Introducing the IET® Healing Circle

By Stevan Thayer October 2016 we facilitated a Louise Hay based Healing Circle. It was a wonderful experience that permitted us to grow as individuals as well as support the growth of the many Healing Circle participants. Some weeks we would have an intimate group of 4 or 5 participants and other weeks we would have a group of 20 or more. The 5th pair of our 12-Strand DNA, and the angels working behind the scenes, always created the perfect gathering for each circle we offered. Each circle participant always received exactly what they needed from the circle. Over the years our Healing Circle participants bonded into a wonderful spiritual family.

We are excited to bring our many years of Healing Circle experience to the IET community by combining our tried and true Healing Circle agenda with the angelic energy and power of IET techniques. Here is the vision we hold as we introduce the IET Healing Circles to the worldwide IET community:

The IET Healing Circle is in essence a group of like-hearted people who join together under the guidance of an IET Master-Instructor facilitator to give and receive angelic energy work.

Before the Healing Circle participants arrive, the IET Master-Instructor Healing Circle facilitator builds (or re-energizes) an IET World Angel Grid anchor beam in the venue that the IET Healing Circle will be held. This makes the healing gifts of the 9 Healing Angels and the Cherubs readily available to circle participants.

As you enter into an IET Healing Circle you move into a sacred space, filled with Angelic IET Energy, that allows you to give and receive support in an environment of love.

We start each IET Healing circle with angelic heartlinks that bring the energy and presence of your angels powerfully into the circle for you.

Next, you will be given the opportunity to claim what it is that you would like the circle to help you “heal, shift, change, modify, empower, expand or manifest” in your life.

The circle then focuses the angelic IET energy on each circle participant using the Blessing Bowl Process and the Human Heartlink Process, This supports you in receiving what you have requested, or something even better, in accordance to your highest good and highest healing.

With intent claimed and angelic energy shared, the IET Master-Instructor Healing Circle facilitator will guide the circle participants to give and receive IET energy. You will either receive a 5-Minute empowerment session or if time permits, a mini-session focused on the specific issues you have requested support for.

Alternatively, the IET Master-Instructor Healing Circle facilitator may be guided by the angels to enact one of the 14 Steps to Transformation processes so you can experience the gift of that process.

The IET Healing Circle closes with your having the opportunity to give and receive the angelic energy of love, heart-to-heart, with the IET Hearthug Process.

We are just now introducing the concept and the detailed agenda for the IET Healing Circle to the IET Master-Instructor community. And we have added the IET Healing Circle to the list of special events that IET Master-Instructors can advertise on our website.

It is our heart’s desire that those IET Master-Instructors whose soul’s purpose resonates with our new IET Healing Circle will offer IET Healing Circles to their community.

Since we have just introduced the concept of the IET Healing Circle to the IET Master-Instructor community, it may take some time for Master-Instructors to begin to offer them. If you are interested in participating in an IET Healing Circle then please ask your IET Master-Instructor if they are planning to offer one. If they are not then we suggest you periodically check out the “Upcoming Classes” page on our website and search on “IET Special Events” to see if a Master-Instructor near you is offering one.