The Transformational Shift Inter-dimensional

Those who answer our call, and are drawn by the ever-increasing vibration of love

Channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan Thayer on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As the energy of the transformational shift continues, those who answer our call, and are drawn by the ever-increasing vibration of love, will find themselves experiencing longer and longer periods of deep calm, peace, joy, and love, the likes of which they have never experienced before. As this happens, they may also find that they experience unexpected episodes of fear that seem to arise out of nowhere. This fear may take the form of unease, nervousness, or anxiety about the future. It may even manifest as increased levels of stress, feelings of helplessness, even hopelessness. It may manifest as experiences of struggle in which it may seem that the events of the world, as well as the actions and inactions of others, are working against you to bring failure to that which you wish to do.

Make no mistake, the light of love has not turned against you. It is not part of the divine plan for you to struggle and fail. Suffering is not your soul’s mission. If you are having any of these experiences then rest assured that you are caught up in the fire of the shift, the fire of transformation, and the energy of the transformational shift is carrying you like a wave which will move you more and more into peace, harmony, joy and ease. As the wave of love moves you forward, it must free you from the limiting effects of beliefs and unhealed traumatic experiences of the past, including the experiences of past lives.

The process of this healing has two purposes. First, it will teach you that you are capable of inter-dimensional travel. Then, as you travel between dimensions, it will provide you with the direct experience of what it is like for you to live in the Dimension of Fear and what it is like for you to live in the Dimension of Love. It will provide you with the direct side by side comparison of these two simultaneously existing parallel dimensions of human reality. It will be as though you are able to shift between two parallel universes by stepping through a gateway of consciousness. You will see, feel, and know intimately these two realities. It will teach you the power that you possess, the power to claim your destiny, and the power to choose which reality you abide in. Second, the fire of transformation will purge you of the pain, trauma, and limiting effects of your past as it opens you to all of the possibilities of the present.

Time plays a key role in this process. Time exists only in the Dimension of Fear. And while you can measure your illusion of time in many ways by many devices, you will find that as you enter the Dimension of Love, time as you have come to know it, does not really exist at all. In the Dimension of Love, all that exists is what we call “The Moment of Creation”, life ever-unfolding, ever-evolving. Angels exist only in the Dimension of Love. We live in this Moment of Creation, abiding in what you call the eternal now. Humans on the other hand are given the Divine gift, the choice of free-will, to move inter-dimensionally out of the Dimension of Love and out of the eternal now into the illusion of time so that they can project their consciousness into an analysis of the past or speculation about the future. Both analyses of the past and speculation about the future are very useful and needed capacities for life within the human experience. However, they are tools for gathering data about the workings of your world, tools for taking note of where you are in your life’s journey, and tools for setting a course for where you would like to go. While the Dimension of Fear should be visited for planning your life, the Dimension of Fear is not where you were designed to live.

Living in the Dimension of Love and existing in the Moment of Creation, the eternal now can be likened to your traveling in a submerged submarine underwater in the ocean. When the submarine is submerged, the ocean is all there is. You are in unity with the ocean. There is no separation, no other frame of reference, so it becomes all there is. However, the submarine can surface periodically so that you can gather your bearings, to see where you are, and to plan for where you are going. It is only when the submarine surfaces and move out of the ocean, that you can look out and see the ocean. This is because when you surface you are now separate from the ocean.

You too must surface from the Dimension of Love and move into the Dimension of Fear so see how your life’s journey has gone, assess where you are, and plan for where you think your journey is going. This is a needed and useful thing to do. But just as the submarine spends the majority of its voyage below the surface immersed in the ocean, you too are being called by the energy of the Transformational Shift to spend most of your life in the Dimension of Love, living in the Moment of Creation.

Unfortunately, most people live most of their life in the Dimension of Fear, lost in the world of illusion created by past and future. They rarely experience the Moment of Creation. They rarely travel into the Dimension of Love. They are caught up in the business, and busyness, of the world. They are lost in thought, taking pride in or worrying about the past, or longing for or fearing the future.

Whether their projections into the past or future bring them happiness or pain, they are living in the Dimension of Fear. For the Dimension of Love can only be experienced in the Moment of Creation, the now. And the experience of the now brings you into the Dimension of Love. The two cannot be separated since they are one and the same thing. The Moment of Creation is Love. For the Moment of Creation is God’s will, and God is Love.

Angels exist in the Dimension of Love, living in this Moment of Creation. We do not have free will and cannot choose to do otherwise. We can, however, observe and even (when invited) influence the inter-dimensional travel of human consciousness between the Dimensions of Fear and Love. We can in a very real sense show you the way home. For before you were born into the human experience, you too lived only in the Dimension of Love, abiding in the eternal now. You did not just witness the present moment – the Moment of Creation. You were the Moment of Creation.

The Moment of Creation is sometimes talked about by some as having taken place in the past when your universe began. Some scientists and theologians believe that they can project backward in time and identify the time period in which it happened. This is a plausible theory as viewed from the Dimension of Fear, but it misses the truth. The only Moment of Creation there ever has been, or ever will be, is now. It is not, from the human perspective of time, a one-time event. It is an eternal unfolding of God’s Divine Plan. It in truth is all there really is, and it is when you were created to abide.

It is a trick of human self will, or ego, to view abiding or living in the Moment of Creation as a waste of time. This is due to the simple fact that to enter the Dimension of Love and abide in the Moment of Creation, you must surrender your human self-will to that of Divine will. For in the Moment of Creation there is only Divine will, and if self-will is present, then you cannot abide in the present. So in order to stay in control, the human self will work to keep you out of the present moment. For only when you consciously exist in the Dimension of Fear, living in the past or future, can your self-will, or ego, exist. One of the greatest lies that your ego tells you is that you are your ego, and you will die if your ego ceases to exist. From an Angelic perspective, this is exactly backward. For the eternal truth is that you can only truly live when your ego does not exist.

Please understand that your ego is simply a thought that your mind keeps thinking. You think this thought for so long that it becomes a belief. And you hold this belief for so long that it becomes your truth. But it is not truth at all. It is an illusion created by the ego, which keeps you locked in the Dimension of Fear and keeps you from the Dimension of Love.

Angels exist without the benefit or encumbrance of an ego. Angels exist only in the Dimension of Love. Humans who have entered the Dimension of Love have found much to their surprise and delight, and much to their ego’s consternation, that not only did they not die, but more so, they were never so alive.

When you fully enter into the Dimension of Love, you will find that everything in the world around you is perfect and complete exactly as it is. There is nothing extra and nothing lacking. This is for two reasons; first, it is because this is how God created it to be. And second, you have no ego to make it otherwise. It is the human ego that judges God’s creation as wrong. Remember, the human ego can only live if things are not perfect and complete, or if something is extra or lacking.

Ego may argue that if you simply look around you will see how bad the world is. How many people are hungry, how many people are imprisoned, how disasters have created hardships, how unfair some governments are, how troubled the world is, how fragile the environment is, how troubled economies are, how few jobs there are, how threatening disease is.

And from within the Dimension of Fear, all of this is true. For when viewed by the ego from within the Dimension of Fear, how could it be otherwise? Also, if you view your world as a cosmic sculpture shaped of earthly material by human hands with over 6 billion artists at work, and if you understand that almost all of these artists are creating from within the Dimension of Fear, then you should not be surprised that their creation is so scary. That which is born as the Dimension of Fear will be of fear, it will be of disharmony, it will instill lack, it will create conflict, and it will bring unbalance. It will result in a few having almost all, while almost all will have so little.

A misperception of the Dimension of Fear is that all it takes is more planning and hard work to solve the problem. Stated another way, all the ego needs is more attention and control and it can solve the problem it has created. But as viewed from the Angelic realm, it is like saying all that is needed to put a fire out is more gasoline to pour on it.

No amount of effort born from the Dimension of Fear can reduce the chaos of the world. No amount of fighting can win the battle. The world cannot be transformed from within the Dimension of Fear. Transformation of your world can only come from within the Dimension of Love. This has always been true and always will be true, for transformation comes from the Moment of Creation – transformation comes from God. This is not to say that humans can sit back and let God complete the transformation. The transformation will be architected by humans from the Dimension of Love, and completed by humans in both the Dimensions of Love and Fear.

As the vibration of the transformation shift builds in intensity, more and more humans will move into the Dimension of Love. You who have been called to read these words are in the vanguard of those who are being called into the Dimension of Love. You are the ones who are destined to master inter-dimensional travel, moving your mind easily between the Dimensions of Fear and Love. You are also destined to help others travel inter-dimensionally out of the Dimension of Fear and into the Dimension of Love.

Joy is the foundation for this inter-dimensional travel. Connect with our angelic energy of Joy through our World Angel Grid. Experience the energy of Joy often. Let Joy become a common experience for you. For we will talk next about the process of using Joy as the launch-pad for inter-dimensional travel into the Dimension of Love.