Athboy, Meath, Ireland Trainer Class

Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor Trainer Class
21, 22, and 23 August, 2020
9:30am to 6:00pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Trainer: Edmond Carroll

Darnley Lodge Hotel
Main Street
Athboy, Co Meath
Contact number 00353 46 9432283
last minute contact number: 00353 87 6799152

Description: Athboy Heritage Trail: The town of Athboy began sometime during the sixth century A.D. as a settlement at the river crossing known as the Yellow Ford. The Hill of Ward just outside Athboy is known as Tlachtga, and is the site where the feast of Samhain was celebrated. Samhain is credited with being the forerunner of Halloween.

Darnley Lodge Hotel is a Modern Inn with en suite guestrooms and an old-world suite plus free hot breakfast and free parking and it is located in the heart of Athboy, Co Meath. Take a few minutes to travel the Athboy heritage trail and experience some of the history and rich tradition which make the people at the Yellow Ford proud of their past and present, and confident in their future.

Class Price: €1495
Deposit: €450 by 31 March 2020
Reviewers Price: €450  by 31 March 2020

Lunch Description: Students are responsible for the cost of their own lunch. The Hotel serve a Carvery Lunch and there are local restaurants within a few minutes’ walk.    

To register contact: Edmond at 00353 87 6799152, or email:
Deposit Link: PayPal.Me/EdmondCarroll

Accommodations are available through Booking.Com
Darnley Lodge Hotel
Athboy, Co Meath
phone number: 00353 46 9432283
Ruth’s Bed & Breakfast
5 Butterfield Grove
Athboy, Co Meath
phone number: 085 7335962
5 minutes walk from Hotel
Otterstown House Bed & Breakfast
Athboy, Co Meath
phone number: 046 9432632
15 minutes’ walk from Hotel.
It is advisable to book your accommodation early.

Parking is Free both on street and in Hotel Carpark.
Car Parking is Free on street and in Hotel Car park.
Athboy, Co Meath is located approximately 70 KM from Dublin Airport.
Traveling by car from Dublin take M3 Motorway to Exit 9.Athboy is located 15 Kms from this exit.
Edmond can collect our students from Dublin Airport and return them back to Dublin Airport after our Class.
Please contact Edmond for details

About Edmond Carroll

Edmond is located in Athboy, Co Meath, Ireland and he is married to Goretti and they have two grown children. He has been involved in the Retail Trade for over 30 years. He became an IET Master-Instructor in 2003 and is a Certified Fetac Level 6 Life Coach and Certified “Train the Trainer” Graduate. Edmond has taught many IET classes throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom and he is a Laughing Yoga Leader. He loves sharing with students how to empower themselves with confidence and ease. You can contact Edmond by email at