The Power of having an IET Practice Partner

By Nancy Russell We feel so blessed and joyful after IET classes. The energy puts us into the natural state of understanding our magnificence and connection to divinity through the angelic realm. The classes show us who we really are and how it all works. I frequently am asked how this feeling can be maintained long after the class.

First of all I remind students of their wonderful energetic “toolbox” and I suggest that they review their IET manuals for self-healing techniques available for use in supporting their process.

Next I ask if they have a practice partner to exchange IET sessions with. I ask if they have received an IET session recently. Receiving IET sessions will expand your energetic awareness and personal balance. For really learning the system and being able to easily integrate it all into your life the Practice Partner concept is most important and helpful.

An IET Practice Partner is a wonderful friend or soul buddy with whom you feel comfortable and also have an exchange of IET sessions on a regular basis. Your practice partner may be someone you studied with in one of your IET classes. Alternatively, they may be an IET practitioner in your area. If you would like help in finding a practice partner a good place to start is with your IET Master-Instructor. They may know of another student near you. You can also look on the website at the directory of Instructors. Perhaps one of them is also looking for a practice partner.

Exchanging sessions with your practice partner. I recommend that for optimum experience you give your partner an IET session one day and they give you an IET session the next time you meet. Remember, we call it an IET practice not an IET perfect, so please don’t worry about getting all the hand positions perfect. Just do the best you can and learn from the experience. You can even refer to your book or quick reference guide as you do your session. Try and have fun with the experience. Be lite and let the angels work though you. Talk about the session with your practice partner and compare notes on what you each experienced.