From Healing the Hurt to Living the Dream – IET Does It All: Part 2

By Stevan J. Thayer 

Part 2: The Human Energy Field Integrated Energy Therapy® empowers you with  multi-dimensional holistic healing tools. Holistic healing is the process of supporting a person in their self-healing of body, mind, and spirit. In IET® this takes the form of supporting the clearing and empowering of the cellular memory, human energy field, and 12 Strand DNA. Each level of IET brings its unique gift to support the healing of one or more of these areas.

In this second part of my three-part article I focus on the role of clearing and empowering the human energy field. In the last cyber journal I discussed the role of the cellular memory (part 1) and in the next cyber journal I will discuss the role of the 12 Strand DNA (part 3).

Manifesting your Soul’s Mission: Our soul uses our human energy field as a mechanism for the energy of the pure potential of our soul’s mission to manifest into the physical reality of our world. Our soul uses our human energy field to draw to us all the people, places, settings, circumstances, and experiences we need to help us in fulfilling our soul’s mission in this lifetime. By means of our human energy field, our soul will draw to us wonderful experiences of love, joy, happiness, ease, and harmony. Our soul can also use our human energy field to draw to us experiences of difficulty, challenge, and struggle. All of these experiences help us grow spiritually and support us in fulfilling our soul’s mission.

The Human Energy Field: The human energy field is the egg shaped pattern of life force energy that surrounds every human being. When this human energy field is perceived though human extrasensory perception (e.g. seeing it clairvoyantly or feeling it clairsentiently) it appears to have distinctive layers. In IET we work with a four layer model of the human energy field (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

As we grow, the energetic patterns contained in our 12 Strand DNA develop into energetic imprints in our human energy field. These energetic imprints can form at any or all levels of the human energy field. As energetic imprints form, they affect our interrelationship with the world around us and they can create a potential for attracting certain experiences to us in life that our soul wishes to have. Since our human energy field is in essence a two directional filter, we perceive the world around us through the filter of our human energy field and the world perceives us through this same filter. Thus, our human energy field shapes how we see the world and how the world sees us.

When our human energy field attracts more that we can safely experience: As the world around us responds to the imprints our 12 Strand DNA creates in our human energy field, we draw to us the experience that our soul desires. Most of the time the experiences we draw to us are within our ability to safely accommodate, and we will safely grow spiritually through them.

Sometimes, we draw to us experiences that are more than we can safely experience at the time. When this happens, we will disassociate from our feelings, and suppress the traumatic energy of the experience into the cellular memory of our body and into our human energy field.

When the energy of a traumatic experience is suppressed as an energy imprint into the human energy field it also shapes how we see the world and how the world sees us just like the imprints created by our 12 Strand DNA. Furthermore, the energy of trauma suppressed into our human energy field, if left uncleared, can attract more of the same trauma to making it more likely that the hurt will happen to us again in the future.

Intermediate Level Practitioners can help people; heal the pain of the past, limit the future repetition of the hurtful traumatic experiences, and improve their experience of life in the present: The Intermediate IET energy and techniques provide us with a powerful extension to the Basic energy and techniques that allows us to easily clear energy imprints from the human energy field. Clearing is focused on the four layers of the human energy field with the goal of reducing or removing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (karmic) traumatic imprints. The intermediate IET session not only includes energizing and integrating techniques (as done in the Basic level session) but also introduces trigger and release techniques as well.

As an Intermediate level IET practitioner we gain two important abilities:

  1. We can be even more effective than a Basic practitioner to help people self-heal the hurts that have happened by quickly and deeply clearing the imprints of these traumatic hurts from the human energy field. This not only helps heal the pains of the past, but also, improves the experience of the present since the person sees the world through a clearer human energy field.
  2. We can effectively work to limit future hurts that could happen by clearing imprints from the human energy field. Not only does the elimination of the traumatic imprints from the human energy field eliminate the attraction of the traumatic situations, but also, the world will see the person in a more empowered light though the clearer human energy field.