Remote Integrated Energy Therapy® Sessions

By Michelle A. McCarthy As an IET® practitioner, you’ve probably had a boatload of experience with hands-on IET sessions with your clients. But have you tried using your Integrated Energy Therapy techniques remotely?   Based on my experience and the responses from my clients, it has been shown time and again that remote sessions are VERY powerful. Many of my clients have said remote Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions are even more powerful than those received in person. They are also great fun and so enjoyable for me as a practitioner.

In offering a remote Integrated Energy Therapy® session, you can work in your IET Therapy room and imagine the client on the table in front of you. You can use a ‘therapy bear’ if you prefer. You can also offer remote sessions while sitting at your computer and documenting what you are finding, seeing or sensing; you can send the notes to the client when you’re done. You can work live via Skype, Face Time or on the phone. One method isn’t better than the other. Choose the one that feels most comfortable for you.

If you’re meeting by phone, Skype or Face Time, will they be calling you or are you calling them? Whichever method you use, agree on a time. Suggest that they be in a place where they will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. You may even opt to schedule a post-session conversation, particularly if you are sending your notes via e.mail.

Remember to arrange for payment. Will they pay you before the session or after? Will they pay through Paypal, mail you a check or give you their credit card over the phone? A remote session takes longer than an in-person session; therefore, I recommend a higher fee for them. How much higher is up to you. As an example, if your rate is $100 for an in-person client, you might charge $125 for a remote. If you charge $75; your remote sessions might be $110.

When I work with clients remotely via Skype or Face Time, I ask them what their primary concerns are at the beginning of our call. When I’m going to be documenting at my computer, we have an e-mail exchange or a phone conversation before the actual time of their appointment. I suggest they set an intention for their session by asking, “if you could use the IET energy in this session to heal, shift, change, clear, modify, empower, expand or manifest anything, what would it be?”

You’ll decide which level IET to use based on their intention. If they’re experiencing a physical/emotional issue, you might opt for a Basic level session. If your client is wondering about their purpose/mission in life or is perhaps looking for a soul mate, an Advanced level session makes sense. Then, just as you would if they were with you physically, you’ll offer a silent prayer inviting your angels to work with you. Invite your client’s angels to work with them during the session.   Ask that this session be used for your clients’ highest good. Establish an angelic heartlink with Angel Ariel or your own personal angels. Use the heartlink symbol to bring a starburst of integrated energy into your client’s abdomen. Begin channeling integrated energy from your heart allowing it to flow down your arms and envision it entering your client’s abdomen. Then, take a breath, remember the angels are with you and they are doing the work.

Close your eyes (if it feels comfortable) and proceed to do the session, paying attention to whatever you might be sensing, feeling or seeing. The client may wish to offer input as well.

Once you have completed the session, you can easily check in with them if you are on Skype or Face Time. If you have done the work on your computer, send the notes and tell them you welcome feedback and questions. Or, as I mentioned previously, you might have a post-session phone chat scheduled after they have had a chance to read the notes.

I personally LOVE offering sessions remotely; in fact, the bulk of my client practice is comprised of clients around the globe. If you have been considering offering remote sessions, I hope this article will inspire you to try them.   And, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at