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Louise Abygail Feeney

Louise Abygail Feeney

Heart Centered Connection

Swinford, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Phone: 00353857074571


I have a background training in the area of holistic wellness for over 20 years. This was after it supported my recovery from a prolonged illness after anaphylactic reactions. I was fascinated by the power of the body mind and spirit to recover with a holistic approach. It also supported me in my adulthood in healing from unresolved effects of stress, anxiety, and fear in my teens from bullying.

I am highly sensitive and love to make a difference and help others. I had always wanted to be a nurse. However life took me down the path of a career in business which I enjoyed but there was always a desire to do something more fulfilling and rewarding.

I love to see children and adults reach their true potential and full expression. I now have my own wellness business after leaving my part time financial job to pursue my dream and support others on their journey.

My business is called Heart Centered Connection.

The modalities I use and my intuitive gifts helps support people in releasing from any trauma from the past that may be holding them back and allowing the body mind and spirit more balance and integration so one can connect to their own inner knowing and follow their hearts desires. It helps others to feel less confused, lost, lonely and stuck in their life. Helps release doubt, anxiety and fear allowing one to feel what is best for them and to live from that space with more ease, grace and vibrant health. It allows one to fulfill their souls mission and live their dreams.


Through my services I teach others to have the tools and resources for their own well-being and for living a fulfilled purposeful life using their gifts and talents bringing their unique contribution into the world. I offer remote distant healing sessions at the moment on line and in person sessions also.

IET Integrated Energy Therapy
Essential Oils Wellness
Integrated Coaching


Integrated Energy Therapy Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
Healing with the Energy of the Angels
Steps to Transformation
Essential Oils Wellness

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