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Mia Toska

Mia Toska

Pillars of Enlightenment

20545 Center Ridge Rd , Ste 108, Rocky River , OH, USA
Phone: 330-234-1234


Mia and Ledian are the founders of Pillars of Enlightenment in Rocky River Ohio. This is an excellent place for all those minds and souls who are on their path to illumination.

They offer many services, classes, and conference calls on ancient wisdom, philosophies, and spiritual practices on personal and soul development, as well as reconnecting the mind-body and soul.

Mia has communicated with the Star Elders, Masters, and Angelic Realms since childhood. She devoted her life to the study of Ancient Lands of Atlantis, Lemuria and the Teachings of the Essences, early Christianity and Angelology. Since her two near-death experiences, Mia has worked with Divine Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and ArchAngels to heal family imprints and karmic ties that cause human patterns of behaviors of depression, illness, habits, and addictions. She has dedicated a life of service to reconnecting the hearts and souls of humanity back to their original divine blueprints for greater Hope, Love, & Faith.

Mia is the author of “Angels for Everyday Living” and the Oracle Card deck of Angelic Diamond Light Codes. She works as an Angelic Messenger, Energy Practitioner using a combination of methods such as Angelic Diamond Light Healing, Atlantean Light Healing, Reiki, IET. She is also an IET Master Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher.

"Walk in your own Light and Remember your Truth" ~ Mia Toska


IET - Integrated Energy Therapy
Spiritual Mentoring & Guidance
Soul Astrology Reading
Natal Charts Reading
Angelic Reading
Tarot Reading
Aura Clearings
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Development
Diamond Light Angel Healing
Womb Clearings & Blessings
House Clearings & Blessings
Name -Karmic Clearing
Past Lives Healing and karmic clearing

Trainings in
IET - Integrated Energy Therapy
Healing Angels of the Energy Fields
Basic Level IET
Intermediate Level IET
Advanced Level IET
IET for pets - dog, cats, & horses
Diamond Light Angel Healing
Reiki - All levels including Grand Master
Certified Angel Reader Course - ongoing yearly training
Spiritual Essentials for Ascension 3 levels from Basic to Advanced
Seven Sacred Flames Master Teachings


Healing Angels of the Energy Fields
Basic IET
Intermediate IET
Advance Level IET
IET for Pets
Transformation Steps for IET

This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.