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The Healing Angels of the Energy Field Blessing Journal

As universal beings, we are born with a connection to Divine-Universal-Angelic Energy. Angels are always around us and want to assist in our lives. We simply need to ask for their assistance to receive their beautiful blessings, they will not interfere with self-will. In this journal, you will learn a short simple technique that allows you to connect with each of the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field. The Healing Angels of the Energy Field are part of the Integrated Energy Therapy system, a hands-on energy modality, Created by Stevan J Thayer, at The Center of Being. Each angel has five blessings for a total of 45 blessings.

During this 45-day journal experience, simply connect with one angel a day, receive their blessing, and follow the journal prompts to notate how the blessing shows up in your life. You can complete this over 45 consecutive days and repeat it as many times as you would like. Allow the magic of the angels to surround you, strengthen your connection to the angels, heighten your awareness of the universal divine energy, and raise your vibration to the vibration of LOVE.

As we know the more we connect with the angels, the stronger our connections get with them. This is the perfect opportunity to start the daily habit of connecting with the angels. Take this time to meditate with each angel and blessing. Really think of all the ways big or small that the blessings start to show up in your life, use this opportunity to practice asking for their assistance on things you need to manifest and enjoy the energy they bring to your life.

Give the gift of learning to connect with the angels by giving the journal to a friend. They will learn the Heartlink process so they too can connect and experience the presence and blessings of the angels. What is the perfect gift to give to a friend, family member, or client?

This goes perfectly with the bags of blessings and angel cards for an even better experience. You can pull a blessing card from the bag and then use the journal to connect with the blessing you pulled. The angel cards give you the full prayer of invitation for each angel. What a great way to connect, just pull an angel a day and connect with their energy.

It has been over a year since I began the practice of mindfully connecting with the angels each day, letting them know what I need assistance with, and meditating with their energy. The connection with the angels always keeps me in the energy of love and gratitude. I am less stressed and more easily able to hold space for others as they move along their journey.

Build your IET® community with Facebook 

By Edmund Carroll

Facebook brings to you a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. With over 200 million active users it is a great personal and business tool to connect with like-minded people. It allows you the chance to have a personal profile, create a page, share resources, and promote yourself. I have found Facebook to be a very effective tool for promoting my own IET classes. It is a great way to put your information out there, give an overview of what Integrated Energy Therapy® is, and what the benefits are, and advertise your classes or sessions. As with any advertising, it is important to adhere to the IET Copyrights requirements and the IET Code of Ethics in your Facebook posts so that you promote yourself with high integrity and respect. Remember you are what you post and first impressions can only be done once. Below are some guidelines and suggestions for using Facebook to help build your community.

Facebook profiles: The information and “about you” sections include all information to explain what you do, and how to connect to you, and include phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You can add your website here as well, so people can click right over and see your website. You can list all the services and/or classes that you offer.

Facebook Pages: Create a page to promote your business. Share your events, classes, session information, links to your website, and testimonials. Stay active on the “page connect” with your followers and respond to their questions.

Facebook Groups: There are many groups that you can join or even create to connect with others in your area and it is a great tool for networking. Groups can have different settings – some are open to the public others are invitation only. Creating a Facebook group that you moderate is a great way to connect with your own clients and students. Always keep it simple and general; never post personal information about your clients or students.

Use the “Like” feature: When you “like” other pages that you work with or who support you, you have the chance of reaching a better audience and connecting with more people. It also shows your community that you are staying up to date with the happenings in your area and services.

Share Links: You can share links to specific information on your website. This is the perfect opportunity to share classes, session information, and promotions that will direct your community to your website. I love to share personal and professional quotations.

Connect to Others: In the beginning, you may just be connecting with friends and family which is great, but think about reaching out to others who offer the same services, and share your professional interests or needs. This a great tool to connect with other IET Master Instructor or students.

Create Events: Create events for your classes and share them with all your contacts who you think would be interested in attending them. I have found that at least 80% of my class attendees come from seeing my events on Facebook.

As with any form of advertising please understand the platform you are using, read the privacy policies, understand your settings, and practice safety.

IET, The Ascension Process and the Merkaba
By Leon Pelletier

As IET Trainer Greetings and Heartlinks to all that choose to read this article. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts about the topic that I chose: Integrated Energy Therapy, the Ascension Process and the Merkaba. I would like to start by offering some of my knowledge and understanding about the term “Merkaba” that I have come across in the last sixteen years. It does have other spellings like ‘merkabah’ and ‘merkavah’. It can also be pronounced differently by either putting the accent on the middle or on the last syllable.

The science of the merkaba goes far beyond the scope of this article. In essence, the merkaba is the ‘vehicle’ that makes it possible for us to maintain our memory/consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. The Merkaba is the ‘vehicle’ that has the potential to bring our memory/consciousness of our soul’s mission into the physical world at our birth. It also brings our memory/consciousness of our soul’s mission back into spirit at our death where it may remain in spirit and/or incarnate back into another physical incarnation. In its optimum state of being, our merkaba is the vibrations/frequencies of love and gratitude. And from this place it is able to cultivate a concept of its reality relating to its Divine energetic likeness/limitless potential, thus making it possible to more easily live the soul’s mission within the Divine Plan.

The merkaba is a field of energy in the nature of consciousness. It is a living entity that can be a fractal expression of the Divine that has the potential to tap into the limitless energy that pervades our universe. When fully activated in our present state of experience it can
be, more or less, sixty feet (18.288 m) in diameter. The field can be measured with dousing rods.

The merkaba, sometimes referred to as the “Chariot of God”, is an ancient word that is used to relate to the container or the vehicle of one’s consciousness. It is a word that is used to relate to our spiritual anatomy. The term is really three words in one and is briefly
described by the following:
• Mer is counter rotating energy fields emanating a light known throughout the universe that when activated/started is likened to a car with its Mer/motor running and in drive when fully activated. There are a number of teachers teaching many different ways to activate the ‘mer’ that are beyond the scope of this article. The IET Ascension process is a wonderful way to activate your ‘mer’ as I touch upon in the
next to last paragraph of this article.
• Ka is our Spirit, our Soul, our Divine Essence. It is our Divine Connection that always stays with us. It vibrates to our Divine frequency/resonance.
• Ba denotes ‘body’ and is the energy relating to the non-physical aspects of the IET model of our 12-Strand DNA. It can contain resistance/limitation or nonresistance/limitless energy that affects our ability to manifest the experience of our heart’s desires. It attracts/creates from its likeness so one needs to be mindful of one’s energy that one chooses to cultivate in order to attract/create what one truly desires.

Keep in mind while spirits do not have physical bodies, they do however define their ba by the concept of the reality that they choose to take with their ka. Another way to say this is that a spirit’s body/ba can be anything that it chooses to cultivate in its energy field like an IET empowerment virtue or belief system. The essence of its ka is constant and relates to the intention of the source or origin of its creation.

Integrated Energy Therapy can be applied in the process of making adjustments in our ba, the non-physical aspects relating to the energy described in the IET 12-strand DNA model. IET gives us a method to address our energy field by using our attention and intention in the focus of a session, class, technique or process. It puts us in charge of the responsibility to always check into our heart’s desires to determine what we need to work on at any given moment. I particularly like the way that IET begins with the Heartlink, a technique that has the potential to tap into the true essence of our power: love and gratitude.

The challenge that we all face is to maintain the awareness of that essence and apply it to our co-creations. Another way of saying this is that IET offers us a method to awaken to our full potential by supporting us to hold the vibrations of love and gratitude that help us to remember, to redeem and to integrate the Divine aspects of our ka into our ba and to fully activate the ‘vehicle’ (merkaba) of our Divine essence/consciousness.

I believe that the IET Ascension Process, Step 13 in the IET Steps to Transformation, in itself has the potential to activate the field of the merkaba. The process, like all IET sessions, classes, techniques and processes begins with the Heartlink. It then brings in the energy of the IET Steps to Transformation 8 – 12. Then the energy is further optimized by the invocation of the IET Energy Rays. The next part of this process is to me the key/climax when the participants facilitate the creation of each their ‘heart stars’ then cultivate the energy of gratitude to anchor the ‘heart star’ permanently into the heart-center. The ‘icing on the cake’ now comes when the process turns to the intention of meeting and receiving love from the ‘soul council’ and learning/using the ‘infinity symbol’ to re-activate the heart star.

To cut to the chase, let us now go right to what was suggested to be the ‘key/climax’ to the Ascension Process. The indigenous peoples of the world have long since applied a similar way to connect before doing ceremony that relates to facilitating the creation of the ‘heart star’. The process itself is sometimes referred to as ‘The Unity Breath/Meditation’. This process is like two human Heartlinks: first one is sent down from the heart to the heartcenter of the Earth (Divine Mother) then one is sent up from the heart to the heart-center of the universe (Divine Father). Like all times when we send our love/gratitude to the Divine, the Divine sends Its’ love/energy back to us. When this happens, a synergy of Divine Mother/Father love is cultivated in the heart-center. This process can activate and magnify the energy of the merkaba especially when the energy of the Child is also acknowledged and merged with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father; The Sacred Trinity of Love!

Conclusion: IET attunements, sessions, techniques and classes are powerful ways in which to focus our attention and intention to make adjustments in our ba. The degree in which we work on ourselves to clear the resistance to love ourselves relates to the amount of love that we are able to hold and unfold from the Heartlink of our Divine connection. The way in which love opens the door to this connection with gratitude holding the door open are key to the process of attuning, activating, optimizing and integrating Divine Intelligence into our merkaba. The optimum nature of our Divine energy field takes our daily attention and intention to simply acknowledge and appreciate its presence in our hearts. To acknowledge and to appreciate its presence is to also acknowledge with gratitude its ability to cultivate the human energy field with whatever forms of the energy that are needed to empower us to walk the walk of your soul’s mission with love, gratitude, confidence, humility, compassion, truth, ease, safety or other virtue. Blessings on your walk!

By Maria Peterson

Recently a student asked me about her feelings of wanting to run away from clients at the end of giving an IET session. As I began to write a reply to her, a wonderful piece of information came forward in the response which is the basis of this article. So “thank you” to my student for her question of ‘Why do I feel like I want to run away at the end of giving an IET session?’

Carolyn Myss says that we meet people in our hearts through our wounds, and that we evolve, by changing this meeting place, by healing the wound and moving the relationship to another plane/place of EXISTENCE.

As I began to answer my student’s question, I realized that each of us has our own set of experiences. It is through these experiences that we have our wisdom and knowledge and it is through similar experiences that we meet people and draw them into our lives.

I experienced how this energy of meeting worked when I gave a talk at SEARCH, a nonprofit organization for awareness and expansion, located in Rochester, MN. During the talk a woman in the audience kept smiling at me and connecting with me in a very loving and fun way. After the talk she came up to me and started saying that she felt like we knew each other from other lifetimes. In our conversation she told me that her son had died at a young age. I knew instantly where we connected in the heart. My son had also died, something that I had not revealed during the talk. She and I were connecting through our similar experience, very deeply in our hearts.

Whenever we give an IET session we also receive an IET session. We also tend to attract clients who have the same issues as we do, and we never attract more than we can safely handle. What happens during an IET session is that we connect in the heart with people’s energy. Sometimes it is similar to our experience and sometimes not. The energy that is similar can create fear in us because we may not feel that we are ready to look at it yet or simply we are just plain afraid to look at it.

As we all know, it involves some hard effort to look at and even think about what we want to do with what we’ve just discovered in ourselves. Making a discovery of this energy within us is awareness. This awareness is Divine Inspiration and energetic potential. It’s showing which energy is motivating our actions.

For me, not wanting to look at it usually has to do with judgment towards myself. I didn’t act like I wanted to… so there is shame and guilt and shoulds. Then I have to move through all that icky emotional stuff before I come to the action that I think is proper and right. Proper and Right action is Divine Direction orenvisioning. I can look at the situation and feel the emotion, letting myself experience it.

If I let myself experience the emotion, which is what I was avoiding in the first place, I allow my mind and heart to embrace what has happened. This is healing. This is being in the present moment. This is empowerment. Now my being can move on to embrace the right and proper action for the situation in both my mind and my heart and be willing to carry out this action.

The hardest part for me is carrying that action out. Knowing the right and proper action is one thing, actually Enacting it and carrying it out involves strength and courage. Sometimes it involves an apology, sometimes going back into a situation that was unpleasant and clarifying what I meant and listening to see if the person hearing me is hearing what I mean and not running a tape in their head. This means that I have to listen too and not be thinking of what I’m going to say next. Just take in the words, actions and feelings of the moment and then come to a conclusion.

By looking at our everyday life and using the four ‘Es’ is how all of my actions and yours can have sacredness and help us move through our fears. Whether we’ve just given an IET session or we are just moving in life.
The four “E’s” of IET are:
Energetic potential

Integrating the Gift of Reiki into Your IET Sessions by Hallie Sawyers

This simple method of enhancing an IET session was suggested to me by my Reiki guides and The Healing Angels of the Energy Field. It offers a way to combine the synergistic energies of Reiki and IET to create a dynamic, multi-dimensional healing session. I have been using it since the beginning of April 2003 with wonderful results.

The protocol involves the Reiki Level Two distance healing symbol as I was taught to use it by my Reiki Master Teacher, Esther Velthiem. This method also invites additional assistance from The Healing Angels of the Energy Field to further augment the session. The practitioner needs to be attuned to Reiki Level Two and be familiar with each of the Healing Angels who govern the 9 IET Cellular Memory Areas in order to implement the following techniques.
Prior to the Appointment: Prior to the session ask your client to contemplate the following question from page 12 of the Basic IET manual. This provides a powerful way to assist the person receiving in forming and beginning to manifest their intention prior to the appointment. It also works wonderfully to set the stage any healing modality! Question: If you could shift, change, clear, modify, empower, expand or manifest ANYTHING with the energy of this session what would it be? Once they arrive for the appointment, I ask them about what came up in response to this question and we hone the intent for the session.
Before You Begin:
1. Stand at your client’s side, call in and heartlink to The Healing Angels of the Energy Field – Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael.
2. After allowing the angelic energy of compassion and healing to fill you to overflowing, heartlink to your client and allow the overflow to benefit them through the human heartlink. .
3. Call in your Reiki guides and ask that they assist in channeling Reiki into this healing session.
4. At this point I offer my opening prayer to all the guides and angels assembled. Feel free to use this or whatever works for you:
Mother/Father God, Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, Reiki Guides and Master Teachers in Spirit, all the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, I humbly ask your assistance in this healing session for client’s name. Thank you for enveloping us in the angelic light of healing, safety and protection, removing the  cause and core of all negativity across all dimensions of time and space, and manifesting the highest order of the intention for this session and something even better !
5. Use the heartlink symbol to bring the starburst of IET energy down into your client’s abdomen and channel IET energy though your heartlink to your client for about a minute.
6. Proceed to treat the nine cellular memory areas as described in the highest level of IET you have been trained, adding in the following additions:
Integrating Reiki into your IET session:
7. Once seated at the head of the table, place your hands over cellular memory area number one and visualize sending the Reiki Level Two distance healing symbol, followed by the mental/emotional symbol and the power symbol into your client’s third eye (sixth chakra) – that area just above and between the brows. This can be done by sending the symbols line by line or whole if they come to you this way.
8. Then intend (say to yourself): “This hand position now corresponds to all of the hand positions in this healing session for client’s name.” Then as you move your hands throughout the IET session, repeat the phrase above to yourself at each hand position. Be certain to keep one hand on your client at all times to maintain the connection established though the distance healing symbol. If you feel you have lost your ‘connection’ you can focus on the client’s third eye, resend the symbols and repeat your intention to yourself from number 9 above. When working with techniques where both hands are off the body (Soul Star Clearing and Pink Bubble Technique), simply intend that the positions of your hands remain connected to all hand positions in the session. Your intent is the most powerful form of action. This method uses the distance healing symbol to link all of the areas where you will be and have been placing your hands. This allows each hand position to receive a continuous flow of Reiki energy
throughout the session. The use of the mental/emotional and the power symbols are intended to further harmonize and boost the flow of Reiki energy throughout the session. The Healing Angels of the Energy Field also take advantage of this technique. The method creates a kind of interconnected web of healing circuitry which they use to continue to work on all the cellular memory areas regardless of the placement of the practitioner’s hands. Integrating the gift of the Healing Angels of the Energy Field into your IET session.
9. Once you have connected all hand positions with the technique described above, work through the IET session by calling in the healing angel of the energy field who governs each cellular memory area as you progress to that area – Ariel*, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael.
* Archangel Ariel governs the Soul Star and she can be called in to assist with this technique from the advanced Level of IET as well as assisting in the overall session if you are not offering advanced techniques. The intentional involvement of the angels augments the healing power of the session even further. You can invite the angels’ assistance in the following way or whatever works for you:

Healing Angel Invocation:
(Arch)Angel ______________, thank you for energizing, triggering and releasing the cellular memory of guilt, distrust, shame, threat, shoulds, heartache/betrayal, resentment/anger, stress/powerlessness, or fear from this cellular memory area.
When you reach the integration phase, thank/ask the angels again for their assistance in imprinting the original energetic essence:
(Arch)Angel ______________, thank you for imprinting the energy of innocence, trust, spiritual pride, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, ease, or safety manifesting client’s name intention across all dimensions of time and space and something even better !
Holographic Healing The use of the phrase ‘across all dimensions of time and space’ is intended to open the practitioner and client to the multidimensional aspect of soul energy across the hologram of existence. If all of life is holographic in nature – ONE BEING, ONE MIND, ONE ENERGY – then each person’s intent within a session can be a reflection of a portion of the healing which all beings seek. We are individualized aspects of One Being, One Heart, One Healing. By acknowledging this in the intentional contact with the angels and guides who attend and assist the session, the practitioner becomes a channel through which healing is offered to the hologram of being. Described another way, when one person heals in a group of beings who are intimately connected by some means – birth, friendship, etc., – the person who has healed then embodies the energetic blueprint which all beings in that group can access and begin to heal the same or similar patterns for themselves. So by intentionally working with the multidimensional aspect of the soul’s energy across the hologram of existence, the client receives healing on a quantum level and the session becomes a template through which this healing can be offered to the hologram of life itself – Holographic Healing.
And Something Even Better ! The use of the phrase ‘and something even better’ is intended to open the healer and client to the miracles that can occur when human agendas are discarded and the Divine is allowed in to manifest what is best in the unfoldment of the soul’s journey. Spirit knows the perfect path for each soul and when we open to that our lives are transformed. A Blessing May the gift of integrating the twin miracles of Reiki and IET open you further to the magnificence of your healing path. And may the healing that comes through you be returned to you a thousand-fold and something even better !

Namaste, Hallie – Hallie E. Sawyers is a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, a traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Nationally
Certified in Holistic Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage, and a BodyTalk practitioner.