Messages from Ariel

Stevan J. Thayer channels Angel Ariel and shares her wisdom with you. Please click on the link below to read each message.

The Angels’ Views on Wealth and Abundance – channeled by Maria Peterson, July, 2015
Your lesson is to move to a more impersonal and authentic means of assessing: using your own spiritual, wise, mind perspective rather than from the part of you that has been wounded or feels a sense of lack. Create awareness in yourself so you begin to notice whenever you see someone with more than you have and you begin to criticize. Put your attention on your own world and give thanks for what you do have currently in your life. This will build the energy of abundance and create more of what you want. Lack cannot exist when you are abundant and heart centered. Click on the title above to read more

Angel Ariel’s message about separation Channeled in 2015
The illusion of separation cannot be broken by the intellect alone. Simply believing intellectually that you are not separate will not break through the illusion. The only way to break through the illusion is for you to experience for yourself the eternal truth that you cannot ever be separate from Life, that you are one with all Life, that you are in unity with all Life. Click on the title above to read more

Ariel’s Message about Competition Channeled in 2015.
Revelation of truth is upon you ever more. You are all one. There is no one or mine or I. There is only the “WE” and when you work together as a team supporting each other as a unified entity of servers, the other does not matter. Let go of controlling of all remaining lack. Let the soul heart speak and lead you in the wholeness and oneness ever more.
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Let Unity Move You Through Adversity Channeled in 2014
While adversity in life is never a pleasant experience, there is always a spiritual gift contained within it. Please know that you will never encounter an adverse situation in your life unless you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to move through it and grow spiritually from it. Click on the title above to read more.

Gratitude – Preparing Your Life for Ascension Channeled in 2012
Angels are sending forth an invitation for you to make the Unity Shift out of the Dimension of Fear and Ascend into the Dimension of Love. The Unity Shift Portal (described in the November 2011 Journal of Energy Therapy) opened on your calendar date of 11:11:11 and a wave of the energy of Unity traveled throughout our World Angel Grid energetically inviting people worldwide to shift from the Dimension of Fear into the Dimension of Love, something we call Ascension. Our energetic invitation is most commonly experienced as a heartfelt hunger or longing for peace, for balanced connectedness with others, for fulfillment in service to others, for loving relationships with others, and for inner joy. Our energetic invitation may also be experienced as frustration with relationships that are out of balance, with leaders that are self serving, with using fighting to end fighting, with a few having more than the many, and with feeling helpless to change things. Irrespective of which reaction to our invitation you have experienced, if you have experienced either or both of these reactions, then you are well on your way to Ascension. Click on the title above to read more.

Angelic Ascension Messages from the Crystal Library Channeled in 2011 45 messages from the nine Healing Angels, about Ascension. Click on the title above to read more.

How to best enjoy the IET Ascension Messages – a companion document to the Ascension Messages channeled by Mieke Michielson (above)

The Unity Shift Portal and Ascension Channeled 2011
From an angelic perspective on this date of 11:11:11 there will be an energy shift, something we call the Unity Shift. This shift has been likened to a portal opening that will send a wave of the angelic energy that we call “Unity” to flow throughout your world. On 11:11:11 the flow of the energy of Unity will be so strong that it will invite people to enter into alignment and experience the Unity Shift. Click on the title above to read more.

Universe Celebrates Itself Channeled in 2010
The Transformational Shift continues and the energy of fear in your world has created wars, economic uncertainty, political struggles, natural disasters, global climate changes, and more. During this shift it is important that you keep your Heartlink connection to the angels open, your heart filled with the energy of love, and your mind focused on seeing the light in every situation. It is important for you to know that while your media exaggerates and amplifies the fear, that it is your mission to focus in the light and help the angels bring about positive change. Click on the title above to read more.

Unity in Action Channeled in 2010
Your life is a spiritual path. Not matter whether it is easy or difficult, or whether it has few or many people in it, whether it is religious or secular; it is your spiritual path – designed to bring you in to unity with the Divine, unity with all sentient beings, unity with all. And when a human being experiences this unity, they become filled with peace. While peace may appear passive, it is in fact a dynamically active positive force, what we call the force of “Unity in Action”. It is not a force that you in a state of peace direct, but rather it is a force that moves through you guided by divine direction into the world. Click on the title above to read more.

LOVING KINDNESS Channeled in 2009
As your calendar comes to its annual close, people worldwide celebrate The Divine (which may be known to them by names which include God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Tao, and Great Spirit) through wonderful religious holidays. This worldwide celebration of The Divine has at its core honoring the presence, and power of the gift of love that The Divine has brought into your world. When it comes to the energy of love, we observe that people are not very good vessels for storing the energy of love, but they are magnificent channels for bringing the energy of love from The Divine through them to give to others. Giving the gift of love to others during your holiday season is the perfect way to celebrate, and honor The Divine and the true spirit of your holidays. And the perfect gift for you to give others this holiday season is the gift of loving-kindness. Click on the title above to read more.

Homecoming by Angel Ariel Channeled in 2009
Every human being is driven by a deep inner longing to live their life’s essential action, fulfill their soul’s mission, be who they were created to be, and to enact in the world, without fear or reservation, the full, glorious, expression of their Divine Energetic Potential. They also long to trust life and live in the Divine flow where synchronicity opens door after door, supporting them in bringing their gifts into the world. This inner longing is encoded into their DNA, it is part of who they are…. If at times you fall into resonance with fear, simply take a spiritual time out and practice Homecoming. The more you practice Homecoming the less you will be affected by the contagious vibration of fear and the more you will be able to live in the Dimension of Love. As you practice Homecoming you will also find that it becomes one of the most enjoyable and important parts of your life. Click on the title above to read more. To read this channeled message in Dutch (translated by Maria Henkes-Tenniglo) Homecoming vertaling Thuis komen

The Transformational Shift Part 2 Channeled in 2008
As the energy of the transformational shift continues, those who answer our call, and are drawn by the ever increasing vibration of love, will find themselves experiencing longer and longer periods of deep calm, peace, joy, and love, the likes of which they have never experienced before. As this happens, they may also find that they experience unexpected episodes of fear that seem to arise out of nowhere. This fear may take the form of unease, nervousness, or anxiety about the future. It may even manifest as increased levels of stress, feelings of helplessness, even hopelessness. It may manifest as experiences of struggle in which it may seem that the events of the world, as well as the actions and inactions of others, are working against you to bring failure to that which you wish to do. Click on the title above to read more.

The Earths Transformational Shift Channeled in 2008
Your world is in a time of rapid change in which the veils that separate the human from the angelic realms continues to grow thinner. This thinning of the veils is bringing about an increase in Angelic vibration which is creating a polarization of energies in your world. This polarization moves people into resonance either with fear or with love. Ultimately love will prevail. Click on the title above to read more.

World Angel Grid Channeled in 2006
It is with great joy and gratitude that we speak with you today. The gift that you have given to us through your participation in the creation of The World Angel Grid is beyond measure. Because of your generosity and support, we have been able to give a gift to the world for those who will accept it. The gift is love. From the angelic realm, this gift of love looks like a shimmering liquid flowing constantly around your world through the World Angel Grid and touching the heart of every person. Click on the title above to read more.