Healing The Wounded Warrior Syndrome

By Stevan J. Thayer

There is a story that the Native American Indians tell of how birds obtained the gift of song. Here is my telling of that story. Originally, birds did not have the gift of song and in order to get the gift of song, all it would take is for one bird to fly so high that they touched the heart of the Great Spirit and once they did, all birds would have the gift of song. Bird after bird flew as high as they could, but none was strong enough to fly high enough to receive the gift of song. Many birds said it just could not be done, but the eagle knew there must be a way. One day an eagle and a sparrow formed a plan. The sparrow rode on the eagles back as the eagle flew higher and higher. It was higher than the sparrow had ever been and still the eagle flew upward. When, in a state of exhaustion, the eagle flew as high as he could, the sparrow took flight and flew upward with great determination. Well, as you know, the sparrow reached his goal and the birds of the world are blessed with song.

The eagle is what I call a spiritual warrior. The eagle fought against the doubts and even objections of the birds that said it was impossible. The eagle even faced his own fears of failure. The eagle used all his strength and skill to bring the sparrow to a place from which the sparrow could fly even higher. The eagle did it not only for the spiritually selfish reason of getting the gift of song for himself, but more importantly, to get the gift of song for all birds.

In human form, the spiritual warrior is the person who soars above the limiting dynamics of their family of origin. They often soar beyond what they read in books or learn from teachers. They do this not only for thyself but also to help others do the same. These are the souls who in every lifetime they have ever lived are never quite satisfied to just be a follower of what others teach. They find themselves following what others teach for a while, and then they are drawn, by some inner drive, to venture into new and often uncharted areas. The desire is always to find new ways to be of service to others, to find new ways to help others heal, new ways to help others grow, and new ways to help others develop spiritually.

As such, these souls embody the pioneer archetype. They blaze new trails and like Star Trek, they boldly go where no one has gone before. Like pioneers of the American Wild West, they often get arrows shot at them. Unlike the American pioneers who got actual arrows shot at them, the spiritual pioneer may on the mild end of the spectrum receive insults, criticism, denouncement, condemnation, and verbal threats, and on the severe end of the spectrum receive imprisonment, torture, excommunication, and even death. The problem is that these souls were ahead of their time and incarnated in a world that was not ready for their gifts, and rather than receive praise and glory, they received attack and defeat. It is possible for these souls to carry the karmic potential to bring the unhealed trauma of these trials and tribulations into future lifetimes for healing. I call these souls “wounded warriors”.

Many souls who are attracted to the angelic energy and techniques of IET carry the archetypal imprint of the wounded warrior. These are souls who have in their 5th DNA pair the pioneer pattern as well as the spiritual warrior pattern. These souls have a strong energetic potential in their soulstar to bring wonderful gifts of service into the world. They also have an energy body that is up to the task of transforming the energetic potential into a powerful service oriented enactment in life. It is not unusual for such a soul to be driven to express their ideas through writing, painting, dancing, singing, or lecturing. It is not unusual for these souls to teach and for them to attract a following of students.

Unfortunately, if the karmic wound is not healed, the soul will likely attract people into their life who will metaphorically shoot arrows at them and their creations. This may take the form of people who are over critical of their self-expression. It may also take the form of people who are very supportive at first but who turn against them and possibly betray them. And since it is a karmic pattern, these arrows may continue until the warrior’s karmic wounds are healed. Once the karmic wounds are healed, the same pioneer expression of creativity that once received arrows and betrayal, will receive praise and support. But until that time, the unhealed wounds can continue to invite attack.

When attacked, the wounded warrior may quit the spiritual battle, withdraw from the world, and seek the safety of isolation. This may take the form of a teacher, who stops teaching, or a writer who stops writing, or a singer who stops singing. It is not that the warrior has no desire to express their creativity in service to the world, it is just that the karmic memory of the dangers of past expressions of creativity get projected on the current life situation and instinctive self preservation begins to kick in. Withdrawal can provide the wounded warrior a space for deep self-examination and healing. It is always easier to heal what life has triggered and if the arrows have triggered the karmic wound, that karmic wound will be easier to heal than if it were deeply suppressed.

It is important to note that while withdrawal is a perfectly valid temporary mechanism for the warrior to regroup and heal, it is not a viable long term hiding place. For in time, the warrior’s creative energy and drive for service will push against the karmic defense mechanism which had urged hiding as a means of self preservation. This creates an inner power struggle within the warrior. Since the energy of power is focused in IET cellular memory area 8 (the stomach area), you can think of this energetically as the energy of power moving down to IET cellular memory area 9 (kidneys – fear) or up, through IET cellular memory area 7 to IET cellular memory area 6 (heart – love). If the energy moves down, the warrior stays in hiding. If the energy moves up, the warrior brings the next wave of spiritual service into the world.

Receiving a full IET session from an IET practitioner is a wonderful overall healing tool for the wounded warrior. While energy areas 6, 7, 8 and 9 are the primary areas affected by the karmic wounds, other areas may well be affected in a secondary way. Thus, an overall IET session can provide wonderful support.

In addition to an overall IET ession, I recommend the following three step-healing plan for the wounded warrior.

1) Let the wound talk: All too often when a wound, especially a karmic wound, gets triggered by life, the tendency is to quiet the wound and stop the associated bad feelings. Please understand that the wound is like a warning bell trying to lovingly ensure safety. The unhealed wound is operating from the perspective of past lives, and from that perspective of time and context, what is being done in this lifetime seems to be dangerous. The unhealed wound operates from the principle that it would rather have the warrior be safe than happy, and if the pursuit of happiness triggers the wound, it will try to pull the warrior back and keep them safe. Ignoring the wound is like ignoring the alarm. While the alarm may be false, it is trying to keep you safe.

What the wound does not realize is that the time and context of the current lifetime is very different than the lifetimes in which the wounds were created, and self expression that was dangerous back then are likely to be safe now. Until your life experience proves to the karmic wound that it is now safe to express your spiritual truth into the world, it will continue to view the world through the eyes of the past as an unsafe place for your self-expression. Listening to the warning message of the wound is essential to quieting the alarm, for as the wound expresses it’s warning, the alarm will lessen. Here is a simple way to learn the wound’s message.

If you would like to listen to the messages of you wound, I recommend that you sit quietly with a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Heartlink to Angel Ariel, the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, and your own personal angels. Ask that they guide, direct, surround and protect you in this process. Focus your energy on your 8th IET cellular memory area (the stomach and adrenals). Drop your mind’s awareness to this area and listen to what it has to say. Let this area of cellular memory begin to speak, and as it does, write down whatever it has to say. Do not think too much about what you are writing and do not argue with it or try to reason with it. Just record it. What you will receive may be something like “You must watch out…. they will get you… it is not safe…. you will be punished…. they will turn against you… they will attach you…. It is too dangerous… don’t trust them… it is too much… you are going too far.. etc.”

Once you start recording the message of your wound, you will likely find the messages flow timidly at first, then flood out as fast as you can write them, then they will taper off and stop. After you have written down your wound’s warning, it is best to review the messages with a discerning eye. Some of the messages may be legitimate in your life and you can benefit from them. Most of the messages will not be legitimate and you can see them clearly as a false alarm triggered by the memory of past lifetimes. You can in essence keep the best and forget the rest.

2) Clear your Karma: While it is not possible to eliminate your karmic past, it is possible to significantly reduce the intensity of your karmic energy from a barrier that will stop you to a speed bump that will simply slow you down. The IET Karma Clearing Process is perfect for this. The Karma Clearing Process uses the energy of the IET Intermediate Ray, accelerated by the IET vortex process, along with special Karma integration points, and the energy of Angel Gabriel. The Karma Clearing process is described in detail in the IET Master-Instructor Manual. It is also available through an Audio CD Recording available through our www.LearnIET.com website and you can clear your karma simply by listing to our audio recording of this process. It is best to repeat the karma clearing process periodically until the repeat karmic pattern stops.

3) The Empowered Heart: Once you have listened to the message of your wound and cleared the associated karmic energy, it is now time to train your power to rise to your heart rather than fall to your fear. Using sacred geometry and the energy of angels, the Empowered Heart process provides you with the tools needed to keep the energy of your power flowing out into the world through your heart center. This will enable you to express your spiritual warrior truth in the world with such power that it will polarize the world around you. The stronger the polarization, the more people who are in alignment with your message and truth will flock loving towards you and the more that people who are in opposition to your message and truth will ignore you. Those who would once have shot verbal arrows at you will simply turn away in futility and ignore you. All the while, those who are in alignment with you will see the brightness of your light and flock to you for the service you offer.

Linear vs. cyclic healing: It is hopeful that one pass through these three steps will heal your warrior wounds. It is also possible depending on the intensity of the karmic wounds and the degree to which you feel comfortable with change that you may need to repeat steps 1 to 3 more than once. You will know when you are done with the healing when you are out in the world living your truth and expressing your soul’s mission.

Excitement vs. Fear: One pitfall to the wounded warriors healing journey is the fine line between the energy of excitement and the energy of fear. When a person has come from lifetimes of fear around the issue of expressing their spiritual truth in the world, the energy of excitement can at first feel like the energy of fear. This is another opportunity for discernment and listening to the warning message and then as discernment permits, feel the fear and do it anyway.

When the warriors wounds are healed and the warriors spiritual gifts are brought out into the world, the warrior becomes like the eagle, supporting family, friends, clients, and students in an every upward journey to heal their lives, touch the very heart of God and bring their gifts into the world.