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Class Name: Master-Instructor

Location: Bar Mills (Buxton), Maine

Bar Mills (Buxton), Maine

Pathway Of Joy
63 Main Street, Suite F2
Buxton, ME, USA

Class Description

This class supports your desire is to teach IET®, connect with higher energies in supporting your clients, and find greater support for yourself on your journey.

MASTER: The mastery of the IET energy that you will receive in this class bringing an even stronger level of IET energy through to you during self-treatment and client sessions.
INSTRUCTOR: Your ability to teach IET classes, and attune others to the IET energy.

* CLAIM YOUR REACH: Beyond your vision for yourself is the angels’ even grander vision for you – your "reach". You will first identify and claim your “reach”. Then the attunement and techniques help to open your channels of manifestation for your reach.
* SACRED GEOMETRY: You will learn to use sacred geometry to harness the IET rays, and techniques empowered by the symbols.
- Learn how to give Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level IET attunements.
- Receive all you need to support you in teaching, including manuals, agendas and more.
- This certifies you to teach the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Pets, Kids, and Healing Angels IET classes, along with several other IET-based workshops.
* MI ATTUNEMENT: This will further open your energy field to the power of IET, working with the 6th pair (alignment with the divine) of your 12-Strand DNA.
* PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY: Learn business basics of advertising and running your IET practice, including understanding/clearing blockages to your success.

Date: April 25 & 25, 2020
Time: 9:30-6:00
Instructor: Linda Anzelc Huitt
Location Description: Suite F2 in the Levitt's Mill building. Plenty of free parking. Easy access to building and studio through ground floor entrance on side of the building.
Student Price: $695
Student Early Bird Price: $645     If Registered By: 03/26/2020
Deposit: $220
Reviewers Price: $210
Reviewers Early Bird Price: $195     If Registered By: 03/26/2020
Reviewers Deposit: $195
Lunch Description: A vegetarian lunch and snacks will be provided, including water and hot beverages. Students are welcome to bring additional items to supplement. Refrigerator, stove, and microwave are available.
Maximum Number of Students: 20
Maximum Number of Reviewers: 3
Notes: * Dress comfortably. * No cologne or strongly scented personal products please. * A non-smoking building. * I welcome your questions at

Contact Details

Phone: 2073297192

About Linda Huitt

Linda is an IET Master-Instructor Trainer with extensive experience in practicing and teaching IET. She offers all IET-based workshops (Angels, Transformation series, IET for Pets, Sacred Relationships, etc.) Learn more about Linda and what her clients have to say about her on her website -

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