To Pure Joy and Beyond … The Evolution of IET

By Stevan J. Thayer

Thirty years after founding The Center of Being, Inc. and creating the Integrated Energy Therapy® system co-directors Stevan J. Thayer and Carol B. Armitage are stepping back from the spotlight. As they do, they are empowering IET® students who have transformation as part of their soul’s mission to help us bring IET into the future. Under Divine guidance, Angel Ariel has provided us with an evolution plan for IET that ensures its purity, success and longevity. As Stevan and Carol release their responsibilities and shift to Emeritus status, we are excited to share Angel Ariel’s IET evolution plan with you.

First and foremost, The Center of Being, Inc. will remain a vibrant and healthy company under the leadership of Barbara Stepniak. The Center of Being will continue to operate under the same policies and procedures that Stevan and Carol have put in place, resulting in an on-going high level of integrity in the IET system. Barbara has been the managing director for The Center for the past several years and has done an amazing job keeping the office running smoothly, keeping all IET products stocked and available to students and Masters, answering questions about IET, and efficiently resolving issues within the IET community that arise. Carol and Stevan have continued to work closely with Barbara as she takes on more and more of the responsibilities. Carol and Stevan plan to transfer full ownership of The Center of Being, Inc. to Barbara over the next few years after which Carol and Stevan retire and Barbara will fulfill her soul’s mission and become the owner and director of The Center of Being, Inc.

While Barbara and the angels will have sole authority on all IET policy decisions, you will continue to be the heart of the IET system. Whenever you use IET to support you in your life’s self-healing spiritual journey, or offer your services as an IET practitioner to support others in their self-healing spiritual journey, or fulfill your soul’s mission to teach IET classes and empower other IET students, you are the heart of IET and helping the angels fulfill their mission to heal the world one heart at a time.

IET has always been evolving under Angel Ariel’s guidance. When, in 1996 we began to teach IET classes to help the angels, Stevan was the only IET Master-Instructor and he taught all of the IET Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level classes. Then in 1998, following Angel Ariel’s guidance, Stevan took on the role of IET Trainer, taught the IET Master-Instructor classes and empowered students to become IET Master-Instructors so that they could help us meet the student demand for IET Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level classes. As the IET system grew, in 2002 Stevan took on the role of IET Guardian, taught the IET Trainers class and empowered a few top IET Master-Instructors to become IET Trainers so that they could help us meet the student demand for IET Master-Instructor level classes. We are indebted to the wonderful contributions of our first IET Trainers Karen Puglia and Maria Peterson and are blessed with an ever-growing community of IET Trainers. We now have a worldwide community of IET Trainers who are not only teaching IET Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor level classes but are also teaching them in languages like Dutch, French and Hungarian.

Up until 2016, Stevan served as the only person empowered to teach the new IET Trainers. Starting in 2017 Stevan finalized his IET Trainer level curriculum and following Angel Ariel’s evolution plan he stopped teaching the IET Trainer level class. Then, as she recommended, we invited three of the top IET Trainers to teach the IET Trainer level class, serve as role models to the IET community and support IET students worldwide. These three top IET Trainers are referred to as the IET Guardians. The IET Guardian is not a new level of IET and the Guardians do not work for The Center of Being. Also, unlike the IET levels, the Guardian title is an honorary title and is not a permanent title. Angel Ariel has recommended that we always have three top IET Trainers serve as IET Guardians, and that the Guardians will change over time. The Guardians are top IET Trainers who, out of the goodness of their hearts, devote their time and talent to teach IET Trainer classes each year, and serve as prefects for the IET system. The three IET Guardians together with the Director of the Center of Being, Inc. form what we call the IET Guardian Council. We are honored to have Edmond Carroll, Keith Horwitz, Maria Kramer and Barbara Stepniak serve as our current IET Guardian Council.

We know that Angel Ariel and all of the Healing Angels will guide, direct, surround and protect all IET students, Master-Instructors, Trainers and Guardians, and ensure that the IET system will continue to evolve and bring us all to pure joy and beyond. We feel honored to have served as the conduit for shaping the gift of angelic energy and wisdom into this amazing IET energy modality. Working with the angels’ energy for the past 30 years has blessed and transformed our lives. We hope and pray that it will bless and transform yours as well.

Carol B. Armitage and Stevan J. Thayer