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Faith Dale Supple

Faith Dale Supple

Faith Supple Unlimited

Faith Supple Unlimited

Walden, NY, USA
Phone: 845-831-4026


Free audio Skype meditations in IET, Reiki and Primus Activation Healing until April 30. Also, including you in Group Distant Healing as a Pay It Forward Service.

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Find me on Skype at suppleunlimited (Picture is a red rose)
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As an Energy Catalyst, my focus is on supporting my clients and students in achieving energetic balance and self-awareness. With that, to facilitate their own health, wellness and personal growth. My goal is that you stand stronger in your own light when our work is complete.

I am grateful to be a Master Instructor Trainer who can share IET with willing hearts worldwide. The Angels offer us infinite love and support on our journey...we have only to ask. With IET, they offer us gentle yet powerful ways to benefit from their energy daily in all that we do.

As a student and teacher of energy therapy since the 1990's, and a business professional, I can attest to the practical application of energy therapy in all aspects of one's life.

Your truth is your job.
My job is to help you to open to your truth.


IET Sessions and Classes
Usui Reiki Sessions and Classes
Crystal Resonance Therapy Sessions
Vogel Healing Sessions and Classes
Primus Activation Classes and Sessions
At Oneness Healing System Facilitation
Crystal Sales
Pay-It-Forward Services and Random Acts of Kindness
Ethical Business Consulting and Mediation
Travel Globally to Teach


I am open to invitations to teach in your area, too. Let's talk.
Offering public conversations and private groups on Facebook - you are invited to Faith Supple Unlimited.
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