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Reverend Deborah A. Mueller

Reverend Deborah A. Mueller


Since first being attunded to Reiki so long ago I have walked the healers path ever since. As an Autism mom IET and all energy modalities are part of daily life, be it to reduce stress for me, my son, or other family member. I have been fortunate enough to provide services to so many family members, friends, and clients. It is truly a joy to help others heal.

I am a Master-Teacher Instructor of IET as well as a practitioner and teacher of multiple energy healing systems.

Over the past 35+ years, my path has led me to work with Autism families through mindfulness and healing modalities. It is a life changing experience to see how IET and Energy healing helps those with autism and their families. I look forward to sharing the love of the angels with you.


Healing Services Include IET, Reiki, Other Energy Healing Modalities

Classes include all levels of IET including Master Instructor, all other coursework offered through IET, Reiki and other Energy Modalities.

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Teaching is my passion. All IET Courses from Basic to Intermediate, Healing with the Angels, IET for Kids and Pets, along with the Power and WAG Steps & Reiki Levels 1 through 3 & Master Teacher and other Energy Modalities are offered.


This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.