Why the Master-Instructor Level class is so much more than empowering you to teach!!!

By Barbara Stepniak Are you ready to improve all aspects of your life,  raise your vibration, release all limitations and create the life of your dreams? Is your soul calling you to be of higher service as you interact with people in your daily life? Are you ready to become the Master of your life?

I became a Master-Instructor in 2010. At that time I did not have any desire to teach the IET classes. This class was all about myself and moving through the life events I was facing. As a single mom going through a divorce after 14 years, losing both parents to cancer and tragically losing three siblings all in a very short time frame, I was feeling like a lost soul. This class gave me exactly what I needed to move through and heal from those events. As my energy field expanded, I was able to focus on my reach and understand I was to be of service to others even if it was not through teaching. I walked away understanding that this class is all about the mastery of the IET® energy. With the full expansion of the IET energy ray I could bring an even stronger level of IET energy as a practitioner to my self-treatment, absentee treatments and client sessions.

We all have a vision of what we are meant to do in the world which is called our Soul’s Mission but beyond our vision is the angels’ even greater and grander vision for us in the world – something we call our REACH. Wouldn’t you love to learn the ways to identify and claim that REACH? That is what the class is all about!! The more you work with the techniques from the class the better you will understand your Soul’s Mission and Reach.

According to Angel Ariel, all life follows a divine blueprint that scientists have labeled DNA. The Master-Instructor attunement works with the 6th pair of your 12-Strand DNA. It will expand, realign and restructure this pair of your DNA which brings you into alignment with the Divine. This activation also gives you the ability to activate the DNA of others and attune them to the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

So, of course, in this class you will focus on optimizing your 12-Strand DNA, which allows you to open your energetic pathways of manifestation to support you in living the life that you are destined to live and giving you an opportunity to be in vibrational alignment with your dreams and desires. In addition, you will learn new techniques that will enable you to help family, friends and clients live their visions as well.

There is plenty of time for playing in the IET energy during the class. You will practice giving and receiving attunements, as well as learn the special eight IET Master-Instructor techniques. These were all created to open your channels of manifestation, clear your resistance to manifesting your reach and bringing your dreams alive in the world. These are some of the most powerful techniques that I include into my daily self-care and self-healing practice.

  • 12-Strand DNA Alignment Technique is perfect for those times we feel “stuck” in life or feel impatient and want life to accelerate. It brings about an expansion of the “Four E’s” (Energetic Potential, Envisioning, Embracing and Enacting) to support you in living your soul’s mission with ease and with joy.
  • IET Powerburst technique is a starburst of angelic energy that along with the sacred geometric symbols can be used for additional healing support during a self-treatment, absentee treatment or client session, whenever additional healing support is needed. It can be integrated into a complete IET session or as a stand-alone technique.
  • IET I-Chi technique is a combination of a 12-Strand DNA Alignment and a heartbeam. It is designed to align and clear your energetic channel from the Soulstar to the 1st chakra and bring about an expansion of the “Four E’s” to support you in living your soul’s mission.
  • “IET Blessing Bowl” is a technique that helps you manifest your heart’s desires with ease and joy. You can also use this technique to help your clients manifest their heart’s desires. It is a special bowl that you will use, along with the power of your Master-Instructor level attunement, and the angels’ help to manifest your Reach or any aspect of your heart’s desire!!
  • “Heart-Hug” Technique is designed to support you in opening up your channels for giving and receiving love.
  • “Sacred Heartnet” expands the power of the Advanced Level IET Heartnet technique by adding both the IET Heartlink Sacred Geometric Symbol and the IET Heart-Hug. The Sacred Heartnet technique is a wonderful way to bring to you the people who, through the 5th DNA pair, are members of your soul cluster and who need to receive the gifts of service that you offer.
  • IET Energy Ray Amplification Technique teaches you to draw or visualize an IET sacred geometric symbol, with which you will instantly bring in, or “invoke” the power of the IET energy ray associated with that symbol.
  • IET Master-Instructor Session provides IET Master-Instructor practitioners with a wide variety of powerful techniques that they can include in their self-treatments and client sessions.

Once you receive your Master-Level attunement and you then choose to teach, you will not only be empowered to attune others but, more importantly, you will be empowered to re-attune yourself anytime you want. Each time you re-attune yourself you “Open the IET Energy Ray,” which greatly expands your human energy field and increases your capacity to channel the angelic IET Energy Rays. The more you use the attunement process, the more you expand your human energy field.

If you are ready to Reach for the Stars and Bring Your Vision to Life, improve all aspects of your being, raise your vibration, release all limitations, create the life of your dreams, be of higher service as you interact with people in your daily life and become the Master of your life to a higher degree, then the Master-Instructor Level class is for you!!!!