IET, The Ascension Process and the Merkaba

By Leon Pelletier IET Trainer — Greetings and Heartlinks to all that choose to read this article. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts about the topic that I chose: Integrated Energy Therapy, the Ascension Process and the Merkaba.

I would like to start by offering some of my knowledge and understanding about the term “Merkaba” that I have come across in the last sixteen years. It does have other spellings like ‘merkabah’ and ‘merkavah’. It can also be pronounced differently by either putting the accent on the middle or on the last syllable.

The science of the merkaba goes far beyond the scope of this article. In essence, the merkaba is the ‘vehicle’ that makes it possible for us to maintain our memory/consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. The Merkaba is the ‘vehicle’ that has the potential to bring our memory/consciousness of our soul’s mission into the physical world at our birth. It also brings our memory/consciousness of our soul’s mission back into spirit at our death where it may remain in spirit and/or incarnate back into another physical incarnation. In its optimum state of being, our merkaba is the vibrations/frequencies of love and gratitude. And from this place it is able to cultivate a concept of its reality relating to its Divine energetic likeness/limitless potential, thus making it possible to more easily live the soul’s mission within the Divine Plan.

The merkaba is a field of energy in the nature of consciousness.It is a living entity that can be a fractal expression of the Divine that has the potential to tap into the limitless energy that pervades our universe. When fully activated in our present state of experience it can be, more or less, sixty feet (18.288 m) in diameter. The field can be measured with dousing rods.

The merkaba, sometimes referred to as the “Chariot of God”, is an ancient word that is used to relate to the container or the vehicle of one’s consciousness. It is a word that is used to relate to our spiritual anatomy. The term is really three words in one and is briefly described by the following:

  • Mer is counter rotating energy fields emanating a light known throughout the universe that when activated/started is likened to a car with its Mer/motor running and in drive when fully activated. There are a number of teachers teaching many different ways to activate the ‘mer’ that are beyond the scope of this article. The IET Ascension process is a wonderful way to activate your ‘mer’ as I touch upon in the next to last paragraph of this article.
  • Ka is our Spirit, our Soul, our Divine Essence. It is our Divine Connection that always stays with us. It vibrates to our Divine frequency/resonance.
  • Ba denotes‘body’ and is the energy relating to the non-physical aspects of the IET model of our 12-Strand DNA. It can contain resistance/limitation or non.resistance/limitless energy that affects our ability to manifest the experience of our heart’s desires. It attracts/creates from its likeness so one needs to be mindful of one’s energy that one chooses to cultivate in order to attract/create what one truly desires.

Keep in mind while spirits do not have physical bodies, they do however define their ba by the concept of the reality that they choose to take with their ka. Another way to say this is that a spirit’s body/ba can be anything that it chooses to cultivate in its energy field like an IET empowerment virtue or belief system. The essence of its ka is constant and relates to the intention of the source or origin of its creation.

Integrated Energy Therapy can be applied in the process of making adjustments in our ba, the non-physical aspects relating to the energy described in the IET 12-strand DNA model. IET gives us a method to address our energy field by usingour attention and intention in the focus of a session, class, technique or process. It puts us in charge of the responsibility to always check into our heart’s desires to determine what we need to work on at any given moment. I particularly like the way that IET begins with the Heartlink, a technique that has the potential to tap into the true essence of our power: love and gratitude.

The challenge that we all face is to maintain the awareness of that essence and apply it to our co-creations. Another way of saying this is that IET offers us a method to awaken to our full potential by supporting us to hold the vibrations of love and gratitude that help us to remember, to redeem and to integrate the Divine aspects of our ka into our ba and to fully activate the ‘vehicle’ (merkaba) of our Divine essence/consciousness.

I believe that the IET Ascension Process, Step 13 in the IET Steps to Transformation, in itself has the potential to activate the field of the merkaba. The process, like all IET sessions, classes, techniques and processes begins with the Heartlink. It then brings in the energy of the IET Steps to Transformation 8 – 12.   Then the energy is further optimized by the invocation of the IET Energy Rays. The next part of this process is to me the key/climax when the participants facilitate the creation of each their ‘heart stars’ then cultivate the energy of gratitude to anchor the ‘heart star’ permanently into the heart-center. The ‘icing on the cake’ now comes when the process turns to the intention of meeting and receiving love from the ‘soul council’ and learning/using the ‘infinity symbol’ to re-activate the heart star.

To cut to the chase, let us now go right to what was suggested to be the ‘key/climax’ to the Ascension Process.   The indigenous peoples of the world have long since applied a similar way to connect before doing ceremony that relates to facilitating the creation of the ‘heart star’. The process itself is sometimes referred to as ‘The Unity Breath/Meditation’. This process is like two human Heartlinks: first one is sent down from the heart to the heart-center of the Earth (Divine Mother) then one is sent up from the heart to the heart-center of the universe (Divine Father). Like all times when we send our love/gratitude to the Divine, the Divine sends Its’ love/energy back to us. When this happens, a synergy of Divine Mother/Father love is cultivatedin the heart-center. This process can activate and magnify the energy of the merkaba especially when the energy of the Child is also acknowledged and merged with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father; The Sacred Trinity of Love!

Conclusion: IET attunements, sessions, techniques and classes are powerful ways in which to focus our attention and intention to make adjustments in our ba. The degree in which we work on ourselves to clear the resistance to love ourselves relates to the amount of love that we are able to hold and unfold from the Heartlink of our Divine connection. The way in which love opens the door to this connection with gratitude holding the door open are key to the process of attuning, activating, optimizing and integrating Divine Intelligence into our merkaba. The optimum nature of our Divine energy field takes our daily attention and intention to simply acknowledge and appreciate its presence in our hearts. To acknowledge and to appreciate its presence is to also acknowledge with gratitude its ability to cultivate the human energy field with whatever forms of the energy that are needed to empower us to walk the walk of your soul’s mission with love, gratitude, confidence, humility, compassion, truth, ease, safety or other virtue. Blessings on your walk!