Breaking Through The Illusion of Separation

This illusion of separation can result in your feeling alone and unsafe in the world.

A message from Angel Ariel Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer

The ego empowers itself by creating an illusion of being separate from the Divine and thus separate from all Life. And this illusion of separation can result in your feeling alone and unsafe in the world. When you perceive yourself as being separate, life can become a struggle. You can feel that you have to defend yourself from the evils of the world. Time can appear to work against you. Health can appear to work against you. Other people can appear to work against you. Even nature can appear to work against you. This results in your feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Even when you are surrounded by people, you can feel isolated and alone. You may derive some degree of comfort from the love you receive from pets, and temporarily from romantic love encounters, but a feeling of aloneness can remain deep within.

The illusion of separation cannot be broken by the intellect alone. Simply believing intellectually that you are not separate will not break through the illusion. The only way to break through the illusion is for you to experience for yourself the eternal truth that you cannot ever be separate from Life, that you are one with all Life, that you are in unity with all Life. Now is the perfect time for humanity to experience this truth and break through this illusion individually and collectively. Thus, we have sent forth a wave of angelic energy in your world, called the “Unity Wave”, which will support each and every human being in having this unity experience and breaking the illusion of separation. We invite you to align with this unity wave and experience for yourself that you are Life and Life exists in every part of your world. You share a kinship with all things. You live each moment of each and every day in unity with all things. You are not simply living in the world, you are an integral part of the living world.

The unifying force of all Life is love. You live in a universe fabricated from and enlivened by the vibration of love. Everything from the smallest atomic element to the largest mountain is made up of love. All plants and animals are fabricated from love. The air you breathe is fabricated from love. All human beings are fabricated of love. You are fabricated of love. You are love incarnate. Love is the force that enlivens you and all things. Love is the force that unites and unifies all things. In some of your religions this unifying force is called God. And is it is said that God is Love, but it is also true that Love is God.

The force of love that enlivens all Life also directs all Life. Love directs Life though the flow we call “Unity”. The Unity that flows between all life can be likened to a river, and each living being has the ability to align with the flow of Unity and thus align with love, align with God’s will. The energy of Unity supports each life form in discovering and revealing its truth and living its potential. When you align with the flow of Unity you find that there is divine purpose behind all of the events of your life. You find that life bring you opportunities to share your gifts with others. It brings you opportunities to heal your life and help others do the same. You do not have to know what tomorrow will bring, you only need faith that Life via the flow of Unity will bring you exactly what you need to reveal your truth and let your gifts shine forth.

You can align with the Unity Wave by directing your self-will to shift control of your conscious awareness away from your mind, thinking and the outer world, and shift it towards your heart, feeling and your inner world. When you do this you automatically move the lens of your awareness into the present moment of time and you automatically shift away from your ego’s illusion of separation. Since you cannot both think and feel at the same moment of time, every moment you focus your conscious awareness on the feelings within you, your mind’s activity of thinking will diminish and ultimately stop. This creates the perfect setting in which you can experience the truth of your unity with all Life and break your illusion of separation.

When your thinking stops and your mind’s focus is consumed by feeling, the ego is no longer present and you will experience that you are and have always been one with Life, one with love. You will in essence “become love”. Once you experience being love, your illusion of separation will be forever broken. You will feel a kinship with all Life and your life will flow with the current of Unity. You will attract to you loving and supportive situations in your life. You will feel a part of the whole. Loved and loving. Your light will shine brightly and loving being from your realm and ours will be drawn to you. Your life will be transformed.

The best way to align with the unity wave is to sit in a quiet, comfortable setting (especially in nature). Begin by heartlinking to your angels and in prayer invite them to help you align with the Unity Wave. Then focus your mind’s awareness on your breathing. Let your mind follow each breath in and each breath out. This will begin to draw your mind’s awareness from the world around you to the world within you. Then, as your awareness becomes focused on the world within you, simply enjoy the sensations of whatever you are feeling. You might feel a slight tingling in your fingers or around your heart. You might feel heat in a part of your body. You might even feel a subtle joy within you. Please do not think about these feelings, rather simply feel them without judgment. If a thought arises then simply let it go and continue to enjoy feeling alive. While your ego may judge this as a waste of time, your soul will know that this is the most important thing you can be doing. Every moment you spend in a state of inner awareness focused on feeling will bring you into further alignment with the Unity Wave and provide you with the opportunity to experience your unity with Life, the opportunity to be love. Every person who experiences their unity, and becomes love, will add to the power of the Unity Wave and make it easier for others to do the same. Small numbers of people are already having the unity experience and more will follow. We invite and encourage you
to be a spiritual pioneer and experience unity and become love.

If you follow our guidance and focus on the feelings in the world within you, and you are not sure whether or not you have had a unity experience, then you have not. Once you have had a unity experience you will have no doubt.