Meet the Staff

Barbara Stepniak BS is the Director/Owner of The Center of Being, Inc and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®). She has been part of the Center of Being, Inc for 14 years collaborating closely with the developer, Stevan Thayer, to learn and understand his teachings. In 2012 Stevan invited her to take over the center and she became the director/owner in 2023. She has been involved in the healing arts for more than 15 years after learning about alternative holistic modalities during her courses of study. In 2016 she completed a Transformation Psychology degree and received certificates in Life Coaching, Holistic Wellness and Hypnotherapy. She currently runs The Center of Being, teaches IET classes, IET events and runs a series of IET calls daily to support the IET community along their spiritual journey. You can contact her at

Kylee Sullivan began working with The Center of Being in 2020. She is now the Part-time Assistant Director. Kylee has worked closely with Barbara Stepniak during the past 3 years to learn and understand the IET system. She assists Barbara with the day to day operations of the Center of Being. You can reach Kylee at