The Angels’ Views on Wealth and Abundance

What the angels said about the disparity in the United States between the wealthy and the poor.

Channeled and written by Maria Peterson, IET Master-Instructor Trainer

“All is well. Sometimes what appears as a problem is actually what needs to be happening at this time. This is a time of change where the old is being dismantled to make way for the new. Ask for the transition to be smooth and harmonious. This is a time of transforming relationships into mutually beneficial and spiritually supportive exchanges.

On a national level, you live in a prosperous nation and most of you no longer need to worry about survival. The ego mind has taken a microscope to your lives and picks out details that would distract you from growing and expanding in abundance by using jealousy as a focus instead of gratitude. You have forgotten how to say thank you for what you have and now focus on what you don’t have by pointing a finger at those who are more abundant than you.

Your lesson is to move to a more impersonal and authentic means of assessing: using your own spiritual, wise, mind perspective rather than from the part of you that has been wounded or feels a sense of lack. When relationships are built around mutual wounds, then this relationship needs to be shifted to one that involves mutual abundance and personal power. Create awareness in yourself so you begin to notice whenever you see someone with more than you have and you begin to criticize (which doesn’t create a level playing field, only lack in you). Put your attention on your own world and give thanks for what you do have currently in your life. This will build the energy of abundance and create more of what you want. Lack cannot exist when you are abundant and heart centered.

Vulnerability is the natural state of open acceptance and self-responsibility. You can recognize this natural state by how open and non- judgmental you are when looking at a situation, person or place.

Explore your own relationship with money. Notice how you hand money to someone or how you feel when you spend money. Heal and love what has lack and rigidity in you and then move this practice into the world through service work, prayer or meditation groups. You are only responsible for your own change and then your ability to SUPPORT the change in something else. You can SUPPORT the change in the world by working on yourself and then with a larger group.”

Channeled by Maria Peterson (Legions of Angels)
Why is there a disparity in wealth, and what can we do to change it? Can we change it ourselves, or do we have to join groups to influence change? Yes there are forces within us and bigger consciousnesses that don’t want change. This is natural, especially where there is a perception that ‘change is going to take something away’ and create a situation of ‘less than I had before’.

Ascension has two layers to it. The first is very personal. Each person has their own journey to make, based on past and present choices. The second layer is a group of souls at the same level joining together to assist one another and strengthen the ascension process. That is why so many of us are becoming members of spiritual communities, like IET, joining a church or cultivating a practice like meditation or yoga.

We join groups to connect with other people who are like minded. The energy of these like-minded people join together to form a greater consciousness that acts like an umbrella. Individuals in the group sit under this umbrella and are influenced by the group’s decisions and move with the group. Make your decisions carefully about which groups you join because you will be included in that consciousness. Angels believe in Joy, Happiness, Love and Nurturing. So use ways to change that involve these methods and you will create the live you want and the world you want.

One more thing … patience is key. Keep your eye on your goal and stay with it. We have a big world and it would be too chaotic to change overnight. One of my clients told me about a goal that she and her husband had about their farm. They bought a huge, bulk, milk tank for their dairy operation. Their goal was to be able to have a herd that would fill this tank to overflowing in one milking. It took them 13 years to make this goal. They just did it this year. She said there were times that they thought they would never do it, but they stayed focused and kept it in their sights. As a result they made their goal.

So you can indeed join a group to focus on reducing the disparity, and your group could pick one money disparity issue and meditate on it every day, week or month. Set a date that you would like to see it changed by (be realistic) and then see what happens in your life and in the world.

How will you have to grow to make this change happen? What shifts does the greater world have to make?

Sit, think and feel. Lack is a product of the mind. Abundance is a product of the heart.