The Healing Angels of the Energy Field Blessing Journal

The Healing Angels of the Energy Field Blessing Journal

By Barbara Stepniak

As universal beings, we are born with a connection to Divine-Universal-Angelic Energy. Angels are always around us and want to assist in our lives. We simply need to ask for their assistance to receive their beautiful blessings, they will not interfere with self-will. In this journal, you will learn a short simple technique that allows you to connect with each of the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field. The Healing Angels of the Energy Field are part of the Integrated Energy Therapy system, a hands-on energy modality, Created by Stevan J Thayer, at The Center of Being. Each angel has five blessings for a total of 45 blessings.

During this 45-day journal experience, simply connect with one angel a day, receive their blessing, and follow the journal prompts to notate how the blessing shows up in your life. You can complete this over 45 consecutive days and repeat it as many times as you would like. Allow the magic of the angels to surround you, strengthen your connection to the angels, heighten your awareness of the universal divine energy, and raise your vibration to the vibration of LOVE.

As we know the more we connect with the angels, the stronger our connections get with them. This is the perfect opportunity to start the daily habit of connecting with the angels. Take this time to meditate with each angel and blessing. Really think of all the ways big or small that the blessings start to show up in your life, use this opportunity to practice asking for their assistance on things you need to manifest and enjoy the energy they bring to your life.

Give the gift of learning to connect with the angels by giving the journal to a friend. They will learn the Heartlink process so they too can connect and experience the presence and blessings of the angels. What the perfect gift to give to a friend, family member, or client.

This goes perfectly with the bags of blessings and angel cards for an even better experience. You can pull a blessing card from the bag and then use the journal to connect with the blessing you pulled. The angel cards give you the full prayer of invitation for each angel. What a great way to connect, just pull an angel a day and connect with their energy.

It has been over a year since I began the practice of mindfully connecting with the angels each day, letting them know what I need assistance with, and meditating with their energy. The connection with the angels always keeps me in the energy of love and gratitude. I am less stressed and more easily able to hold space for others as they move along their journey.