From Healing the Hurt to Living the Dream – IET Does It All: Part 1

By Stevan J. Thayer

Part 1: Cellular Memory Integrated Energy Therapy® empowers you with multi-dimensional holistic healing tools. Holistic healing is the process of supporting a person in their self-healing of body, mind, and spirit. In IET® this takes the form of supporting the clearing and empowering of the cellular memory, human energy field, and 12 Strand DNA. Each level of IET brings its unique gift to support the healing of one or more of these areas.

In part one of this three-part article, I will focus on the role of clearing and empowering the cellular memory. In the next cyber journal, I will discuss the role of the human energy field (part 2) and in a future cyber journal, I will discuss the role of the 12 Strand DNA (part 3).

Our soul’s plan: Let’s start with why things happen in our life. The angels say that we can consider our life “pure potential” that manifest according to our soul’s plan. Nothing is by accident. Our soul’s plan is a plan that was created before we were born and is stored as an energetic potential in our 8th chakra (or soulstar). This energetic potential is like having a book of our soul, which lays out the spiritual plan that is possible for our life’s journey. Think of this plan as containing the potential for all of the actions, experiences, and events that our soul wishes to experience in this lifetime. Also understand that these actions, experiences, and events support us (in ways we often do not understand at the time) in bringing our unique gifts of service into the world in accordance to our soul’s mission.

From plan to physical reality: As we incarnate into human form at birth, our soul’s plan is encoded from our 8th chakra into our physical body via our 12 Strand spiritual DNA. Our soul’s plan, now in the form of our 12 Strand DNA, directs all aspects of our body, and our life. It can be thought of as roadmap that, when manifested, will create the life experiences our soul wishes to have.

As the world around us responds to our soul’s plan, we draw to us the experiences that our soul desires. Most of the time the experiences we draw to us are within our ability to safely process (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and we will safely grow through them. If, on the other hand, the experience is more than we can safely accommodate at the time, we can disassociate from the experience, and suppress the energy (and the trauma) of the experience into the cellular memory of our body and into our human energy field.

Every cell in our body has the ability (just like the cells in our brain) to remember. While the cells in our brain are efficient at remembering facts and figures, the cells in our body are efficient at remembering experiences. Our Cellular Memory can store the memory of:

  • Physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries, or abuse.
  • Emotional trauma like heartache, fear, guilt, and anger.
  • Mental trauma that manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry, etc.

When reality is too much: Suppression of trauma into cellular memory was designed as a short-term mechanism to help us survive overwhelming situations. This can be seen in sudden trauma like an accident. The accident survivor suppresses the trauma of the accident into their cellular memory, survives the accident and is calm and serene. They can act as nothing happened at all. Then, hours later, when they are safe and secure, the trauma may automatically be released from their cellular memory. When this happens, the person will have a delayed experience of the trauma. The person may tremble, shake, scream, or cry as they experience the sensations and emotions, and release the energy from their cellular memory, of the accident that occurred hours earlier.

When the energy of trauma gets stuck: Unfortunately there are many situations in which it is not safe to experience the suppressed trauma. This can occur when the trauma was too overwhelming to be experienced and it will thus be too overwhelming to re-experience. It can also occur when the trauma is ongoing and there is never a “safe time or place” to let the trauma be released. It is easy to see how this can occur in extreme situations like acts of violence, abuse, or even near-death experiences. It can also, however, occur in situations that do not seem as extreme. I have worked with clients who have had trauma suppressed into their cellular memory resulting from their experience of being adopted, the death of a loved one, moving from a childhood home to a new home, lifesaving surgery to treat an illness, habitual fear and worry about something that never even happened, guilt they carry, and many more experiences. In these situations, the energy of the trauma becomes stuck and remains suppressed into the cellular memory. The problem with suppressed cellular memory is not only does is limit our ability to live freely and joyfully in life but it can also support the body in developing physical illness.

Helping people heal the hurts that have happened: Basic Level IET Practitioners can help people self-heal the hurts that have happened.

The Basic Level IET energy and techniques provide us with a simple yet effective means of clearing the hurts that have happened. IET Basic Level students are attuned to an angelic energy ray whose primary healing focus is the physical and emotional levels. Basic Level IET practitioners can work directly with the physical body to support the clearing of physical and emotional traumatic energy that has been suppressed into the cellular memory of the human body.

One of the difficulties in supporting the healing of cellular memory is that as the energy of the trauma begins to release from the cellular memory, the person may involuntarily re-suppress the trauma so that they can avoid experiencing it. Thus, the trauma stay suppressed.

One of the gifts of IET’s angelic energy is that it does not require the person to re-experience the trauma in order to clear it. Rather, the IET energy can allow the person to emotionally float in an angelic energy field of safety and peace while the energy of the trauma is safely released from their cellular memory. IET does not require a person to relive the trauma to release the trauma. In IET we think of it as “healing without feeling”.

Supporting the clearing of cellular memory is only half the task. Once the trauma has been released from the cellular memory, the cellular memory must be filled with an empowerment imprint that is the energetic opposite of the trauma that was cleared. IET Basic Practitioners are empowered to do just this. As the traumatic energy is released, the Basic Level IET angelic energy ray automatically fills the cellular memory with the appropriate empowerment imprint. The Basic Level IET session systematically energizes and integrates the 9 cellular memory areas, allows the support of the physical body, the clearing of the 9 primary suppressed emotions, and the imprinting of 9 primary empowerment energies.