Heal Your Heart – Empower Your Life

By Stevan Thayer February 2017 The attention that Valentine’s day focuses on love, creates a perfect energetic environment for each of us to align with the vibration of love and heal our suppressed cellular memories, especially those resulting from betrayal, rejection, loneliness, or loss. Having an open radiant heart center is essential to living an empowered life and this is a perfect time for us to clear the energy of suppressed cellular memories from our heart center and open our heart center to its fullest potential.

According to Angel Ariel, the purpose of life is love. She says that we live in a universe fabricated from the vibration of love. Every atom resonates with the vibration of love. Everything is built from the vibration of love. Every life form is enlivened by the vibration of love. The most important thing we can do as human beings are to love others and be loved by others in return.

Angel Ariel points out that love is divine in origin. Humans are not able to create the vibration of love. They do however have an incredible capacity to channel the divine vibration of love into their hearts and let it flow through their hearts to exchange it with others. She describes the unrestricted open love exchange between two people as “God-loving God through two people”.

So why are so many people living in a world created from love, surrounded by love, with the life’s purpose to love and yet not experiencing love? The answer lies in the heart’s self-protection defense mechanism. You see, our heart learns to love and be loved in the womb where we exist in unity with the world around us. In the womb our heart center is open and we unrestrictedly both take in love and give out love. This is why newborn babies can light up a room with the radiance of love and unrestrictedly exchange love with the people around them.

As we journey through our life we may encounter people who reject or betray our love. They love us and then they stop loving us even though we still love them. And when this happens our heart center experiences heartache and pain. If the pain is more than we can safely experience at the time, our heart center’s natural self-defense mechanism kicks in and our heart closes metaphorically like a turtle tucking itself into its shell. Unfortunately for us when this defense mechanism kicks in and our heart closes, all of the heartache and pain that we successfully avoided feeling is suppressed into the heart’s cellular memory. This pain does not simply go away with time. Fortunately for us, love is the perfect cure to heal our wounded hearts. Unfortunately for us, our heart center must be open to receive this cure. This creates a difficult catch 22 healing situation. Our hearts must be open to receive the cure. Yet our hearts will not open because love always brings anything unlike itself up for healing. So as our heart opens and takes in the love, the suppressed heartache and pain we have stored into our cellular memory is reactivated and brought up for healing. And when we re-experience the suppressed pain, our heart’s self-defense mechanism kicks in and we re-suppress the pain before love can heal it.

I know from personal experience that this is true. I experienced a great deal of heartache early in my life’s journey and my heart’s self-defense mechanism worked perfectly, locking the pain into the cellular memory of my heart center. It was easy for me to offer acts of loving kindness to others. But I would instinctively deflect compliments and praise that they would offer back to me by saying things like “it was nothing” or “don’t be silly.” Whenever I was in a room filled with people I would feel isolated and alone as if I were in an invisible bubble that cut me off from others. I even believed that I was unlovable. I once attended a workshop where we had to describe the most painful situation for us that we could imagine. For me that was easy. I wrote, “Put me in a room with a dozen or so people who would love me unconditionally and would not stop and it would be so painful that I would die.” I found out later that it was not the love being given to me that was the problem, but rather, it was my re-experiencing the pain that I had suppressed into the cellular memory of my heart center that was the problem. And since my original heartache and pain had been caused by people, my heart center did not trust receiving love from people.

Ironically, if I had changed the image to being put in a room surrounded by dozens of cute puppies who would love me unconditionally and not stop, I would have felt just the opposite. My heart center would open and I would feel filled with love and joy. That’s because the pain locked into my heart center was not caused by cute puppies but rather by people. I believe that many people have similar experiences. This is why many people feel that they get more love from their pets than from people. It’s not that pets can offer more love than people, but rather, a wounded heart may feel safer and more open to receiving love from pets than from people.

In healing our wounded heart, we need to give our heart love in a way that our heart feels safe and in control opening up. Love that does not trigger our natural self-defense mechanism. Fortunately for us, Angel Ariel has given us the perfect way to do this. The IET Heartlink. The Heartlink creates a safe and effective healing environment that will allow us to open our hearts, take in love, and release the energy of heartache and pain from our heart center’s cellular memory.

A technique that I have used to clear my heart’s cellular memory is simple yet powerful and brings together the IET Heartlink, the angelic healing gifts of Angel Cassiel, the power of soul gazing, the effectiveness of telling yourself the love-filled messages that you want to hear and the IET treatment sequence for Cellular Memory Area 6 – the heart center. Here is my technique. (Note: You will need a small hand mirror to use in this technique).

The IET Technique to Heal Your Wounded Heart and Empower Your Life

  1. Heartlink: Heartlink to Angel Cassiel and in prayer invite Angel Cassiel to work with you and through you; to guide, direct, surround and protect you; and ask that this be for your highest good and highest healing.
  2. Starburst: Receive an angelic starburst of energy from Angel Cassiel and slowly lower it down (using a zig-zag motion) until it floats in front of your heart center. Then embrace the angelic starburst and pull it into your heart center.
  3. Energize: Use the energize hand position for cellular memory area 6 – the heart center (see page 18 of the IET Basic Level Guide) and energize your heart center for about a minute.
  4. Integrate/Trigger: Place two fingers of your right hand simultaneously on the right and left Integration Points for cellular memory area 6 while you proceed to step 5.
    a. if you have not taken the Intermediate IET training then this step will integrate cellular memory area 6 – the heart center.
    b. if you have taken the Intermediate IET training then this step will Trigger a Release from cellular memory area 6.
  5. Soul Gaze: Hold the small mirror with your left hand so that you can gaze deeply into your own eyes (technically you can only look into one eye at a time so pick one eye and stare into it). The eyes are the gateway to the soul so you will, in essence, be gazing into your own soul.
  6. Your Love List: When you speak it will be your ego talking to your soul. So say to your soul all of the loving things that you would like to hear. You can for example simply say “I love you” or “I will always love you and never leave you” or “You deserve love” or “You are so lovable” or “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I treasure you.”
  7. Release: After you have conveyed your list heart to heart from your ego to your soul,
    a. if you have not taken the Intermediate IET training then skip to step 10.
    b. if you have taken the Intermediate IET training you can use your right hand to pull the energy of the suppressed cellular memories from cellular memory area 6 up and out through the four layers of your human energy field (see page 18 of the IET Intermediate Level Guide).
  8. Integrate: After you have released the suppressed energy from cellular memory area 6, you can Integrate cellular memory area 6 by once again placing two fingers of your right hand simultaneously on the right and left Integration Points for cellular memory area 6 (see page 18 of the IET Intermediate Level Guide).
  9. Powerburst: If you have taken the IET Master-Instructor training then you can create an angelic powerburst and place it into your heart center (see the IET Master-Instructor Guide page 8 in the 13th edition and page 9 in the 14th and 15th edition).
  10. Grounding: Complete the technique by placing your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on your right knee to offer yourself some grounding.

You can continue to open and expand your heart center by heartlinking to people in your life and offering them expressions of loving-kindness. Then when they return the love to you simply say or think “thank you” and let the love in. You can go even further by heartlinking to those closest to you and telling them how much you treasure and love them. You can even soul gaze into their eyes as you do. Then, if they tell you about what you mean to them and how much they love you, simply keep your heart open and let the love in.

Don’t worry if at first it seems that you are giving out more love than you are getting back. Remember, the world is made from the love that is ready to return to you, but your heart center has to be healed enough for you to let it in. Give it time, and just keep giving to others what you really want them to give to you. When your heart center is healed, you will receive the love you have been giving out and more.

To receive an added infusion of love, you can always find a room full of cute puppies and try puppy therapy!

Blessings, Stevan J. Thayer