Featured Master-Instructor

Nargess Mozafari

Nargess Mozafari

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: 310-890-2232


Nargess is a certified IET Practitioner and Master Instructor, since 2009.
She also is a spiritual therapist, graduating from the Agape University for Transformational Studies and Leadership in 2009 as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP).

In 2020 Nargess completed Agape ministerial studies after a five year study of mysticism, metaphysics, spiritual healing, world religions and quantum science.

Nargess' healing work is profound and experiential, blessing you with the highest vibrations and love of the Angelic Realm.

She has conducted many workshops and classes, with wonderful feedback from the lives that she has touched.
Her passion is to assist individuals living from and as the highest expression of their soul, here on earth, in tune with their life purpose.


Nargess conducts private sessions both in person and via Skype or Zoom.

She also leads experiential, transformational classes and workshops on topics such as meditation, visioning, personal healing and transformation, as well as teaching IET Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, bringing in and sharing from her many years of personal experience being an energy healer.


Nargess teaches IET Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels in private and group settings.

This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.