Most Popular Questions

Dear MI Trainer:   How does Integrated Energy Therapy vary from Reiki? And what are the differences for application/effect to client energy/emotional needs? Can you do these at the same time?

From MI Trainer:

1.  Both IET and Reiki are attunement based energy therapy techniques. That is, students are attuned by a Master as part of their training. The attunement permanently expands the student’s human energy field to be a vessel for a specific energy vibration. The IET vibration uses a violet angelic energy ray that is higher in vibration than Reiki. IET practitionersheartlink to their healing angels and direct the angelic vibration through the IET techniques to support themselves and others in their healing. Whereas the gift of the Reiki ray is physical healing, the gift of the IET ray is emotional, mental and karmic healing.

2.  Reiki is a passive energy therapy approach. Basically you flood the cellular memory with Reiki energy and when enough energy is present, the blocks clear. As a veteran Reiki practitioner, I found that many times I would know that a client was not clear but found that the Reiki energy vibration and technique just could not reach and clear the deep blockage. IET is an active energy therapy in that after flooding the cellular memory with energy you use the powerful IET integration energy points, your angelic heartlink energy and the pullout release techniques to go in and clear even the deep energy blocks.

3.  The focus of IET is on clearing suppressed cellular memories and emotions (even karmic ones) from the energy anatomy and human energy field. IET is based on a unique cellular memory map in which 9 primary areas of the energy anatomy are identified as storing specific suppressed emotions and are targeted for clearing. IET hand positions are focused to clear the 9 cellular memory areas. The Reiki hand positions are designed to provide a general coverage to the energy anatomy with no specific focus to clearing suppressed emotions.

4.  An attribute of IET that makes it so quick and powerful in clearing energy blockages is the 9 sets of Integration Power Points. Integration power points are accupressure like points which when activated by the IET energy vibration trigger the quick and easy release of even the most suppressed cellular memories and emotions.

5.  In the Advanced Level of the IET training the focus is on using the IET energy not for clearing but for expansion. Through a series of gentle techniques the Advanced Level IET energy can accelerate ones soul’s mission. When working with client’s this can open the doors for them, among other things, to experience new areas of their creative self-expression and work, new romantic and platonic relationships, and new levels of spiritual development.

Reiki and IET are complementary. I actually combine both energies together in my work. While my focus is on offering an IET session, the Reiki energy flows through me as I am working. As such my clients get the benefit of both energy rays as part of their session. Many of my students are Reiki Masters who want to blend the power of the two vibrations together in their work. Both Reiki and IET have their true gifts. If I had to choose between IET and Reiki for healing a physical problem, I would choose Reiki. If I had to choose between IET and Reiki for healing emotional, mental (especially limiting or negative beliefs) or karmic problems, I would choose IET.

In terms of the effect on clients, the most common reaction to a Reiki client who has their first IET session (even from a Basic level IET practitioner) is WOW! Even chiropractors that take the IET training and introduce the IET energy into their sessions get a “What is that new thing you are doing? Its wonderful” response from their clients. I have had many psychotherapists refer their “stuck” clients to me for a few sessions. The power of the IET system quickly moved them through where they were stuck.

Clients often comment on how much clearing happens in an IET session. They also comment on how gentle it is. The focus of IET is clearing the trauma without the drama. Furthermore, unlike some energy therapy techniques, whatever is brought to the surface for clearing is cleared in the session. The client does not have to go home after the session and spend days processing the trauma that was brought up. In general clients feel happy, light, and free after an IET session.

An IET session can provide wonderful diagnostic information to a client. A Basic Level IET practitioner can inform a client of the exact suppressed emotions that were cleared in a session and an Intermediate Level IET practitioner can a client what each suppressed emotion was due to (physical, emotional, mental or karmic trauma). Clients find this very useful in understanding their healing journey.

I feel that the true measure of any energy therapy technique is not what happens in the energy therapy session but what happens in the client’s life after the session. Based on the effect IET has had on my life and on the lives of the hundreds of clients I have worked with, I can best describe the IET process as transformative.

Dear Trainer:      I was wondering if I should learn Reiki first or IET first.  I know they are different, however does it matter which I do first?  Does one build on the other?  I am looking to master/certify in both and need some direction.  Please advise

From MI Trainer:     it doesn’t matter if you start with Reiki or IET. Speaking from my own experience – I am a Reiki master in both the Usui and Tibetan system and a second degree Jikiden practitioner – I found that Reiki does work on the physical and emotional levels. IET moves beyond that and allows to work on the mental, karmic, soul and spiritual levels as well. After learning IET I asked my Reiki cleints if they were willing to try something new and gave them IET sessions. Most of them didn’t want to go back to the Reiki.

Now I find that while I always start with IET that at times the Reiki pulse comes up and I just relax and allow that part of the healing to occur before I move on with the session.  Also there is information available for the IET practitioners to combine IET and Reiki in sessions. It works very well together.

Just feel with your heart and chose what is best for you to start with.

IET and Pregnancy

We get questions quite often surrounding IET and working with pregnant women. Here are some of the most popular questions along with our answers.

Can pregnant women receive sessions?

Yes. Offering an IET session to a pregnant woman is a very special, reverent, honoring and healing experience for mother, baby and yourself. As an IET practitioner you are a vessel for divine angelic IET energy and the woman and her baby will get exactly what they need, what they can handle, nothing more and nothing less. With that said when you work with a pregnant woman we recommend a slight modification to the IET session protocol. If the woman is in her third trimester or beyond, then when you energize, trigger, release and integrate her cellular memory area number 8 (the stomach and adrenals), we recommend that you do not place your hands directly on the woman’s body. Rather, we recommend that you hold your hands about 6 inches (15 cm) from the woman’s body and send IET energy as though you were giving an absentee treatment to this cellular memory area. This is simply a precautionary measure since the region of cellular memory area 8 can be very sensitive after the second trimester. The flowing IET energy can cause your hand pressure to feel stronger than it really is and this could cause minor discomfort to the woman in that area. If the woman is in her first or second trimester then you should be able to use the standard IET session protocol for cellular memory area 8 with no discomfort to the woman. But no matter what stage of pregnancy the woman is in, it is always best to ask for feedback from the pregnant woman as she receives the IET session and adjust your hand pressure for each cellular memory area to optimize her comfort during the session.

Can pregnant women attend IET classes and receive attunements?

Yes. Pregnant women can attend classes and receive attunements. The pregnancy should not interfere with the learning of the class material or the receiving of the angelic IET attunement. In fact, both Mom and the baby will enjoy the energy. Since IET practice sessions are part of every IET class, you should follow the modifications to the session protocol as described above when working on cellular memory area 8. If the pregnant woman is in her third trimester or later, is acting as the client during the practice session, and is receiving the energy, then we recommend that the student acting as the practitioner holds their hands about 6 inches (15 cm) from the woman’s body and sends IET energy as though they were giving an absentee treatment to this cellular memory area. But no matter what stage of pregnancy the woman is in, it is always best for the student acting as the practitioner to ask for feedback from the pregnant woman as she received the IET session and adjust their hand pressure for each cellular memory area to optimize the woman’s comfort during the session.

If I am pregnant can I still give sessions and teach IET?

Yes. IET practitioners who are pregnant can still give sessions and IET Master-Instructors who are pregnant can still teach classes. As with anything, please pay attention to your body and the signals you are receiving. Remember the baby receives what you receive, so be gentle and keep in mind the amount of energy you bring through you. If you are in your third trimester or beyond and you choose to allow your students to practice on you during the class then please have them follow the modification to the session protocols for cellular memory area 8 as described above.
Does the baby receive anything during the session or attunement?
Yes, your lucky baby will receive energy during the session and will receive the attunement during a class. Perhaps that is why the baby chose you as a Mom!