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Class Name: IET Festival of Angelic Light

Location: Saugerties, NY

Saugerties, NY

The Center of Being
32 Partition St
Saugerties, NY, USA
(845) 657-7220

Class Description

Join Barbara Stepniak for a special IET Festival of Lights online via zoom. This is the third of twelve for the year.

IET Karma Clearing Process
You will learn what Karma is and how it plays a role in your life. Complete a writing process that will help determine your intentions of the Karma you would like to clear. Experience the Karma clearing process, connect with the angels, experience an energy vortex, and the pyramid of power.

A Call to Hearts - Anchor the vibration of love into the world!!
The angels are issuing this “Call to Hearts” and asking you, who are able to bring our angelic vibration of love into the earth plane, to heartlink to us and transmute your own fear and all fear throughout your world.

The IET Gratitude Process
A simple 5 step process to enter into gratitude and raise your vibration to the vibration of love.

Blessing Bowl Process
The “IET Blessing Bowl Technique” is a simple yet powerful technique that helps you manifest your heart’s desires with ease and joy.

Date: March 12, 2022
Time: 12:30-3:30 pm (EST)
Instructor: Barbara Stepniak
Location Description: Saugerties is a quaint town about 2 hours north of NYC. It is located near the scenic Hudson River. You get a small-town feel and a vibrant artistic vibe. There is a variety of small shops and restaurants all within walking distance.
Student Price: $44

Contact Details

Phone: (845) 657-7220

About Barbara Stepniak

Barbara is the Managing Director of the Center of Being, a certified IET® Master-Instructor Trainer, Life Coach, Guided Imagery Coach, MBF Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner, IET Practitioner. For over ten years, she studied and used these alternative therapies. It is these therapies and techniques that transformed her life during the most challenging times. Through these experiences, she gained the love and passion for alternative holistic therapies. After ten plus years, she is still incorporating these techniques causing her life to continue to shift in unexpected ways. Barbara works with students and clients to empower them to engage in self-care and self-awareness, helping them understand that it is in their power to create the life they want and control how they feel. Being mindful when we respond rather than react to life helps create the balance we seek. Her work includes a mixture of techniques customized for each student or client to walk away with simple tools they can use to improve mental, emotional, and physical wellness. It's all about education while realizing confidence is as simple as knowing we are capable of anything with the right mindset. It is the time to get those "issues out of your tissues" and live the life you love and love the life you live!

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