Letting Your Own Experience And The Four ‘E’s Move You Into Sacredness

By Maria Peterson Recently a student asked me about her feelings of wanting to run away from clients at the end of giving an IET session. As I began to write a reply to her, a wonderful piece of information came forward in the response which is the basis of this article. So “thank you” to my student for her question of ‘Why do I feel like I want to run away at the end of giving an IET session?’

Carolyn Myss says that we meet people in our hearts through our wounds, and that we evolve, by changing this meeting place, by healing the wound and moving the relationship to another plane/place of EXISTENCE.

As I began to answer my student’s question, I realized that each of us has our own set of experiences. It is through these experiences that we have our wisdom and knowledge and it is through similar experiences that we meet people and draw them into our lives.

I experienced how this energy of meeting worked when I gave a talk at SEARCH, a nonprofit organization for awareness and expansion, located in Rochester, MN. During the talk a woman in the audience kept smiling at me and connecting with me in a very loving and fun way. After the talk she came up to me and started saying that she felt like we knew each other from other lifetimes. In our conversation she told me that her son had died at a young age. I knew instantly where we connected in the heart. My son had also died, something that I had not revealed during the talk. She and I were connecting through our similar experience, very deeply in our hearts.

Whenever we give an IET session we also receive an IET session. We also tend to attract clients who have the same issues as we do, and we never attract more than we can safely handle. What happens during an IET session is that we connect in the heart with people’s energy. Sometimes it is similar to our experience and sometimes not. The energy that is similar can create fear in us because we may not feel that we are ready to look at it yet or simply we are just plain afraid to look at it.

As we all know, it involves some hard effort to look at and even think about what we want to do with what we’ve just discovered in ourselves. Making a discovery of this energy within us is awareness. This awareness is Divine Inspiration and energetic potential. It’s showing which energy is motivating our actions.

For me, not wanting to look at it usually has to do with judgment towards myself. I didn’t act like I wanted to… so there is shame and guilt and shoulds. Then I have to move through all that icky emotional stuff before I come to the action that I think is proper and right. Proper and Right action is Divine Direction or envisioning. I can look at the situation and feel the emotion, letting myself experience it.

If I let myself experience the emotion, which is what I was avoiding in the first place, I allow my mind and heart to embrace what has happened. This is healing. This is being in the present moment. This is empowerment. Now my being can move on to embrace the right and proper action for the situation in both my mind and my heart and be willing to carry out this action.

The hardest part for me is carrying that action out. Knowing the right and proper action is one thing, actually Enacting it and carrying it out involves strength and courage. Sometimes it involves an apology, sometimes going back into a situation that was unpleasant and clarifying what I meant and listening to see if the person hearing me is hearing what I mean and not running a tape in their head. This means that I have to listen too and not be thinking of what I’m going to say next. Just take in the words, actions and feelings of the moment and then come to a conclusion.

By looking at our everyday life and using the four ‘Es’ is how all of my actions and yours can have sacredness and help us move through our fears. Whether we’ve just given an IET session or we are just moving in life.

The four “E’s” of IET are:

  • Energetic potential
  • Envision
  • Embrace
  • Enact