Set Your Energetic Vision for the New Year

By Stevan Thayer January 2017 Set Your Energetic Vision for the New Year by creating my own personal vision board. This provides my angels with an energetic road map of the types of people, places, settings, situations, and things that I would like them to work behind the scenes to help me connect within the upcoming year. It also opens my energy channels to allow me to open-heartedly receive them when they show up in my life so that I do not ignore them or push them away.

A vision board is a simple visual arrangement of images and words that touch your heart and move your soul. The elements of your vision board represent the vibration of what you would like to have in your life in this upcoming year. They do not have to be the exact images of what you desire, rather, they are images that have the same vibrational quality. These images can represent what would fill your heart with happiness and joy if they were to materialize in your life this year.

Creating a vision board is a powerful process for all IET students of any level of training, but it is especially powerful for students who have completed the Advanced Level IET Training. The Advanced Level IET attunement powerfully connects the student’s energy field to their Soul Star (their 8th Chakra) and opens them to the energy of their Soul’s Mission. When an Advanced Level student creates a vision board they not only create their energetic vision at a personal level but also at a soul level, which adds an even deeper dimension to the energetic vision they create.

No matter what levels of IET training you have completed, I recommend that as this new year begins, that you set your own energetic vision by creating your own personal vision board.

Here is how I create my vision boards.

  1. I collect a pile of discarded magazines that I can tear apart.
  2. Then I put on some gentle music and I quickly flip through the magazines and tear out any pages that have a word or image that energetically feels like what I would like to have in my life in this upcoming year. I don’t think too much about what I tear out. If a page has images or words that touch me then I rip it out, put it in the pile of torn out pages, and continue to flip and tear.
  3. Once I have amassed a pile of pages with images or words that can potentially go on my vision board, I go through these pages again and do a second review and either keep or discard the page. This results in a pile of images and words that I would like to put on my vision board.
  4. Next, I use a pair of scissors to cut out the desired images and words I would like to use in my vision board and put them aside.
  5. Then, I place the cut out images and words on top of a piece of poster board (any poster board stock that is about 2-3 ft by 2-3 ft (about 1m by 1m or slightly smaller). As each image or word is added, I move the images around until the final arrangement feels right to me.
  6. Once the arrangement feels right, I use a glue stick to glue each of the images or words onto the poster board.
  7. With all of the images glued to the poster board I heartlink to Angel Ariel, all of the Healing Angels, my own personal angels and in prayer I invite them to work with me and through me; to guide, direct, surround and protect me; and to make this for my highest good and highest healing.
  8. I then heartlink to all of the people, places, settings, situations and things that have the same energetic resonance with the images and words I have placed on my vision board and I send them a heartfelt invitation to work with the angels and enter my life in the divine right time and divine right way.
  9. Finally I leave my heartlinks in place and with gratitude thank the angels for manifesting all of these people, places, settings, situations, and things into my life. I offer my gratitude as though they had appeared even though they have not yet appeared. This opens my heart center to receive them when they do appear.
  10. I place my vision board in a place that I can see it each day. And each day I heartlink to the angels and to all of the people, places, settings, situations and things represented on my vision board. What I have experienced year after year is that what I have put on my vision board, or something even better in accordance with my highest good and highest healing, appears in my life.