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Class Name: Master-Instructor

Location: Athboy,Co Meath

Athboy,Co Meath

Darnley Lodge Hotel
Main Street

Athboy, Co. Meath, Ireland
00353 46 9432283

Class Description

Join Edmond for this two-day life-expansion Master-Instructor Class.
This weekend is filled with new processes to support you in lifting into vibrational alignment with your Destiny, Purpose, and Passion beyond what you can imagine!
Receive the IET Master-Instructor Attunement which activates your 6th pair of Spiritual DNA.
Learn and practice how to optimize your DNA * Learn the Secrets of IET® Sacred Geometry * Special Masters Only Techniques * The Blessing Bowl Process * Sacred Heart-Netting * 12-Strand DNA Alignment * I-Chi Process * IET Power Bursts * Amplifying IET Energy * Attune Your Students and Re-Attune Yourself * Be Certified to Teach IET Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Steps to Transformation, Healing Angels, IET for Kids, IET for Pets Certified Classes.
This is a perfect place to birth the new YOU while you become certified as an IET® Master-Instructor.

Date: August 15th and August 16th
Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm Each Day
Instructor: Edmond Carroll
Location Description: Darnley Lodge Hotel is a Modern Inn with en suite guestrooms and an old-world suite plus free hot breakfast and free parking and it is located in the heart of Athboy, Co Meath. The Hill of Ward just outside Athboy is known as Tlachtga, and is the site where the feast of Samhain was celebrated. Samhain is credited with being the forerunner of Halloween. Accommodations details are available through Darnley Lodge Hotel Athboy, Co Meath phone number: 00353 46 9432283 It is advisable to book your accommodation early.
Student Price: €695
Student Early Bird Price: €635     If Registered By: 07/15/2020
Deposit: €230
Reviewers Price: €255
Reviewers Early Bird Price: €195     If Registered By: 07/15/2020
Reviewers Deposit: €195
Lunch Description: Students are responsible for the cost of their own lunch. Lunch is not included in the class fee.
Maximum Number of Students: 15
Maximum Number of Reviewers: 6
Notes: Athboy, Co Meath is located approximately 70 KM from Dublin Airport. Travelling by car from Dublin take M3 Motorway to Exit 9.Athboy is located 15 Kms from this exit.

Contact Details

Phone: 00353 87 6799152

About Edmond Carroll

Edmond is teaching IET classes since 2003. He lives in Athboy ,Co Meath with his wife Goretti. He delivers IET classes throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Edmond is Certified to deliver Goal Mapping Workshops which assist students in mapping out their Careers and life. He also delivers Workshops on how to Start and Deliver your own Workshops. The Angels have assisted Edmond throughout his life and he is very passionate in supporting his IET students in every way through his support groups that he has created on Facebook and email and Skype.

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