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Featured Master-Instructor

Rev Carrie-Ann Baron

Rev Carrie-Ann Baron

Whitelight Metaphysical Centre

Whitelight Metaphysical Centre

Calgary, AB, Canada
Phone: 403 818 6111


Specialities: Spirituality & Self Discovery

Who is Rev. Carrie-Ann?

Her Solepath is Spiritual Warrior and Spiritual Balance. Her core values are going with the flow and living with grace and integrity. Her governing SoleNumber category is SolePlan – All of Life and the energy is all about mastery and guidance.

She blends her knowledge and life experience to guide her students and clients on how to trust their intuition and connection to source by cultivating a relationship with their angels and non-physical guides.

Her life’s purpose is to guide others along their self-empowerment and spiritual journey. Her core values are going with the flow and living with grace and integrity. Her governing energy is all about mastery and guidance.

A message from Rev. Carrie-Ann:

It brings me absolute joy in knowing you are here exploring new concepts and gaining insight and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

I am an enthusiastic lifelong learner and passionate about helping others use their energetic frequencies to enhance their lives! I love harmony and can usually see both sides of an issue as I easily understand another’s perspective and feelings using my intuitive gifts and sensitivity to energy.


All services currently being offered virtually:

Spiritual Counselling
SolePath Mentoring (9 modules)
Integrated Spiritual Personality Profile Report (based on Solepath and Scientific Hand Analysis readings)
IET Remote Healing Sessions
Oracle Card Readings
Metaphysical Weddings (based on The Tao)
Vow Renewals
Anxiety Support Groups
Fearless Living Book Study Groups (Fearless Living, Fearless Loving, Change your Life in 30 days)

Education and Training *see classes offered


Integrated Energy Therapy:
Meet the Healing Angels
Steps to Transformation

The Tao and SoleIntending
The Tao and Emotional Divination
The Tao and SoleNumbers
SolePath 9 -step mentoring program

This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.

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