The Power of IET Group Calls

Lessons Learned And A Call To Action: A Look Back On 2020 & A Clear Mission For 2021
Written by Samuel Haines ~ MI, PA

I am so grateful for 2020. We spend our lives praying for direction, seeking answers, following inspiration, and slowly building all the spiritual muscles that this life requires of us in order to do well. And then a year like 2020 comes upon us. There is so much that can be said, and has been said about 2020 and all the events within. Perhaps the most obvious thing to acknowledge is that we’ve ALL been changed. All of us have had our worldview, personal identity and so much that we took for granted shaken and challenged.

Let’s be honest, it was painful and it was glorious. As I like to say, 2020 is the year ALL THE RULES

WERE BROKEN. All of our man-made myths and the stories we have been telling ourselves were put to the test, under the light and microscope. We all felt fear. We all felt anger. We all felt sadness. We all felt shame. We all felt joy. But the backdrop of our lives highlighted one thing that is very important: we have to be solid in ourselves and our relationship with our Creator first and foremost.

We were all touched by the woes of isolation and in that isolation, we all saw a part of ourselves that had been hidden, repressed, and denied. We all saw our shadow. And that is where the miracles of 2020 really begin. I mean, that’s why we are here in this community, right? We are here to be bringers of

light – either in our own life or to assist and serve others who need help finding the light in their life. That’s the mission, right? Well, we all got major training in reality, honesty, self-knowledge, and self-love in 2020.

I’d like to share with you our experience of 2020. On day 1 of the lockdowns, March 16th here in PA, Wendi and I were shocked, scared, and excited. We knew something big was happening. We knew we had to make a stand in order to make it through with a positive mindset and to remain connected to our goals. So, we decided that we would do our IET Basic Self-Empowerments every day and hold them on Zoom for our IET student and practitioner community. We got a great response from people and over those first 2 weeks, we had about 20+ people join us. When it became clear that the lockdowns were not going away, we stood our ground and said, “we are here to the end”. Over the next 9 months, our group met every day, and sometimes twice a day so folks in time zones around the world (“hello Australia!”) could join us.

What has happened in the lives of the members of this daily empowerment group is nothing short of incredible. People moved from fear and worry to celebration, joy, hope, peace, and even ACTION! That’s right. Wendi and I had quite a few new students this year who have now joined us in leading this

daily empowerment group! We still meet every day. This group has held loving space for people as they faced all kinds of life’s tragedies – from miscarriages, amputations, loss of loved ones, to the loss of jobs, sicknesses, divorces, etc. This group has also celebrated with its members at weddings, new moves and transitions, new jobs, and deeper experiences of love, joy, and connection than they had known previously.

Yes, 2020 has been a great year. A great year of change and growth for some, and a great year of loss and failure for others. What’s the difference? It’s not luck, or karma, or by accident. It’s by choice. We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. Wendi and I have seen both types of responses. Those who are doing great and are facing what comes with a light heart are the ones who have stepped up in their own practice of self-love. We use, among other tools, IET on a daily basis. We are so excited for the presence of this daily empowerment group. We are going strong into 2021 and we want you to join us!

The energies of growth and change are just getting started here on planet earth. I am putting in here a direct call to action. Take advantage of this tide and rise. Rise up in your life and call on the angels to assist you.

  • You have to take action.
  • You have to be willing to play an active role in your prayers being answered.
  • Miracles are for those who have the guts to receive them.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to step forward and go bigger in your reach?
  • Are you ready to receive the gifts, miracles, and blessings that God has prepared for you?
  • Are you ready to challenge your shadow, shine the light, and be liberated from all the limiting and false beliefs that you have built-in yourself?

That is the mission of 2021. Illumination. Healing. Growth. Action – authentic and inspired action. You cannot sit on the sidelines of your dreams and wait. It’s time, beyond time actually, to get in the game and bring your passion and vision for your better life to the table.

We want you to know that a daily IET practice has made all the difference. It was not the only great action we have taken this year, but it did set the tone every day for how we showed up. If you want to step into a robust self-practice, know that it is easier and more fun to do it with a group.

  • The fellowship is incredible.
  • The benefits are uncharted.
  • The feast has been set.

All you need to do is sit yourself down and join the celebration! Maybe you want to start your own daily empowerment group for your student community. We are glad to help you get started!

The best truly is yet to come, for those who take an active role in making it happen! Heaven only arrives when we participate in creating it. Our joy is in helping people be inspired to reach their greatest heights, face their shadow, claim their identity, and live their best life.

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