Please Heartlink to Atlantis on June 21, 2005

By Maria Peterson I have been meditating for about seven years. I once took a meditation course called Spectra Dynamics, based on the work of Dorothy Gates, a California psychologist. During that course I learned a little about how my mind worked.

Memories from other lifetimes began to emerge whenever I meditated. The difficult or traumatic events of my past lives would come forward in little snippets. Sometimes taking a whole year before the entire story would become something that could be understood in a logical way. This is how my Atlantean memories came forward into my conscious mind.

It wasn’t until this past February that I was able to put them in a logical sequence or even be able to say that some of them were from the time of Atlantis. I went to hear Frank Joseph speak in Rochester, MN. Mr. Joseph has been researching Atlantis for the past 30 years. As he flashed pictures, some technical drawings of others artists renditions, from his projector my mind began to catalog my memories. A picture of the rings that made up the city of Atlantis during the second epoch brought to mind the time when my fiancé was racing around the track and lost control of his chariot and smashed into the side of the racetrack wall, breaking his body and dying instantly. Other memories fell into order again and again as he talked and showed slides.

The memory that has haunted me the most is my last memory of Atlantis during the third Atlantean epoch. What I remember is that I belonged to a religious sect that resided in the countryside, outside of the city. We knew that something big was taking place from the placement of the stars, the meteor showers and the rumblings in the earth. I carried a bag that held six large crystals and was instructed to place them in the earth at the base of the hill leading to the volcano. Then our group of followers would meditate and hold a thought filling the crystals that would help heal the earth. We placed the crystals into the earth. However, the volcano ended up exploding, killing all of us and destroying Atlantis. For years I believed that I had helped to bring about the destruction of Atlantis.

After Mr. Joseph finished speaking I was able to speak privately with him. What he told me brought such relief and comfort deep down within myself I felt such a wonderful shiver of joy. He explained how placing the crystals in the earth the way that I did, was acting as a conductor to dissipate the energy that was building beneath the volcano. The crystals would transmute the energy and send it out into the atmosphere as electricity, eliminating the force underground. I hadn’t destroyed Atlantis, I was trying to help save it. He also told me that because the force was too large, the small group of people that I worked with, were probably too few to focus all the energy, so the explosion occurred despite our efforts and Atlantis sank.

What I learned from Mr. Joseph’s talk and his book, The Destruction of Atlantis, was that a meteor hit two plates in the Atlantic Ocean. The force of the contact with the plates sent a reverberation across the Atlantic right to Atlantis (250 miles off the coast of Portugal) where movement caused the volcano to erupt and the island to sink. The meteor not only caused devastation for Atlantis but around the world. It is at this time that all cultures came up with their flood myths.

As I began to digest all this information, I began to realize that if all cultures have a flood myth connected with the sinking of Atlantis, then everyone on this planet is connected to the collective consciousness that holds this memory. A memory of vast floods, tsunamis, explosions, ash covering the sun, no food, acid rain, vast areas being burned and destroyed, loss of family and loved ones.

It is my hope that revealing this memory will help others who participated in these events heal from any trauma they carry in their cellular memory. As I became aware of this possibility, I began to think, what if all the IET students and Master-Instructors around the world heartlinked to this Atlantean consciousness, with the intent of sending love and began to heal this Atlantean consciousness. What parts of our present and our future are being created from this memory of destruction? What great healing would occur for us as a planet if we would join our energy and create a giant heartlink?

I would like to invite each of you to take time on June 21, 2005, Solstice. Simply do a five-minute heartlink meditation to the collective consciousness that holds the memory of the destruction of Atlantis and send our heartlinks though time and space back to Atlantis. IET students number in the thousands. We can create a loving and powerful healing force to make a better, healthier Earth.

In Peace and Love and For the Earth,

Maria Peterson
April 2005