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Cassandra Erstikaitis

Cassandra Erstikaitis

The Courage to Heal Within

4 Stoney Ridge Lane, Lebanon, NJ, USA
Phone: 267-614-3386


Welcome! I am Cassandra, I am an Integrated Energy Therapist and Master- Instructor. I guide people from the young to the old who want healing, inspiration, and courage to go within. To begin the process of healing from deep wounds, traumas, and to not only learn how to heal themselves, but to have the option to learn how they can help others transform as well.

A little more about me? I am a welcoming, whimsical, and loving soul who is great with all humans. I have always felt I have the spiritual gift of connecting to those who have experienced great suffering and who could benefit from tools to integrate those adversities into more positive energy. My hope for my healing techniques is for it to reach all ages. Beginning with children, whether it's kids who need some extra special attention, a safe place to be themselves and be heard, or maybe an adolescent suffering from anxiety and depression... children and adolescents can bring these tools with them wherever life takes them. As for adults, I am 56 year old woman whose life experiences has given me the knowledge to help others transform trauma, obstacles, or crisis into blessings. And for my wonderful Elders, I had a caregiving business for 25 years working with the elderly and their families inside the home and my expertise in this age group combined with my IET qualifications could do wonders to those in need of comfort or acceptance in this time in their lives.


IET Sessions


This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.

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