IET Wisdom Group

The IET Wisdom Group was created to help ensure the integrity, purity, success, and longevity of Integrated Energy Therapy. We are dedicated to supporting the IET community, which is the heart of the IET system. The members of this group have years of IET experience from Practitioner to Facilitator and have led 100’s of classes, events, calls and/or sessions.
Barbara Stepniak
Barbara Stepniak

Barbara Stepniak BS is the Director/Owner of The Center of Being, Inc and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®). She has been part of the Center of Being, Inc for 14 years collaborating closely with the developer, Stevan Thayer, to learn and understand his teachings. In 2012 Stevan invited her to take over the center and she became the director/owner in 2023. She currently runs The Center of Being, teaches IET classes, IET events and runs a series of IET calls daily to support the IET community along their spiritual journey. You can contact her at

Edmund Carroll

Edmund Carroll is from Athboy, Co Meath, Ireland and he has been using Integrated Energy Therapy® since he started on his Spiritual journey in 2002. He completed his IET Master Instructor Level in 2003. Stevan Thayer appointed Edmund an IET Master-Instructor Trainer in 2013. He has previously worked in Retail Grocery but the Angels had other ideas for him to do including treating people for various conditions and teaching and delivering IET classes throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. He is a certified Life Coach and Digital Goal Map Practitioner Coach that he uses to help and empower his IET students to creating and living their best life.

Denise Becker

Denise Becker MA, CYT is an IET MI Trainer. She was introduced to IET in 1997 where through deep personal experience, she immediately recognized it as a vehicle to change both her life and the lives of others. Denise had many personal sessions with and was trained in all levels including the trainer level by Stevan Thayer, the channel and developer of IET. It is Denise’s great honor and joy to assist others in transforming pain and illuminating, clarifying, and living their soul’s purpose.