Unity in Action

Your life is a spiritual path. Not matter whether it is easy or difficult….

A message from Angel Ariel Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer

Your life is a spiritual path. Not matter whether it is easy or difficult, or whether it has few or many people in it, whether it is religious or secular; it is your spiritual path – designed to bring you in to unity with the Divine, unity with all sentient beings, unity with all. And when a human being experiences this unity, they become filled with peace. While peace may appear passive, it is in fact a dynamically active positive force, what we call the force of “Unity in Action”. It is not a force that you in a state of peace direct, but rather it is a force that moves through you guided by divine direction into the world.

Let us explain the power of peace. When you activate the Heartseeds of compassion, and enter into the energy of homecoming, you settle deep within yourself and enter into the dimension of love. Your mind automatically moves into the present moment, and past and future are forgotten. Your conscious awareness moves from the world around you to the world within you. Your energy resonates with the frequency of love and your energy field is filled with the power of peace.

As you settle into this divine inner peace, you will feel the power of your own life force. It can appear as a tingling or vibrating feeling that may first be felt in the hands, feet, and face. If you simply sit in awareness of this energy, without analyzing it with your mind, you will feel it more deeply and be aware that it flows everywhere within you. The key is to feel it rather than think about it. If you extend your awareness further you will become aware that the energy radiates beyond your physical limits and moves powerfully through out your human energy field. If you go even deeper you will become wonderfully aware that the energy is not contained within your human energy field, but rather it moves beyond your idea of who you are and connects in a flowing and pulsing manner with all of life.

You can for example experience this flow between you and trees for they are the most open to the connection. Especially old trees for they posses the power to anchor this vibrant energy of life into the physical earth plane. You can also feel this energy flow from you back and forth to animals, most powerfully with animals who are not afraid of you and your motives. Animals who exist in their natural loving divine state. If you practice this, you may even feel the energy that flows to and from other humans. Although human self-will, and the powerful limiting force of the energy of fear, can severely limit this flow you many find that babies and people at the end of their lifetime are most open to feeling and exchanging this energy.

Each time you enter into homecoming, and become aware of the energy that unites all life, you find yourself quite naturally entering into a state of peace. The more you practice Homecoming, the deeper you enter into the state of inner peace. And the more time you spend in the state of peace, the easier it becomes for you to enter into this state. Peace is the treasure that all people seek but rarely find. Through Homecoming, you can find this peace.

From an angelic perspective, peace is always available to humans, but they rarely have time to find it. We see people who encounter momentary states of peace that are created by the energy and force of specific circumstances in their life. Circumstances like witnessing a beautiful scene in nature such as a sunset, or a forest covered with freshly fallen snow. These are moments when a person can momentarily “feel at one” with the scene they are witnessing. Not surprisingly people can also feel at peace during a religious or spiritual celebration in which a group of like-minded, like-hearted people are gathered together to lovingly celebrate the Divine. These are situations in which the power of nature or the force of a gathering of hearts breaks through the natural peace avoidance mechanisms at play within the person.

While it does not seem likely that a person would actually work to avoid the peace that they so crave, this is exactly what most people do for most of their lives. The culprit behind this avoidance is human self-will (something you call ego).

When you are in a state of peace, you are living from the essence of your soul. Your soul dominates your experience of life and your ego’s role is greatly diminished. Remember, as viewed from an angelic perspective, your ego’s primary role is to keep you safe and allow you to function wonderfully in the physical world. Your ego is designed to be a tool to carry out your soul’s mission in the world. Its domain is the world outside of you. It constantly gathers data about this outer world, alert to danger, and looking for opportunities for you to enact the mission of your soul and bring your soul’s gifts into the world.

Unfortunately in many lives the ego becomes the dominant force and the influence of soul is reduced. When this happens, the person’s primary focus is on the outer world and the primary directive in their life becomes satisfying their greed and bolstering their sense of self-importance in the world, without much care of concern for the well being of other people or the planet you live on. It becomes, as your twist of phrase says, “do unto others before they do unto you”. And all the while, a life driven by this outward defending and amassing finds it difficult at best to be at peace. For the very actions of defending your possessions, or your status, or your self-importance, while seeking to obtain more and more, are born in the energy of fear, and peace cannot be found in the dimension of fear.

When you enter into the state of Homecoming, and you resonate with the vibration of peace, you increase the vibration of peace within your world and through the power of Unity in Action; you help bring others into the state of peace. Not only is being in the state of peace good for you, it is good for your world.

When you passively exist in the state of peace you will be unaware of the powerful effect that the force of Unity in Action is having in your world. While you are simply “being”, you are unconsciously “doing” a great deal. You are permitting the force of life that creates and evolves your world to move lovingly though you. You are allowing your creative mind to sit in awareness of the power of life, the power of love, the power of the Divine. The power of your creative thought is not adding more fear into the world, and you are enabling the loving force of the Divine to shift the balance of love in your world. Every heart that opens to the power of love, and every mind that stops adding more fear based thinking into the energy of your world, makes a powerful shift in this balance.

World peace is not achieved by the ending of all war, but rather by the uniting of all hearts. When you stop conflict that is rooted in anger and fear, you simply delay the outbreak of more conflict. When you unite the hearts of people, there is no fuel to feed the fire of conflict, and there is no way to sustain war. When enough people exist in a state of peace, the scales will tip and the energy of your planet will shift people out of the dimension of fear and move them into the dimension of love. Every person who can enter into the state of peace will accelerate this tipping.

In addition, the power of peace will accelerate the journey of your soul. As you settle deeper and deeper into the experience of Homecoming, the force of Unity in Action will, through the Divine Feminine Principal, magnetize to you the things your soul needs for you to enact your life’s essential purpose and live your soul’s mission. The Divine Feminine Principal is what draws people places settings and circumstances to you. It draws members of your soul group to you via the 5th pair of you 12-Strand DNA.

The power of the Divine Feminine is best explained with an analogy. If you pass electrical current through a wire, it creates an electromagnetic field that can attract ferrous metal particles. Pass enough energy through a large coil of wire and the electromagnetic field it creates can pick up a car. Analogously, pass the energy of life through a human being in a state of peace, and the resulting dynamic human energy field attracts the people, places settings and circumstances needed for that soul to live its destiny.

You will attract circumstances that are supportive, expansive, gentle, kind and loving. And your life will blossom through this cultivation. You may also magnetize things that test you or challenge you, but know that you will not attract more than you are ready for and you will never attract something that you do not need. All will be in the divine right time and divine right way.

We invite you to help us heal the world one heart at a time, and accelerate the journey of your soul, by practicing Homecoming and making inner peace a part of your daily life.