We have received so many wonderful testimonials, we thought we should share a few with you!

On the morning of our first day of IET Master Instructor training, my husband and I were at odds, to say the least. He had been quite ill for over a week with bacterial infections and high fevers, which left him in a foul mood for several days. I left the house in a hurry, without saying goodbye, and felt very disappointed to start my IET training day with such a negative experience. During the first day of training, you showed us how to create and use the Power Burst to amplify the IET energy. Upon returning home that day, I found my husband was still as irritable as he had been when I left the house in the morning. Not wanting to lose the peace that had settled over me during training, I went to bed and created a Power Burst for my husband. When I woke up the morning of the 2nd day of training, my husband was still asleep. I got showered and dressed as fast as possible to avoid any contact with him. However, on my way to training, he called. I saw his name on my cell phone and a shudder of dread ran through me. I answered the phone and was greeted with the voice and demeanor of the man I fell in love with and married. He was joyful and kind. Gone was the agitation and irritation. We had a wonderful conversation and he ended it with an, “I love you, have a good day!” Additionally, when I returned home, he was up and about, reporting to me that, ‘sometime during the night, (he) started feeling better and continued to improve as the day moved forward.’ We even went out to dinner together! He had barely eaten in a week and had been too ill to do much more than get from the bed to his chair. It was the IET Power Burst, without doubt. It lifted the illness, healed his agitation/irritability and filled him with kindness. Amazing! From a Master-Instructor in MN

Last year I had a student, a pregnant woman who attended the Basic IET class and her plan was to learn at least the Intermediate level as well before she gives birth so she asked me to teach the class a bit earlier than it was planned. I arranged it and she passed not only the Intermediate level but also the Advanced level class just 2 weeks before she gave birth. During the childbirth contractions she asked my help in an sms. I sent IET energy and asked her groupmates to help her, so we all heartlinked to her . She felt it and it was a great help according to her. Now she has a 5 months old, wonderful, healthy, calm and happy baby boy. Here I am sending the photo of this angelic IET baby to you with lots of love and of course of the permission of her proud mum. The photo was taken after her mum just finished his IET session! From Andrea, a Master-Instructor in Hungary

I went to Kripalu a few years ago for a weekend yoga retreat,  and while I was there I had an IET session – knowing nothing about it and having never really given my angels much thought (sorry to say).  It was such an amazing, life-changing experience.  I felt calmer than I think I have ever felt in my entire life and I heard a message in my head repeated twice about a family member.  It brought me such comfort.  I left there a different person and came home determined to learn everything I could about IET and my angels.  Low and behold, I live very near one of the IET Trainers, found her on the IET website and took every IET class I possibly could. But there is even more to my story.  I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease that causes nodules to form in your thyroid and your thyroid hormone can get depleted.  I had been taking a synthetic thyroid hormone (notice I said “had”) for over 12 years.  The first few years my endocrinologist kept increasing my dosage after each blood test until she got to a level which she felt worked best.  I also had biopsies and sonograms to see if the nodules changed at all.  They never got smaller or larger.  I took the same high dosage for about 10 years, stopping only once when I felt I wanted to stop and see what happened.  My doctor was aware of what I was doing but did not approve.  She turned out to be correct.  I was getting tired and my blood tests showed that my thyroid levels were too low and so I started taking the synthetic thyroid hormone again.  But then along came IET and my angels and it all changed.  After each IET session, class, meditation and self IET session, I noticed a burning sensation in my thyroid area.  It was very noticeable but not painful – it felt like it was healing.   I knew in my heart that Celestina was helping me to heal.  After my next routine visit and blood test, my doctor called me with the results and said that my thyroid levels were very high and she had to reduce my dosage.   I kept experiencing the burning sensation and also started to feel anxious, which can happen if your thyroid levels are too high.  I went for two more blood tests and each time my doctor lowered my dosage.  I eventually stopped taking it completely without telling her.  I felt fine and waited about 8 months before I went back for another visit.  My blood test showed that my levels were within the normal range.  I have since had a sonogram and the nodules have not changed in size.  It is now 2 years since I stopped taking the synthetic hormone, and I am fine.  It is obvious the angels helped to heal me.  Well obvious to all except my endocrinologist!! Now I am an IET Master-Instructor teaching Healing Angels and IET classes. How lucky am I??!!!! Thank you so much Stevan, Maria and especially Celestina and all of the Healing Angels!!! From a Master-Instructor in New York

What I find one of the most special qualities of IET is that it puts things in motion in a great way. At the time I started the IET course, I was fairly new at healing work. I had done some Reiki and some massage.  I wanted to start my own healing practice at home, but did not know how or what and where to start. The IET course was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On the second day of the IET course, the Saturday, right before I left home I was literally jumping up and down of excitement. I had not felt that in 20 years! Getting to learn how to work with angels was really like coming home for me.  On the Monday after the course, I felt pushed so hard by the angels, that they made me sit down all day, and  that very same day I set up my whole practice, all of a sudden I had a name for my practice, a website and a brochure!!!! All was set and done, I was ready to go! I started to spread the brochures here and there, and people started to come to me. And in time more and more people. Today my healing practice is a full time job and I love it every day. I feel so blessed to help people and bring a little bit light in their life’s…. After I had learned the IET healing technique at the IET course, it felt like I had passed for my drivers exam but did not quite know how to drive yet. Therefore, after my course, I  started to exchange IET healings with one of the women of my course. It must have been an angel who helped me ask it, cause I was still very shy back then. Every 3 weeks one of us got an IET healing. We did that for one and half year. I can’t begin to tell what it changed for me, not only did we become close friends, and were we quite experienced after that one and half year of training ourselves, with every IET healing we gave, we also felt how the angels were teaching us, showing us how to do certain things. Most of all: it completely changed me, from being too afraid to say something at the school yard when picking up my children from school, to somebody who was proud of herself. It brought me so much more to my core! I can truly say that the two years after my IET course was The most life changing time of my life!!! From Maria, a Master-Instructor in the Netherlands

The Power of The IET Power burst: Last night I injured my left middle finger  by the knuckle as I slammed  the door on it  while closing it  and while I was doing the OUCH!!!! Dance ( It really hurt)  and running ice cold water on it it turned blue and swelled up to double the size immediately and I could not bend it. I thought I might have broken it. (I thought oh no I don’t have insurance and can’t go to the emergency room) . I went to bed and for the next hour applied a power burst with all three symbols in it and called on Archangel Raphael to heal it completely  and asked that it continue to heal throughout the night. Within minutes the pain ceased. This morning as I awoke the swelling is gone  there is no visible  signs of any damage at all , no black and blue and I can bend my finger fine.  It never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Angels for your gift of empowering us to heal ourselves  together with you through  the energy of love. From a Master Instructor in New York

I am sending a huge thank you to you for IET.  I taught my first Basic Level class to four people on Saturday and it was an amazing day.  I have never felt so at ‘home’ as when I was teaching this course. The day was filled with interesting conversations/questions/laughter and tears at times.  The bonds that formed between these four women were surprising to me.  All four have chosen a date for their Intermediate Level in May. We took a group picture at lunch time and have an orb in one of the photos which delighted everyone. I feel so blessed and humbled by the opportunity I have been given to share IET with so many people.  I don’t think I have ever said over and over “I am so happy” to my family as often as I did Saturday evening. If you feel it is appropriate, please pass along my thank you’s to Stevan Thayer as well.  I purchased his 9 CD pack of all three levels and found listening to the basic level CDs the week before teaching very helpful.  I am looking forward to listening to the next three. From a Master Instructor in Canada

I took the Master-Instructor course while I was three months pregnant and Reiki Master at 6mths. The first three months was a threat of miscarriage and after the class I never had another problem again. I should also mention that I used the advanced level techniques to get pregnant because it had been over a year. We had almost given up. She truly is a gift. From a Master Instructor in Canada

I had a rear molar with three roots, highly unusual,  pulled on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm in August and the swelling from the surgery and Novocain was quiet substantial and as the whole right side of my face was immovable and numb, tongue included. By 6pm the swelling started to get bigger as the dentist had said it would and she said it would peak on Saturday  at 48 hours later.  I don’t take pain medication as I prefer using energy therapy for pain relief. At 7:15PM  I decided to do the IET  powerburst process ( I use it on others all the time and has use it to heal broken ribs and other things both in person and for distance healing) I used all the symbols and held it in place for 15 minutes. By 8Pm the swelling had completely receded  as if I never had surgery and I never felt any pain at all from that moment on. Thank you Angels for blessings us with your awesome healing touch. The Dentist was dumbfounded when she called to check on me the next day. From a Master Instructor in New York

I just want to thank you for including me in the course “The Healing Angels of the Energy Field”.  It was exactly what I needed.  Let me explain:  After 1 1/2 years of dealing with family illnesses, and two rear-end automobile accidents where I was injured, I was not doing very well.  Prior to my mother’s cancer diagnosis, and my husband’s heart attack, I was strong, confident, happy and optimistic about the future.  I was working at my business – doing Reiki, Reflexology and Nutrition Counselling and fulfilling my purpose – by helping others to retain or regain their vitality.   There was no way of knowing that the events that occurred  within the family would leave me exhausted, sad and feeling unappreciated.  Like any practitioner, daughter or wife would do,  I made a commitment to “be there”  for both Mother and my husband and in the spirit of helping carried too much of the baggage.   I just couldn’t stand idly by without sharing the load and being helpful.     When I came to the Healing Angels of the Energy Field course two weeks ago, I just asked for help in getting back to feeling like my “old self” again.  I needed to get my emotions back into balance.  The day was a wonderful experience and I went home with high hopes.  I intended to make some time mid week the following week to again contact my angels and talk about my needs.  Within two days, it dawned on me that something wonderful had happened.  The fatigue was gone, and my outlook was happy and optimistic.  I started feeling strong and capable of handling what life would hand out.     Since then I have connected with my healing angels, and thanked them for being there for me. I know that the next time I need the strength, all that will be necessary will be to ask. From the student of a Master-Instructor in Ontario, Canada

I have to tell you about my sister-in-law, Shirley.  Back in August, she went in for surgery on her rotator cuff….tumors were found throughout her body – even in her brain.  The lung cancer had “hot spots” on her back.  Her prognosis was grim….she is only 56. I felt led to travel to her – she’s in upper Missouri – and offer the IET sessions to her……she wasn’t really open to it at first, but events with other family members opened her to it….and the help of the angels…..anyway…..with the IET attunements, chemo, radiation, prayer, laughter, she is now cancer free…..that’s what I call a miracle!  I think the attunements raised her vibration so much that she was able to heal herself using the conventional treatments…..or maybe she was healed before she started the treatments…..followup tests were not done until after each stage of the conventional treatments.  Bottom line…she is well. From a Master Instructor in Arkansas

It was through searching the internet that I first found my IET practitioner/Master-Instructor. I had heard of the benefits of Reiki from a relative and set out to find someone who could offer treatment and teach classes. When I looked at the web-site I was immediately drawn to this person and when I met her I knew why. She is an open, compassionate and caring individual who provides a safe and warm environment. I felt completely at ease with her and immediately knew that I was meant to find her. I was interested in Reiki but after some discussion about some long-term health issues she suggested Integrated Energy Therapy. I decided to trust her intuition. After twelve years of neurological symptoms the doctors thought were probably MS, treatment for an under active thyroid and an eye condition which left me legally blind in one eye I was looking forward to finding out what an alternative therapy could do for me! Before we began the first session my MI asked me about my background, explaining that our past physical and emotional traumas can affect our health. I told her about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse I had suffered at the hands of my parents, but I was convinced that I had dealt with that. During the IET treatment I released a great deal of emotion and continued to release for a while afterwards. After getting rid of the heartache and anger I’d had no idea I was carrying around I was able to forgive my parents and I felt my heart open up. As I said, I thought I had dealt with it, but through the IET treatment, I learned the difference between coping with issues and transcending them! That was such an amazing gift in itself, but the physical benefits were beyond my wildest dreams! For the first time in twelve years I have feeling in my feet! The pain in my legs is gone and I can walk briskly without the energy draining out of them. I have regained full mobility in my right shoulder. My energy levels have soared and so has my confidence. I have put my cane away along with my flat shoes! My balance has improved and I’m so happy that I can wear shoes with higher heels! My family and friends can’t believe the change in me!Having the IET treatment was such a wonderful experience! It is hard to describe how serene it feels to be in the presence of the angels or the light feeling I experienced for days afterwards! My IET MI and the angels have performed a miracle and I don’t know how I can thank them enough! How do you thank someone for giving you back your heart? I will be forever grateful! From the student of a Master Instructor in Canada

I wanted to share with you a special story. I will make it short as it is quite long. I x-rayed a female doctor yesterday who I know for years. She is just a bit older than me. Well she came in spewing negativity to the point that I didn’t even understand what she was saying. I was x-raying her neck(threat). Apparently she has just settled on a 4 year long very nasty divorce and all of a sudden the day after she signs the papers she can’t move here neck and get out of bed. She is devastated to say the least. Other losses and betrayals in her life as well (too many to go into here). Anyway the angels come rushing in and I am sweating like you would not believe. I heartlink and start breathing and just listening to her and letting her “talk-heal” all the time connected to a human heartlink. My tachon pendant sits near my heart chakra and all of a sudden she is like what is that crystal?…it is beautiful I can feel the energy. She was not feeling that as you don’t feel it straight out. I was sending beautiful angelic energy from my heartlink and also healing from my entire body. It was awesome. She started to look lighter already. We got talking and she wanted to know why I was still working there when I had all this “power” as she called it and could help so many. I heard my angels say “I am where I need to be in this moment”. She was amazed by IET. This may open up new avenues for me. She is very open to what the docs usually call the “woo-woo” :-). Talk about someone that could totally benefit from IET and getting the issues out of her tissues. WOW!!! From a Master Instructor in Pennsylvania

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing work that is being done here. I took the 3 level training in Studio city last weekend – and have done 4 IET sessions in the 4 days since the training – with 3 scheduled for the next three days. I am honored and thrilled beyond words at what is happening with myself and my clients/friends so far! I have been trained in many many things and never ‘followed through’ – I knew this was different. I lack no self-confidence with this amazing gift and am experiencing miracles in my life and the lives of my friends. Whew! Thank you sooooo much. From an IET student in California

We all have so much to be thankful for. Happy thanksgiving! Just another thing for me to be thankful for– During the heart-netting exercise at the 2002 IET Master-Instructor Retreat I envisioned a piece of land to build a house on so eventually I can teach IET there. After looking for at least two years, I came back to purchase a piece of land with my husband that didn’t “feel” like the heart-net dream that I could feel all so clearly. At the end of October a new 1-3 acre subdivision opened up and lo and behold it was the land I clearly felt in New York. A large parcel on a hill (it’s pretty  flat around here) with a small ravine and three hundred year old oaks and  hickory trees. Across the way is a 56 acre green land preserve with a running stream. It’s a “dream come true” for me. By the way we signed the papers on 11-11-02. That heart netting really works!!—I can hardly wait until next year!
Happy Holidays, From a Master-Instructor in Illinois

Thank you for all the good work you do. I am delighted to continue the work of IET here at my center. I’ve done therapeutic massages for 14 years here and now some of my long time clients are asking for IET and are overwhelmed with the healing they experienced. Thanks for sharing with the universe your gift. Let us join together in sending light to the world leaders especially Bush and his staff.
Peace and love, From a Master-Instructor in Minnesota

Re: IET and Pets I spent today at our local animal shelter. This seems like the perfect complement to my work.
I wanted to have a bunch of animals to try it out on. So I called up the animal shelter and explained what I wanted to do. I was thankful that they were receptive. I figured I would just go there and play it by ear. They gave me some suggestions on who they thought were the neediest but ultimately I left the decisions up to the animals. I figured that the animals in a shelter situation would be a good test. I had to climb into their cages with them. I only had time to work with dogs but I have several cats I am going to work absentee on. Initially they were very excited and animated. I massaged and soothed. As soon as I started with #1, they began to change, some more subtly than others but the just began to melt and get quiet! When I got to the heart they all had to take a break. Then without exception #s 7,8 and 9 were the toughest. They all squirmed, it took quite alot to finish. The last dog I worked with I had to stop and will finish him absentee. Very interesting but it makes sense under the circumstances. The first dog I had to pull out guilt, distrust and also threat but he had no difficulty with my raised hand. I also worked with some flower essences. It was great because I could also talk a little to them and got a sense of some of their issues and personalities. The anxiety level in the shelter setting is incredible. I plan to return and work some more.
From an IET Master-Instructor in Vermont

In October I taught a “Healing with Angels” class to mostly Spanish speaking individuals. For me that was a bit of a challenge, since I only had two years of Spanish in High School and never really used it. I did have one person who helped with interpretation at times, because most of the women I taught were from Panama. The class went very well and I was so happy to have been the one chosen to introduce them to the many possibilities of working with Angels! The story picks up about 2 months later after the class….. One of the students works in a bank and was having lots of difficulty at work. So, she transferred to another branch office to have a better working atmosphere and with hopes of less stress. Much to her dismay the same types of problems were occurring there as well. She was telling her problems to another one of the women who had attended the Healing Angels class and she said, “Why don’t you call in the angels to help you with your problems”. She admitted that she had not looked at the material since class. So, she decided to give it a try. The student took out her manual and started to study about each of the angels again. She took the manual to work and studied there as well. Things started to change and the atmosphere at work was much better than before. One day, she was working one of the teller booths and a lady walked up that she hadn’t noticed in line before. The lady looked at her and said, “I have something for  you.” The lady then reached out her hand and gave to her an ANGEL. It was white and gold. She said that she had never seen this women in the bank before. You can imagine how this impacted her after calling in the Angels to help her! From a Master Instructor in Colorado

A fellow IET practioner  set out with the intention to do volunteer IET work in a NY Hospital. Through reaching out and weathering rejection (and with the help of the angels) she manifested it. Since making that connection, a group of us have been getting together and giving sessions on the pediatric ward of NY Hospital. We are all amazed with how welcoming and accepting of us both staff and patients have become.

On our first visit, though, we were initially disappointed. There were only 2 children waiting for us in the playroom where we were to teach an IET for Kids class. We were told there would be up to 30. On top of this, it was obvious that one of the two would not sit still for even part of a class. I felt badly that some of my student and practitioner friends had traveled for over an hour on this Sunday morning to help teach a class that wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t sure what to do. After a disappointing moment, I remembered that I had felt the presence of the angels when I awoke and that they had made this visit possible. We all felt that there was a reason for our visit. Rather quickly, we set out to do our work. Two practitioners spontaneously engaged each of the two children who had been waiting in the playroom in conversation and then in sessions. Two other practitioners went around to the childrens’ rooms and gave out teddy bears (laced with energy). Later in the day, I heard about their incredible experiences with the children while doing IET sessions. I started speaking with the father of one of the children who was receiving a session in the playroom. He looked so sad. Although he spoke only Spanish, he did manage to tell me that his son, Jose, was diagnosed with leukemia and that his wife and son had been living in the hospital for the past four months and that he spent weekends there. When I asked him if he wanted a session, he agreed if with an air of hopelessness. About midway through his session, something happened that surprised me. He smiled. He and his son started talking and laughing. He appeared amazed and asked me what was going on? angelos? Dios? When I answered yes, he was quite pleased . After his session, he went back to his son’s room and told the family of the child his son was sharing a room with a about us. Eventually, they all received sessions. After two and a half hours of IET sessions and calling in angels, it was time for us to go. By now the entire pediatric ward, the whole floor was filled with the energy of love. It was incredible. The staff felt it and invited us to return. Joses’ Dad begged us to return. Although the day did not go as we initially planned, it was perfect. The angels plan well. From a Master Instructor in New York