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Class Name: Master-Instructor

Location: Bar Mills (Buxton), Maine

Bar Mills (Buxton), Maine

Pathway Of Joy
63 Main Street, Suite F2
Buxton, ME, USA

Class Description

This class supports your desire is to teach IET®, connect with higher energies in supporting your clients, and find greater support for yourself on your journey.

MASTER: The mastery of the IET energy that you will receive in this class bringing an even stronger level of IET energy through to you during self-treatment and client sessions.
INSTRUCTOR: Your ability to teach IET classes, and attune others to the IET energy.

* CLAIM YOUR REACH: Beyond your vision for yourself is the angels’ even grander vision for you – your "reach". You will first identify and claim your “reach”. Then the attunement and techniques help to open your channels of manifestation for your reach.
* SACRED GEOMETRY: You will learn to use sacred geometry to harness the IET rays, and techniques empowered by the symbols.
- Learn how to give Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level IET attunements.
- Receive all you need to support you in teaching, including manuals, agendas and more.
- This certifies you to teach the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Pets, Kids, and Healing Angels IET classes, along with several other IET-based workshops.
* MI ATTUNEMENT: This will further open your energy field to the power of IET, working with the 6th pair (alignment with the divine) of your 12-Strand DNA.
* PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY: Learn business basics of advertising and running your IET practice, including understanding/clearing blockages to your success.

Date: April 25 & 25, 2020
Time: 9:30-6:00
Instructor: Linda Anzelc Huitt
Location Description: Suite F2 in the Levitt's Mill building. Plenty of free parking. Easy access to building and studio through ground floor entrance on side of the building.
Student Price: $695
Student Early Bird Price: $645     If Registered By: 03/26/2020
Deposit: $220
Reviewers Price: $210
Reviewers Early Bird Price: $195     If Registered By: 03/26/2020
Reviewers Deposit: $195
Lunch Description: A vegetarian lunch and snacks will be provided, including water and hot beverages. Students are welcome to bring additional items to supplement. Refrigerator and microwave are available.
Maximum Number of Students: 20
Maximum Number of Reviewers: 3
Notes: * Dress comfortably. * No cologne or strongly scented personal products please. * A non-smoking building. * I welcome your questions at

Contact Details

Phone: 2073297192

About Linda Huitt

Linda is an IET Master-Instructor Trainer with extensive experience in practicing and teaching IET. She offers all IET-based workshops (Angels, Transformation series, IET for Pets, Sacred Relationships, etc.) Learn more about Linda and what her clients have to say about her on her website -

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