IET – Your Journey to Joy

By Stevan Thayer August 2016Energize-Trigger-Release-Integrate- Pure Joy.

When I first channeled this IET treatment sequence from Angel Ariel I was skeptical that this sequence could actually make me feel joy. You see, at that time my life, I was anything but joy-filled. In fact I had suppressed so many emotions that I had become an emotional flatliner. I seriously doubted that I was capable of feeling joy. Drawn by the hope that Angel Ariel was right, I attuned a few close energy worker friends and shared the IET treatment sequence them. Then we gave each other IET sessions to see what would happen.

I discovered that each time I received an IET session, I felt heat from the IET practitioners hands, I felt tingling within my body and I released emotions that I didn’t even know that I had suppressed within me. After the session I felt better, lighter, calmer and a bit more hopeful, but I didn’t seem to be experiencing the joy that I was expecting.

As I received more and more IET sessions (both as self-treatments as well as treatments I received from IET practitioners), I continued to feel better, lighter, calmer, more hopeful and my life began to improve. I also began to feel a new sensation in my heart-center that was hard to describe. The feeling was subtle and quite enjoyable. It created a stillness and a sense of wellbeing in my heart-center. A sort of soft smile in my heart.

Even though when I went back into the world this feeling in my heart-center disappeared, I knew I was hooked on IET. I really liked the way that my life was improving after I received IET sessions as a client, or gave IET sessions as a practitioner, and I was drawn to re-experiencing this new feeling in my heart-center, even if at the time it appeared only temporary.

I did not know then that this wonderful subtle feeling in my heart-center was the joy that Angel Ariel was talking about. You see I was expecting to be overwhelmed with a feeling of joy so powerful that I could not contain it and it would make me laugh uncontrollably with joy. So I did not recognize this subtle feeling as joy.

I have come to understand that joy is always inside of you. The IET treatment sequence does not cause joy, rather, it opens up your ability to feel the joy that was always there and will always be there. The more that IET opens you to experience this joy within, the more that this joy will be part of your daily life.

Much to my delight I discovered another way that IET lets me experience Angel Ariel’s promise of joy. It happens when I teach IET classes. Specifically, during the IET attunement process. When I am channeling the angelic IET attunement energy down my Angelic Heartlink through my heart-center, down my arms and into my student, the joy in my heart-center is so strong that I can’t restrain it and I often laugh out loud with joy (which is a bit embarrassing so I warn my students ahead of time that this may happen).

My “IET Journey to Joy” continued when I was received the Higher Steps to Transformation from Angel Ariel. I learned that the Cherubs were the angels of Pure Joy. In Transformational Step 9: Pure Joy, I learned how to work with the Cherubs to help them weave an energetic layer of Pure Joy into the World Angel Grid and use the power of “blessing” to raise the vibration of my heart-center to the vibration of Pure Joy. Building on my previous experiences with joy through giving/receiving IET sessions and attuning IET students, the Step 9: Pure Joy Process brought me to the most incredible experience of joy yet. Each time I use my “Joy Stone” to re-activate the Step 9: Pure Joy Process my heart-center fills with joy, my face involuntarily smiles, as I chuckle with laughter. This is the joy that I was hoping for.

After traveling along my Journey to Joy for the past 20 years, I am happy to report that joy is now part of my daily life. Every day I re-activate Step 9 by touching my joy stone and focusing my mind on my heart-center. I am filled with joy, my face automatically smiles, my mind grows quiet and I am filled with peace. I then sit in this state and moment by moment focus my mind on the feeling of joy. As I inhale I feel joy. As a exhale I feel joy. Soon I am not aware of inhaling or exhaling, only the feeling of joy. When I finish, the world around me feels softer, more gentle, more loving. This feeling lasts longer and longer as I engage in the activities of my daily life.

My current IET Reach (an Master-Instructor technique) is to open so fully to the energy of Pure Joy that none of the outer circumstances of my life will diminish my experience of joy. I am not there yet, but I know that with IET I am on my way. I know that with IET you are too!

If you too would like to work with the Cherubs and learn how to experience Pure Joy, the Center of Being has made the Step 9: Pure Joy Processes available to the IET community via audio recordings in which I guide you step by step through the Pure Joy Process. In addition, all IET Master-Instructors are empowered to teach our official Step 9: Pure Joy Process as a special event or as part of a two-day Higher Steps (Steps 8 to 14) Workshop.