Meet the Staff

Barbara is the Director and Owner of The Center of Being, Inc. She is responsible for running The Center of Being and overseeing the teachings of Integrated Energy Therapy® worldwide. She is knowledgeable about all things relating to IET.  She holds free daily conference calls to support the IET community. For over fifteen years, she studied and used many different modalities and techniques. Through these experiences, she gained a love and passion for a holistic lifestyle. Barbara’s goal is to empower and inspire others to engage in self-care.  She stresses the need to be mindful, and to respond rather than react to life. When we respond rather than react it helps create the balance we seek. Her work includes a mixture of simple techniques to improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Together we can help heal the world one heart at a time by getting the “issues out of your tissues” and living the life you love and loving the life you live!

You can contact her at