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Alice Gallagher

Alice Gallagher

Heal with Angels

83 Tedd Road, Irvinestown, ENNISKILLEN, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Phone: +447521277546


Alice has been an IET Master-Instructor since 2002 and became a Certified Master-Instructor Trainer in 2017. She offers IET sessions, classes in IET training from Basic Level through to Master-Instructor Level, and classes that support Master-Instructors in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. She is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, a Body Mirror System Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher

I love working with people, supporting them while they process and release deep seated issues that have been holding them back in life, helping them to access their true inner self so they can move forward empowered to live their life to the full. I use the techniques I've learned over the years to deal with the issues that come up in my life as well as with clients and know from experience the power and potential each of us hold in our hands.


IET Healing Sessions - in person and distance
IET Training - see Classes offered below
IET Healing Circle
IET Shares

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Sessions - in person, by Skype & Facetime
EFT workshops
Reiki Training
Reiki Sessions
Body Mirror System


In Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales :
IET Refresher Class
Healing Angels of Energy Field
IET for Pets
IET for Kids
Steps/Higher Steps to Transformation
How To Teach IET
Raise Your Reach

This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.

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