The Secret

By Stevan J Thayer

To All IET Students: The popular DVD entitled The Secret, recently featured on Oprah’s TV show, has touched the lives of people around the world. The Secret is an entertaining and informative presentation of how your thoughts create your reality and what you envision will manifest in your life. It is a very worthwhile DVD to see.

The IET Advanced level training encompasses what is presented in The Secret and more. In the Advanced level we identify four separate phases that you pass through in bringing your dreams alive (something we call the four Es). The Secret beautifully illustrates the first three phases. The fourth phase is a key part of why Advance Level IET sessions are so effective.

According to Angel Ariel, each soul incarnates with a very specific mission which will allow it to have wonderful experiences, develop wisdom, build spiritual mastery, serve others, and experience pure joy.

The first phase of manifesting anything in the world begins with what we call the Energetic Potential (the first E). The energetic potential for your soul’s mission is contained in your soulstar, or eighth chakra, located about four feet above the top of your head. Whenever there is something you want to manifest, that is in alignment with your soul’s mission, the energetic potential for it will be present in your soulstar.

The second phase helps you Envision your mission by bringing the energetic potential into focus. As this happens, the energetic potential moves through your first and second IET cellular memory areas and you begin to see glimpses; bits, and pieces of what you wish to manifest in life. The more you focus on your dream, the clearer it becomes. The Advanced level training even teaches you how to use a technique called a visionboard to help you clarify your dream.

The third phase helps you hold your vision in your heart and Embrace it. As you embrace your vision the energetic potential moves through your third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh IET cellular memory areas and it becomes your heart’s desire. This moves the energy further into alignment with your being and brings it closer to manifestation.

The fourth and final phase is called Enacting. In this final phase, the energy you have embraced moves down through your eighth and ninth IET cellular memory areas and grounds into the earth where it will manifest. I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of the client’s I have served, that all too often the energy will reach this final phase and we will slam on the brakes and keep our dream from becoming a reality. It is like the child who dreams of diving off the high diving board, and one day climbs up onto the diving board, runs out to the end of the board, and then freezes with fear and can’t dive off. Fortunately, the Advanced IET session introduces soulstar clearing and muscle tension-relaxation techniques that can clear these final phase blockages that stop you from diving into life and bringing your dreams alive.

Angel Ariel says that “It is our heart’s desire to help you bring your heart’s desire alive in the world”. She also says that all too often she sees an image in which there is a person with an angel on either side of them helping them stay on course towards their dream, an angel in front opening all of the doors to their dream, and an angel behind pushing them forward towards their dream. And all the while there are heel marks as the person resists manifesting their dream. One of our goals in IET is to help you stop dragging your feet and easily pass through the wonderful doorways to your destiny as your dreams come true.

Whether it is through The Secret or Advanced IET or some other supportive technique, I hope and pray that you Envision, Embrace, and Enact the Energetic Potential of your dreams and bring them alive in the world.

Blessings, Stevan J. Thayer