IET Relationships Sessions

By Stevan J. Thayer I have found that IET provides wonderful support for clients who want to focus on healing issues that they are having in their relationships.

A very powerful form of relationships sessions involves having both partners in the relationship be present during the session. One of the partners receives the IET session while the other partner is present in the room energetically supporting them. The simple fact that both partners are in the same room will automatically trigger issues in the relationship and will create a very effective healing environment.

Partners can even talk about or act out an issue they are trying to heal during the session. For example if the partner receiving the session (call them partner 1) wants to purchase a new car and their partner present in the room (call them partner 2) says no, you can use a stuffed animal (like a teddy bear) to represent the new car. Then while partner 1 who is receiving the IET session reaches for the teddy bear (representing the new car), have partner 2 hold the bear just out of reach so they can’t get it. As this occurs, you can for example release the energy of anger and resentment from cellular memory area 7 which is likely to be building in partner 1 who is receiving the session.

I have found that the following format works well in an IET Relationships Session.

Have one of the partners (partner 1) lie on your energy table and be the client for the session while the other partner (partner 2) maintains energetic connection with partner 1 during the session.

  1. Start by having partner 2 stand at the foot end of the energy table and hold partner 1’s feet. As you begin the IET session for partner 1, when you place the starburst of angelic energy in partner 1’s abdomen and heartlink to partner 1, you can also heartlink to partner 2 so that partner 2 gets an absentee IET session as you give partner 1 an in-person IET session. Then treat the first 6 cellular memory areas (including the arms if it is an Advanced Level Session) of partner 1.
  2. After treating the first 6 cellular memory areas of partner 1, have partner 2 move to the head area of partner 1 and have them place   their hands on the top of partner 1’s head as you treat cellular memory areas 7, 8 and 9 (including the legs if it is an Advanced Level Session) of partner 1.
  3. After treating all 9 cellular memory areas of partner 1, if it is an Advanced Level session, have partner 2 return to the foot end of the energy table and hold partner 1’s feet as you do a Soul Star Clearing. And if it is a Master-Instructor Level session, follow the Soul Star Clearing with a 12-strand DNA alignment.
  4. Then have partner 2 release their connection with partner 1’s feet and finish the session with a final balancing and grounding.

You can offer IET relationships sessions as two single sessions or as one double session.

If you are offering a single session, then conclude the session and in their next IET Relationships Session have the two partners switch roles.

If this is a double session you can continue the session by repeating steps 1 to 4 with the roles of the two partners reversed.

Note: If it is not possible to have both relationship partners in the same room during the session then a less powerful but still effective alternative approach is to have partner 1 bring a photo of partner 2 to hold during the session. Then, during the session you and partner 1 can heartlink to partner 2 while partner 1 receives the IET session.