Meet IET® MI Trainer Linda Huitt

From Buxton, Maine, USA

What first brought you to IET?

My entry into IET was part of a 180 degree shift in my life path. I was in an executive level technical career that had spanned about 25 years. At the suggestion of one of my sisters, I began studying Reiki and other metaphysical methods, with a plan to have that eventually be my “retirement career”, bringing more peacefulness into my life. And the same sister suggested IET training… I had never heard of it! She and I decided to take all levels of the training together, and voila my life really began to shift!

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality?

I have been practicing and teaching IET since 2012. At first it was “nights and weekends” while I continued my corporate career during the work week. Then in 2014 I made a full-time shift, leaving my corporate career, and moving fully into my vocation and calling.

When I first began practicing, I was a bit shy about telling friends and colleagues that I had begun working in a metaphysical and spiritual path… with ANGELS! But the level of support I received from the very start was quite affirming for me. I was where I was supposed to be.

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?

I also practice and teach Kundalini Reiki, and practice Usui Reiki, Melchizedek Method, ThetaHealing, and read Akashic Records. I find that each modality has its time and place. But IET is definitely my primary modality. It is my “go to”.

Like with traditional Usui Reiki, in IET we have a map to work from. But I find the maps of Cellular Memory and Integration Points to be much more helpful in evaluating my clients’ needs and interpreting what is going on for them. In fact, my Guides often communicate with me clairsentiently according to the cellular memory areas when working with other modalities, because the meanings are so clear.

While many clients have had wonderful results with Melchizedek Method sessions, the technique is less conducive to sharing impressions than what we can do with IET.

And while ThetaHealing can support clients in releasing limiting beliefs, I find that clients struggle with the process a bit. However I do love the energy of the Creator that we call in for ThetaHealing, and often call it in for specific client situations.

With Kundalini Reiki, the practice is a bit different. We provide 9 different healings during a session to address situations such as trauma connected to locations, birth, specific relationships, etc. I think of it as working with the full energy body across multiple “issues”. This is probably my second favorite modality to practice, and I will sometimes at a Kundalini technique (eg a Karmic Band healing) to an IET session.

Bottom line: find what YOU enjoy working with, and your perfect clients will find you.

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.

My clients and students love IET as much as I do!

I have one client who tells friends that I give her “angel massages”… need I say more??

Several clients have made comments at the end of a session to the effect of “wow I’ve had energy healing before, but I’ve never had anything like THAT!” I have had clients report more peace and harmony in their life, and better sleep.

And don’t forget the pets! I have a feline client who started eating better. A canine client who started being less “stressed” around strangers, and another canine who went to being unusually lethargic to returning to his active nature immediately at the end of a distant session. When I work with pets, I also get messages to share with their humans. I do not know whether the messages come directly from the pets, or from the angels on behalf of the pets, but it doesn’t really matter… what matters is that the information is helpful to the human in serving their pet.

I have had multiple students tell me that IET is easier to learn than traditional Reiki. Part of that is due to the wonderful manuals provided. And I believe it is also due to the oversight from the Center Of Being, ensuring that we meet a high standard in our teaching approach and support.

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the services I provide is reading of the Akashic Records. I remember one client who came in for a reading. She was dealing with a very difficult break up, including infidelity from her former partner. She was livid! She had a lot of questions and wanted answers.

The level of anger she was carrying made her energy very dense. I was having difficulty in accessing her Akashic Records. I asked her if I could please clear her energy before we did the reading. She was very apprehensive, but reluctantly agreed to lay on my treatment table for a few minutes of clearing.

I spent about 10 minutes performing IET techniques on her, in particular focusing on energies of heartbreak and anger. At the end of that very quick clearing, when she sat up, she looked like a completely different person. Her face was relaxed. She actually smiled. And her energy was much less dense. We were then able to proceed with a very helpful reading for her.

As you can imagine, she became a regular client.

How has your work in IET benefitted you personally?

The practice of IET does so much for me personally!

First of all, every time I work with a client, I get to feel the energy of the angels working through me. I get that collateral benefit, and I am so grateful for it! I have had people ask me whether I feel drained after a session, and I tell them no it’s just the opposite. I feel energized and cleared.

Oh the heartlinks!! Heartlinking to the Angels has become as natural to me as breathing. Whether I am calling upon angels to help me personally in any given situation, or I am calling upon their support so that I can extend a human heartlink to another, I love that the angels are instantly there to respond.

I often use the technique of the “five minute empowerment session” when I am having difficulty sleeping. I am able to do the full session while relaxing in bed. Often I have a hard time staying awake through the full session, which is pretty incredible because remember, the reason I am doing this is because I am having difficulty sleeping! But if I really feel myself starting to drift off, I just asked my angels to finish the session for me, and drift off to sleep.

I also use the I-Chi process when I feel like I need an energy reset, or am heading into a stressful day. It’s amazing what a difference this can make for my energy in just a couple of minutes!