IET Soulbuddies

By Stevan Thayer April 2017

One of the greatest gifts I have received along my life’s self-healing spiritual journey has been from the love and support of my soul buddies.

According to Angel Ariel, a soul buddy is a soul who supports you in living your soul’s mission as you simultaneously support them in living theirs. A soul buddy relationship is a platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual relationship. Because soul buddies have a strong 5th DNA Pair connection, when you first connect with a soul buddy, you may both feel as though you have known each other for a long time. You can quickly develop a deep level of trust. A soul buddy relationship can start in the most unlikely settings through what you think is a chance happening. Once a soul buddy relationship is formed, they often last a lifetime.

An IET soul buddy is another IET practitioner (at any level of IET study) with whom you exchange IET sessions. You use your IET practitioner techniques to help your soul buddy live their soul’s mission as your soul buddy uses their IET practitioner techniques to help you live yours.

I have found that what worked best for me was an ongoing weekly IET session with my soul buddy. In this way, I would give my soul buddy an IET session one week and they would give me an IET session the following week. With IET, whenever I gave my soul buddy an IET session as a practitioner, I also simultaneously received an IET session. And whenever my soul buddy gave me an IET session, they simultaneously received an IET session. This way my soul buddy and I received an IET session each time we worked together.

One of the best ways to meet an IET soul buddy is during an IET class, IET share or IET Healing Circle. Often times, the person who was my practice partner during a class or workshop became one of my IET soul buddies. It may seem that the person who works with you as a practice partner in class was randomly selected, but the angels are always working behind the scenes to bring soul buddies together through these seemingly random pairings. If you are looking to establish new IET soul buddy relationships, I recommend that you contact the people who were your practice partners in your IET classes, IET shares or IET Healing Circles.

Geography does not have to be an impediment with soul buddies. While I prefer in-person IET sessions with my soul buddies, sometimes geography gets in the way and my soul buddy and I cannot physically be together for the sessions. When this happens, I have found absentee IET sessions with a soul buddy to be quite powerful, especially when Skype is available so that we can see and talk with each other during the session.

Please don’t underestimate the transformative potential that having an IET soul buddy can have on your life. Even if both of you are still learning your IET techniques and you each feel insecure in being able to offer each other IET sessions, remember that the angels will be working with you and through you during each session. The angels know exactly what you and your soul buddy need and they know exactly how to bring the perfect angelic energy gifts though you. They will guide, direct, surround and protect you and your soul buddy during the IET sessions. All you have to do is dare to enter into a soul buddy relationship and you will be amazed at the gift you give to yourself and your soul buddy. Some of the most profoundly transformative experiences have been during my IET sessions with soul buddies.

Why not invite an IET soul buddy into your life and ease and expand your life’s self-healing spiritual journey?

Blessings, Stevan J. Thayer