Universe Celebrates Itself

You are a point in time and space in which the universe celebrates itself

Channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan J. Thayer on 3-8-2010

The Transformational Shift continues and the energy of fear in your world has created wars, economic uncertainty, political struggles, natural disasters, global climate changes, and more. During this shift it is important that you keep your Heartlink connection to the angels open, your heart filled with the energy of love, and your mind focused on seeing the light in every situation. It is important for you to know that while your media exaggerates and amplifies the fear, that it is your mission to focus in the light and help the angels bring about positive change.

The very same energy of love that flows though you, also flows through all things. It is up to you to focus your inner awareness on the love that is present in each situation, for love will always be present. While you should not ignore the fear that is present, you should avoid being over powered by the fear.

A little light can dispel a great deal of darkness. And little love can dispel a great deal of fear. It is important that you connect with the angels through your Heartlink and to use the techniques of Pure Joy, Heartseeds of Compassion, and Homecoming to regularly cultivate, amplify and strengthen the energy of light and love within you.

As you do this, you will understand that you are a point in time and space in which the universe celebrates itself. You will see that you are in the world to fulfill your soul’s mission and be part of the solution. You are in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, and the right opportunities. As you continue to release your doubts, fears, limiting ideas, and resistance, you will let you soul shine ever more brightly through you, and you will ever more bravely offer your life’s essential action as an important part of the solution.

The flow of life will guide you, and the Angels will open doors for you. Your 5th pair DNA will draw to you soul relationships that will allow you to share your light and bring it ever more brightly into the world. You will see that each moment, each situation, is an opportunity for you to bring the gift of your life’s essential action into it, and do what you came into this life to do.