IET Practitioners are Gardeners of the Heart

By Stevan Thayer September 2016 form of gardening is growing orchids. Orchids are fun to grow and a delight to behold when they bloom. I find that orchids are the perfect metaphor for our spiritual growth and the expression of our soul’s mission through IET.

Each orchid has dormant within it the potential to bring forth the most amazing flower blooms. If an orchid is lovingly cared for and provided with fresh water, the proper temperature and humidity, the right amount of sun and nutrition, annual repotting and pruning, and even heartlinks of IET energy, then their potential will bloom forth. If an orchid is not given the proper growing environment then their potential may lie dormant and the orchid will not bloom.

We are very much like the orchids. We each have dormant within us the potential for our soul’s mission to bloom brightly in our life. But like the orchid, we require the proper growing environment. To me an important part of this proper growing environment is angelic IET energy.

Whenever we as IET practitioners use our angelic IET energy and techniques for self care, or to support others, we are like a spiritual gardener of the heart. We can use a 5-Minute Empowerment Session on a regular basis to maintain our ideal growing environment. We can use full IET sessions to clear suppressed cellular memories that hold us back. We can clear our Soul Star to bring our visionboard to life. And we can optimize our 12-Strand Spiritual DNA to support us in living our reach.

IET Master-Instructor Karen (Fairman) Simpson has written a poem entitled “Gardeners of the Heart” that expresses this quite beautifully and she has given us permission to reprint her poem and share it with you.


Gardeners of the Heart

by IET Master-Instructor Karen (Fairman) Simpson

At the center of our being,
Awakes a tiny spark,
A seed of love and inspiration,
Nurtured by gardeners of the heart.

Reaching deep within the darkness,
they guide each soul to light.
To grow and remember who we are,
Beauty never far from sight.

They pull weeds of sadness,
Anger, fear and despair.
Using the tools of angels,
Tending each soul with care.

Into the river of life,
They blend the flow of tears.
Watering our souls so gently,
Peeling back the years.

When storms of growth threaten,
To bend or break our hearts.
They remind us our strength is love,
And nourish us with support.

We’ve grown within their tender care,
roots have settled down.
To support our beauty, joy and hope,
Reaching for light and ground.

As each heart flower opens,
Memories blossom from before.
Of joy and happiness and beauty,
God’s love forevermore.

In gratitude and love we see,
As One we are never apart.
From the essence of their hearts and souls,
Our gardeners of the heart.

(c) 2000 Karen (Fairman) Simpson,