that you are grateful for. Send a Human Heartlink from your heart to the heart center of people that you are grateful for.   Once you are connected heart to heart, offer them your gratitude and blessings simply by saying “thank you and bless you.”
  3. Repeat step 2 four more times: Bring another person or group of people that you are grateful for to mind repeat step 2 four more times.
  4. Be Love: After doing step 2 a total of five times, you will find that your heart center is resonating powerfully with the energy of love. Simply focus your awareness on your heart center and sit quietly for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of happiness, peace, and joy that naturally arise. Know that as you enjoy these feelings, the energy of happiness, peace, and joy are radiating from your heart center outward through your Human Heartlinks of Gratitude to those you are grateful for. In addition, you are simultaneously bringing the vibration of happiness, peace, and joy to the world.
  5. Final Grounding: You can leave your Heartlinks of Gratitude in place as you offer yourself some grounding support by placing your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on your right knee.

Please know that I send my Heartlinks of Gratitude to you and to all IET students worldwide every time I do this IET Gratitude Process.

If we all use this simple IET Gratitude Process on a regular basis we can bring the gift of happiness, peace, and joy to the world during this holiday season as well as throughout the year.

Giving and Receiving

Bringing Your Gifts Into The World

Giving: As IET practitioners and/or instructors, we are all in the business of giving the angelic energy of love to others. We are all in service to the Divine, working with the angels, to be “earth angels”, anchoring and distributing the angelic energy of love. The biggest obstacle to giving is a lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence: Many people who take holistic classes want to offer their holistic gifts in service to others but they just don’t feel confident enough. In our classes we hear this stated in many ways by students who say things like “Who am I to think I can really do this?” or “It’s hard to explain to others what I am doing” or “I need to wait until I don’t make any mistakes”. We answer these statements with “You are a divine child of God who absolutely can do this”, “Speak from your heart and you will explain everything that needs to be explained”, and “It is called a therapy practice, not a therapy perfect”. It is common for practitioners of complementary alternative therapies like IET to feel a lack of self-confidence that limits the service they can give to the world. Angel Ariel’s wisdom is, “We are confident in you and your ability to serve. In time, you will be too.”

Receiving: There is a metaphysical law that says “what you give out comes back ten-fold.” This is especially true with the energy of love. The angels say that we are great givers of the energy of love through our time and techniques. They also say that we are in many cases lousy receivers. In fact, they say that we often work against the divine plan and the laws of metaphysics to avoid receiving gratitude, love, money, or even praise. When we avoid receiving, we interfere with the process of giving and the harmony of the divine plan. While our primary soul focus must be on using our time to give love, we must avoid our ego’s tendency to limit us in receiving the love (in all its forms) when it returns to us. There are two ways we can be open to receiving from the world. We call them direct and indirect.

Direct implies that you use your time and talents to serve others through IET sessions and/or training classes, and you receive the energy of love, gratitude, and money returning to you from those you serve. This is the “traditional” view of anyone in service. You offer your time and services at a fee to those you serve.

Indirect implies that you use your time and talents to serve others through IET sessions and/or training classes, but you receive the energy of love, gratitude, and money returning to you from a source other than those you serve. This is akin to the “pay it forward” philosophy.

Self-worth: As we are receiving from the direct and indirect paths, our self-worth regulates what we will allow ourselves to receive. Each of us has an upper and lower limit to our self-worth. We call our upper worthiness limit our glass ceiling and our lower worthiness limit our trap door. When we operate in life below our glass ceiling and above our trap door then we are wonderfully open to receiving.

Glass Ceiling: Our glass ceiling is the upper limit that we currently believe our time and our talents are worth. If we charge more than our glass ceiling, we will feel like we are receiving more than we are giving. If we charge more than our glass ceiling, we will get little or no response to our service offering. I find that most people have too low a sense of self-worth, thus, their glass ceiling is too low.

Trap Door: Our trap door is the lower limit that we currently believe our time and our talents are worth. If we charge less than our trap door, we will likely feel that we are giving more than we are receiving. If we charge less than our trap door, we will likely get a good response. However, after a while, we will resent people for paying us what we are asking. I find that because most people have a low sense of self-worth, their trap door is too low.

From Healing the Hurt to Living the Dream – IET Does It All: Part 1

Part 1: Cellular Memory Integrated Energy Therapy® empowers you with multi-dimensional holistic healing tools. Holistic healing is the process of supporting a person in their self-healing of body, mind, and spirit. In IET® this takes the form of supporting the clearing and empowering of the cellular memory, human energy field, and 12 Strand DNA. Each level of IET brings its unique gift to support the healing of one or more of these areas.

In part one of this three-part article, I will focus on the role of clearing and empowering cellular memory. In the next cyber journal, I will discuss the role of the human energy field (part 2) and in a future cyber journal, I will discuss the role of the 12 Strand DNA (part 3).

Our soul’s plan: Let’s start with why things happen in our life. The angels say that we can consider our life “pure potential” that manifests according to our soul’s plan. Nothing is by accident. Our soul’s plan is a plan that was created before we were born and is stored as an energetic potential in our 8th chakra (or soulstar). This energetic potential is like having a book of our soul, which lays out the spiritual plan that is possible for our life’s journey. Think of this plan as containing the potential for all of the actions, experiences, and events that our soul wishes to experience in this lifetime. Also understand that these actions, experiences, and events support us (in ways we often do not understand at the time) in bringing our unique gifts of service into the world in accordance with our soul’s mission.

From plan to physical reality: As we incarnate into human form at birth, our soul’s plan is encoded from our 8th chakra into our physical body via our 12 Strand spiritual DNA. Our soul’s plan, now in the form of our 12 Strand DNA, directs all aspects of our body, and our life. It can be thought of as a roadmap that, when manifested, will create the life experiences our soul wishes to have.

As the world around us responds to our soul’s plan, we draw to us the experiences that our soul desires. Most of the time the experiences we draw to us are within our ability to safely process (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and we will safely grow through them. If, on the other hand, the experience is more than we can safely accommodate at the time, we can disassociate from the experience, and suppress the energy (and the trauma) of the experience into the cellular memory of our body and into our human energy field.

Every cell in our body has the ability (just like the cells in our brain) to remember. While the cells in our brain are efficient at remembering facts and figures, the cells in our body are efficient at remembering experiences. Our Cellular Memory can store the memory of:

  • Physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries, or abuse.
  • Emotional trauma like heartache, fear, guilt, and anger.
  • The mental trauma that manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry, etc.

When reality is too much: Suppression of trauma into cellular memory was designed as a short-term mechanism to help us survive overwhelming situations. This can be seen in sudden trauma like an accident. The accident survivor suppresses the trauma of the accident into their cellular memory, survives the accident, and is calm and serene. They can act as if nothing happened at all. Then, hours later, when they are safe and secure, the trauma may automatically be released from their cellular memory. When this happens, the person will have a delayed experience of the trauma. The person may tremble, shake, scream, or cry as they experience the sensations and emotions, and release the energy from their cellular memory, of the accident that occurred hours earlier.

When the energy of trauma gets stuck: Unfortunately there are many situations in which it is not safe to experience the suppressed trauma. This can occur when the trauma was too overwhelming to be experienced and it will thus be too overwhelming to re-experience. It can also occur when the trauma is ongoing and there is never a “safe time or place” to let the trauma be released. It is easy to see how this can occur in extreme situations like acts of violence, abuse, or even near-death experiences. It can also, however, occur in situations that do not seem as extreme. I have worked with clients who have had trauma suppressed into their cellular memory resulting from their experience of being adopted, the death of a loved one, moving from a childhood home to a new home, lifesaving surgery to treat an illness, habitual fear and worry about something that never even happened, the guilt they carry, and many more experiences. In these situations, the energy of the trauma becomes stuck and remains suppressed in the cellular memory. The problem with suppressed cellular memory it does not only limit our ability to live freely and joyfully in life but it can also support the body in developing a physical illness.

Helping people heal the hurts that have happened: Basic Level IET Practitioners can help people self-heal the hurts that have happened.

The Basic Level IET energy and techniques provide us with a simple yet effective means of clearing the hurts that have happened. IET Basic Level students are attuned to an angelic energy ray whose primary healing focus is the physical and emotional levels. Basic Level IET practitioners can work directly with the physical body to support the clearing of physical and emotional traumatic energy that has been suppressed into the cellular memory of the human body.

One of the difficulties in supporting the healing of cellular memory is that as the energy of the trauma begins to release from the cellular memory, the person may involuntarily re-suppress the trauma so that they can avoid experiencing it. Thus, the trauma stays suppressed.

One of the gifts of IET’s angelic energy is that it does not require the person to re-experience the trauma in order to clear it. Rather, the IET energy can allow the person to emotionally float in an angelic energy field of safety and peace while the energy of the trauma is safely released from their cellular memory. IET does not require a person to relive the trauma to release the trauma. In IET we think of it as “healing without feeling”.

Supporting the clearing of cellular memory is only half the task. Once the trauma has been released from the cellular memory, the cellular memory must be filled with an empowerment imprint that is the energetic opposite of the trauma that was cleared. IET Basic Practitioners are empowered to do just this. As the traumatic energy is released, the Basic Level IET angelic energy ray automatically fills the cellular memory with the appropriate empowerment imprint. The Basic Level IET session systematically energizes and integrates the 9 cellular memory areas, allows the support of the physical body, the clearing of the 9 primary suppressed emotions, and the imprinting of 9 primary empowerment energies.

From Healing the Hurt to Living the Dream – IET Does It All: Part 2

Part 2: The Human Energy Field Integrated Energy Therapy® empowers you with multi-dimensional holistic healing tools. Holistic healing is the process of supporting a person in their self-healing of body, mind, and spirit. In IET® this takes the form of supporting the clearing and empowering of the cellular memory, human energy field, and 12 Strand DNA. Each level of IET brings its unique gift to support the healing of one or more of these areas.

In this second part of my three-part article, I focus on the role of clearing and empowering the human energy field. In the last cyber journal, I discussed the role of cellular memory (part 1) and in the next cyber journal, I will discuss the role of the 12 Strand DNA.

Manifesting your Soul’s Mission: Our soul uses our human energy field as a mechanism for the energy of the pure potential of our soul’s mission to manifest into the physical reality of our world. Our soul uses our human energy field to draw to us all the people, places, settings, circumstances, and experiences we need to help us in fulfilling our soul’s mission in this lifetime. By means of our human energy field, our soul will draw to us wonderful experiences of love, joy, happiness, ease, and harmony. Our soul can also use our human energy field to draw to us experiences of difficulty, challenge, and struggle. All of these experiences help us grow spiritually and support us in fulfilling our soul’s mission.

The Human Energy Field: The human energy field is the egg-shaped pattern of life force energy that surrounds every human being. When this human energy field is perceived through human extrasensory perception (e.g. seeing it clairvoyantly or feeling it clairsentient) it appears to have distinctive layers. In IET we work with a four-layer model of the human energy field (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

As we grow, the energetic patterns contained in our 12 Strand DNA develop into energetic imprints in our human energy field. These energetic imprints can form at any or all levels of the human energy field. As energetic imprints form, they affect our interrelationship with the world around us and they can create a potential for attracting certain experiences to us in life that our soul wishes to have. Since our human energy field is in essence a two-directional filter, we perceive the world around us through the filter of our human energy field and the world perceives us through this same filter. Thus, our human energy field shapes how we see the world and how the world sees us.

When our human energy field attracts more that we can safely experience: As the world around us responds to the imprints our 12 Strand DNA creates in our human energy field, we draw to us the experience that our soul desires. Most of the time the experiences we draw to us are within our ability to safely accommodate, and we will safely grow spiritually through them.

Sometimes, we draw to us experiences that are more than we can safely experience at the time. When this happens, we will disassociate from our feelings, and suppress the traumatic energy of the experience into the cellular memory of our body and into our human energy field.

When the energy of a traumatic experience is suppressed as an energy imprint into the human energy field it also shapes how we see the world and how the world sees us just like the imprints created by our 12 Strand DNA. Furthermore, the energy of trauma suppressed into our human energy field, if left uncleared, can attract more of the same trauma making it more likely that the hurt will happen to us again in the future.

Intermediate Level Practitioners can help people; heal the pain of the past, limit the future repetition of hurtful traumatic experiences, and improve their experience of life in the present: The Intermediate IET energy and techniques provide us with a powerful extension to the Basic energy and techniques that allow us to easily clear energy imprints from the human energy field. The clearing is focused on the four layers of the human energy field with the goal of reducing or removing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (karmic) traumatic imprints. The intermediate IET session not only includes energizing and integrating techniques (as done in the Basic level session) but also introduces trigger and release techniques as well.

As Intermediate level IET Practitioners, we gain two important abilities:

  1. We can be even more effective than a Basic practitioner to help people self-heal the hurts that have happened by quickly and deeply clearing the imprints of these traumatic hurts from the human energy field. This not only helps heal the pains of the past but also, improves the experience of the present since the person sees the world through a clearer human energy field.
  2. We can effectively work to limit future hurts that could happen by clearing imprints from the human energy field. Not only does the elimination of the traumatic imprints from the human energy field eliminate the attraction of the traumatic situations, but also, the world will see the person in a more empowered light through the clearer human energy field.

The Benefits of Having a Spiritual Obstetrician

A spiritual obstetrician is a soul buddy or soul mate who helps you safely bring your spiritual gifts out of the metaphoric closet where you are hiding them and bring them into the world. Your spiritual obstetrician sees the wonderful gifts that you have to offer the world, but they do not have the fears that hold you back from bringing your gifts out into the world. It is part of your spiritual obstetrician’s soul’s mission to lovingly help bring you and your gifts out of the closet, onto the stage of your life, and shine a spotlight on your gifts and talents so that others can see and benefit from them.

My spiritual obstetrician was Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson Ph.D. (see photo). I first met Linda in January of 1994 when she came to my office to see if an IET session could help her with an overactive thyroid (Grave’s disease). At that time, IET was still in its early stages of development, and I had only recently begun to channel messages. So I was quite nervous about having a client who was a Ph.D. psychologist who might determine that what I thought were my spiritual gifts, were really a symptom of some psychosis.

In our first IET session we were joined by a very powerful spiritual presence that filled me with so much love that tears flowed from my eyes, heat radiated from my hands and my hands began to shake. When Linda asked what was happening, despite my fears, I let her know that there was a loving presence in the room that I felt was there to help her heal. Rather than pronounce me as psychotic, Linda (a devoted Star Trek Trekkie) was thrilled and she asked the presence “what is your name?” The presence eventually answered through my voice giving the name “Ariel”. As I continued the IET session, Linda asked Ariel several more questions and Ariel answered her questions through my voice. At the end of the session, I was afraid that Linda would criticize me and leave, but she said she liked the IET session, especially the part about talking to Ariel, and she made an appointment for another session saying she wanted to talk to Ariel again.

Over the next few weeks, Linda and I learned several things. We learned that Ariel was an Angel, Ariel was here to help Linda and me, and miraculously Linda’s thyroid problems had disappeared. Linda got the idea to interview Angel Ariel through me, we would write a book based on the interview and call it Interview with an Angel. Angel Ariel not only agreed to be interviewed, but let us know that she had arranged for Linda and me to meet, and the book was Angel Ariel’s idea so that she could get her message out to those who could not receive her wisdom directly. It was because of Linda’s loving role as my spiritual obstetrician that I not only became a channel for Angel Ariel’s messages but also undertook the role of Linda’s co-author.

For two years Linda interviewed Angel Ariel through me resulting in 50 hours of audio recordings. These recordings were transcribed and edited into book form, and in 1997 Interview with an Angel was published and Angel Ariel’s words began to appear in bookstores.

Having the book published was for me like walking a tightrope. I was quite excited to be a published author and thrilled to have helped Angel Ariel bring her message to the world. But in creating the book, Linda had lovingly pulled me out of my metaphoric closet where I had hid my channeling abilities, and I was terrified about what would happen when the world found out that I channeled messages from an angel named Ariel.

Linda, again serving as my spiritual obstetrician, pulled me further out of the closet by arranging for a series of book signings at bookstores around NJ and PA. While I was quite nervous about appearing in public as a channel for Angel Ariel, I soon found the book signing attendees to be eager to hear Angel Ariel’s messages and wonderfully supportive of the work Linda and I were doing.

Linda then pulled me even further out of the closet by arranging for us to appear as guests on radio and TV shows across the country and booking us as speakers at Expos in MD and TX as well as at the American Society of Dowers Conference and the Canadian Society of Dowsers Conference. Since each of these public speaking events was something that I had never done before, I was quite fearful of doing them and I would never have arranged them on my own. It was only through the loving support of my spiritual obstetrician Linda that I had the courage to do them. These public appearances not only presented me with the opportunity to face and overcome some of my deepest fears, but they also provided us with a wonderful opportunity to share Angel Ariel’s messages with larger and larger audiences.

Each event turned out to be a wonderful experience. We received love and support wherever we went. As I overcame my fears, I discovered that I had a natural gift for presenting Angel Ariel’s message in public and sharing with others my experiences working with Angel Ariel. I also knew that I was living a large part of my soul’s purpose. I understood that Linda had seen my gifts right from our first meeting and she had used her fearlessness, combined with her strength and skill, to help me bring my gifts into the world. I also understood that as we worked together Linda was fulfilling her soul’s mission and bringing her spiritual gifts into the world.

As time went on, my work with Interview with an Angel and IET began to merge. I had initially discovered some of the IET techniques by working with clients during my Reiki sessions. As my connection to Angel Ariel became stronger, Angel Ariel began to channel information and techniques about IET that led to the creation of the IET system that we know today. The public speaking skills that I discovered and refined presenting lectures about Interview with an Angel naturally allowed me to present lectures about IET. Groups that had invited me to give a lecture about Interview with an Angel now invited me to give a lecture about IET. And many of those lectures resulted in me being invited to return and offer IET classes.

I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to Linda. It is because of her skill as my spiritual obstetrician that I was able to overcome my fears and cultivate my gifts so that both Interview with an Angel and IET could be brought into the world. It was a great loss to us all when in December of 2013 Linda left this world to continue her work from the Angelic Realm as she helps Angel Ariel heal the world one heart at a time.

It is my sincere hope that you too will find your spiritual obstetrician and they will lovingly help you bring your gifts out of the closet and into the world where we can all benefit from them.

Set Your Energetic Vision for the New Year

Set Your Energetic Vision for the New Year by creating my own personal vision board. This provides my angels with an energetic road map of the types of people, places, settings, situations, and things that I would like them to work on behind the scenes to help me connect within the upcoming year. It also opens my energy channels to allow me to open-heartedly receive them when they show up in my life so that I do not ignore them or push them away.

A vision board is a simple visual arrangement of images and words that touch your heart and move your soul. The elements of your vision board represent the vibration of what you would like to have in your life in this upcoming year. They do not have to be the exact images of what you desire, rather, they are images that have the same vibrational quality. These images can represent what would fill your heart with happiness and joy if they were to materialize in your life this year.

Creating a vision board is a powerful process for all IET students of any level of training, but it is especially powerful for students who have completed the Advanced Level IET Training. The Advanced Level IET attunement powerfully connects the student’s energy field to their Soul Star (their 8th Chakra) and opens them to the energy of their Soul’s Mission. When an Advanced Level student creates a vision board they not only create their energetic vision at a personal level but also at a soul level, which adds an even deeper dimension to the energetic vision they create.

No matter what levels of IET training you have completed, I recommend that as this new year begins, that you set your own energetic vision by creating your own personal vision board.

Here is how I create my vision boards.

  1. I collect a pile of discarded magazines that I can tear apart.
  2. Then I put on some gentle music and I quickly flip through the magazines and tear out any pages that have a word or image that energetically feels like what I would like to have in my life in this upcoming year. I don’t think too much about what I tear out. If a page has images or words that touch me then I rip it out, put it in the pile of torn-out pages, and continue to flip and tear.
  3. Once I have amassed a pile of pages with images or words that can potentially go on my vision board, I go through these pages again and do a second review and either keep or discard the page. This results in a pile of images and words that I would like to put on my vision board.
  4. Next, I use a pair of scissors to cut out the desired images and words I would like to use on my vision board and put them aside.
  5. Then, I place the cut-out images and words on top of a piece of poster board (any poster board stock that is about 2-3 ft by 2-3 ft (about 1m by 1m or slightly smaller). As each image or word is added, I move the images around until the final arrangement feels right to me.
  6. Once the arrangement feels right, I use a glue stick to glue each of the images or words onto the poster board.
  7. With all of the images glued to the poster board, I heartlink to Angel Ariel, all of the Healing Angels, my own personal angels, and in prayer I invite them to work with me and through me; to guide, direct, surround and protect me; and to make this for my highest good and highest healing.
  8. I then heartlink to all of the people, places, settings, situations and things that have the same energetic resonance with the images and words I have placed on my vision board and I send them a heartfelt invitation to work with the angels and enter my life in the divine right time and the divine right way.
  9. Finally, I leave my heartlinks in place and with gratitude thank the angels for manifesting all of these people, places, settings, situations, and things into my life. I offer my gratitude as though they had appeared even though they have not yet appeared. This opens my heart center to receive them when they do appear.
  10. I place my vision board in a place that I can see it each day. And each day I heartlink to the angels and to all of the people, places, settings, situations, and things represented on my vision board. What I have experienced year after year is that what I have put on my vision board, or something even better in accordance with my highest good and highest healing, appears in my life.

The Secret

To All IET Students: The popular DVD entitled The Secret, recently featured on Oprah’s TV show, has touched the lives of people around the world. The Secret is an entertaining and informative presentation of how your thoughts create your reality and what you envision will manifest in your life. It is a very worthwhile DVD to see.

The IET Advanced level training encompasses what is presented in The Secret and more. At the Advanced level, we identify four separate phases that you pass through in bringing your dreams alive (something we call the four Es). The Secret beautifully illustrates the first three phases. The fourth phase is a key part of why Advance Level IET sessions are so effective.

According to Angel Ariel, each soul incarnates with a very specific mission that will allow it to have wonderful experiences, develop wisdom, build spiritual mastery, serve others, and experience pure joy.

The first phase of manifesting anything in the world begins with what we call the Energetic Potential (the first E). The energetic potential for your soul’s mission is contained in your soulstar, or eighth chakra, located about four feet above the top of your head. Whenever there is something you want to manifest, that is in alignment with your soul’s mission, the energetic potential for it will be present in your soulstar.

The second phase helps you Envision your mission by bringing the energetic potential into focus. As this happens, the energetic potential moves through your first and second IET cellular memory areas and you begin to see glimpses; bits, and pieces of what you wish to manifest in life. The more you focus on your dream, the clearer it becomes. The Advanced level training even teaches you how to use a technique called a visionboard to help you clarify your dream.

The third phase helps you hold your vision in your heart and Embrace it. As you embrace your vision the energetic potential moves through your third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh IET cellular memory areas and it becomes your heart’s desire. This moves the energy further into alignment with your being and brings it closer to manifestation.

The fourth and final phase is called Enacting. In this final phase, the energy you have embraced moves down through your eighth and ninth IET cellular memory areas and grounds into the earth where it will manifest. I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of the clients I have served, that all too often the energy will reach this final phase and we will slam on the brakes and keep our dream from becoming a reality. It is like the child who dreams of diving off the high diving board, and one day climbs up onto the diving board, runs out to the end of the board, and then freezes with fear and can’t dive off. Fortunately, the Advanced IET session introduces soulstar clearing and muscle tension-relaxation techniques that can clear these final phase blockages that stop you from diving into life and bringing your dreams alive.

Angel Ariel says that “It is our heart’s desire to help you bring your heart’s desire alive in the world”. She also says that all too often she sees an image in which there is a person with an angel on either side of them helping them stay on course towards their dream, an angel in front opening all of the doors to their dream, and an angel behind pushing them forward towards their dream. And all the while there are heel marks as the person resists manifesting their dream. One of our goals in IET is to help you stop dragging your feet and easily pass through the wonderful doorways to your destiny as your dreams come true.

Whether it is through The Secret or Advanced IET or some other supportive technique, I hope and pray that you Envision, Embrace, and Enact the Energetic Potential of your dreams and bring them alive in the world.