The Official IET Higher Steps to Transformation Workshop

Stevan’s Corner  July 2016  IET Higher Steps to Transformation Student Workbook and Teachers Guide, and IET Master-Instructors are now able to teach our official Higher Steps Program.

Angel Ariel began to reveal the Higher Steps Processes in 2006 when I channeled the Step 8: World Angel Grid Healing Process. Over the next nine years she brought through to us the following six new processes: Step 9: Pure Joy, Step 10: Compassion, Step 11: Homecoming, Step 12: Unity in Action, Step 13: Ascension and in 2015 Step 14: Being Love, Living Love.

I love these Higher Steps Processes. I have experienced them many times myself. I use the automatic step re-activation techniques as part of my ongoing personal wellness program. I sit in a quiet setting and systematically re-activate each of the seven Steps to Transformation and then the seven Higher Steps to Transformation. As I enjoy the wonderful angelic energy of peace, joy and love that fills me, I heartlink to my family, my friends, the worldwide IET community, everyone on our Earth Angels Angelic Support List and anyone who needs healing support so that they too can all benefit from the powerful transformational energy.

The Center of Being has made the Higher Steps Processes available to the IET community via audio recordings in which I guide you step by step through each Process. These recordings are very popular, and are enjoyed by those students who experience them. You can listen to them by yourself or in a group, and each time you listen you will gain more energy and insight. These recordings are available in both audio CD and downloadable MP3 formats through our website.

  • For CD version
  • For MP3 download

In addition to our audio programs, I have just completed collecting, editing, typesetting and finalizing my Higher Steps Process scripts into a 123 page Higher Steps Teachers Guide (available to Master-Instructors only) that can be used by any IET Master-Instructor in their live presentation of our Higher Steps Program. In addition I have created a 16 page companion Higher Steps Student Workbook and Certificate for students who attend our Higher Steps Workshop.

IET Master-Instructors can now offer live presentations of our official Higher Steps Programs to their own students themselves, and students can attend live presentations of these programs offered by their Master-Instructors. Please note, our Higher Steps Program is copywritten so recording of Higher Steps Programs taught by Master-Instructors is not permitted.

Please check with your IET Master-Instructor to find out when they are scheduled to teach our official IET Higher Steps to Transformation Workshop.

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